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2018 Member Rank Achievements

New Junior Masters 

Gloria K. Turner, December 

Kay Eilbert, September 

Kevin D. Brown, September

Katherine Sharpless, May 

Joseph Marx, April

New Club Masters 

Darlene Herman, December

Donald Fribourg, November 

Janet Fribourg, November 

Bert Aa Heilman, August 

Irene G. Langton, May 

Micheline Sterling, January

New Sectional Masters 

Giles Lauren, December 

Fran Skiles, November

Dianna  Stolpmann, November 

Joyce C. Barrentine, July 

Polly Stalnaker, June 

Micheline Sterling, June 

Billie E. Pikur, May 

Olga Schmidt, April 

Marrietta Bosco, February 

Linda N. Dufault, January

Alicia Hutton, October

New Regional Masters 

Sue R. Subin, August 

Pamela J. Krueger, August 

Patricia Christensen, August 

Trudy G. Little, August

John D. Harris, August

New NABC Masters 

Irwin Hall, August

Aldo Cardia, April

New Advanced NABC Masters

Joseph F. Sackett, May

Harry J. Richardson, August

Lois Saywarrd, December

New Bronze Life Masters

James West, May

Joanne Johnston, June

Frances M. Ebner, December

New Silver Life Masters

Ann McDowell, December

Brenda Harvey, August 

Jacques P. Caroul, July 

New Gold Life Master

Joe A. Ur, July 

Marianne E. Claysmith, March

Marlise Cusick, February

New Diamond Life Masters

Lynda M. Shourds, January

New Emerald Life Masters

Barbara J. McCallon, November 

Brian's Post Mortems

Brian's Post Mortems         

For one or two games each week, Brian Gunnell picks out a few interesting boards from that day’s play and provides an educational and entertaining analysis. These analyses will be published on the website shortly after the game. 

Also, available below, is an archive of all the previous Post Mortems which you can browse at your leisure. For questions, answers and comments please contact us at