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If you are looking for a partner for a particular evening, please contact Fiona Jeffrey. Her telephone number and email address can be found in the 'Members Only' section, or use the "Find Partner" facility also in the Members Only section.


Test Photograph
Test Photograph
Welcome to Stepping Stone
Tuesday 18th Results

Due to the wrong movement being chosen there are no results. Apologies for the inconvienence.

Rota for Lock Up

Updated 19 May 2018. See under "Information" in the left column.

Set Up Rota 7 May 18 to 3 Dec 18

The Set Up Rota only requires two people now as we have an effective arrangement for putting up the tables. Volunteers please check when you are required. Any changes/swops please let Elizabeth (01382 553398) know so that the web page can be amended.

Members Only Section

Our President has asked me to clarify how to gain access to the Members Only section. Bridgewebs instructions are a little confusing. Best and safest approach is to ask me for access. I will then set it up. I must have your email address for the process to work. Your email address will not be compromised. It is a very secure site and addresses will never be revealed without permission. Other club members will be able to see email addresses but within the Members Only section.

Call me on 01382 360739 and I will set it up for you.

Sandy Forbes


Revised Constitution

Click on "Information" for the link to the revised Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Club Pairs
Director: Margaret Pemble
Scorer: Elizabeth Johnston
Club Pairs
Director: Jeanette Hunter
Scorer: Elizabeth Johnston
16th Jul 2018
Club Pairs
Director: Alice Cowieson
Scorer: Elizabeth Johnston
23rd Jul 2018
Club Pairs
Director: Jim Kelly
Scorer: Bob Blacklaws
30th Jul 2018
Club Pairs
Director: Bob Blacklaws
Scorer: Fiona Jeffrey
6th Aug 2018
Club Pairs
Director: Sandy Forbes
Scorer: Sandy Forbes