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This is a game primarily for N1 & N2 graded players


However there is no prohibition on other graded players playing in the Novice section but there will be no financial rewards or Master Points (MPs) awarded to a non-novice player/partnership

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Are you aware that there are new updates to the current laws, governing the game of Bridge?
These are being implemented by the World Bridge Federation (WBF) and will be adopted with effect from 1st September 2017

The link below details the updates - just give it a click

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General Information


On occasions you may find yourself without a partner and as an aid to help you find one, a 'WhatsApp' messaging group has been set up for SABC members only.

If you have access to a Smartphone/iPhone and use the WhatsApp application, it is great news for you


Róna has agreed to act as the administrator for this group and will welcome a standard Text message or a WhatsApp message from you
If you are interested in availing of this useful service send your message to: 0868423491, stating your intention to join and don't forget to include your full name, Róna will take it from there.


By joining the group your chances of getting a partner increases immensely, so why not pass the word around among your fellow members.  

 When you have been added to the FIND-A-PARTNER group, you will receive a message stating so. Thereafter happy hunting.

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For details of club opening times, location, etc, check menu panel above, under 'Information'

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News Page

This page has information and news of interest to members and visitors.

Christmas Party 2017
  • Deirdre Rona Gladys
  • Oliver Rona Joan
  • Peadar
  • Tony


Christmas Party 2017

Christmas party was held in Clontarf Castle on 5th December

A three course meal followed by Tea/Coffee, was served up to all 71 members who attended

  A short fun game of bridge followed by a raffle, results, prizes and we even had time for a bit of craic with entertainment provided by an all male contingent, namely Tony Walley, Tim Healy, Peadar Buckley and Oliver Hynes 

The winners on the Green boards were:
1st N/S - Ray Hearty & Harriet Barlow  ~  1st E/W - Marie Higgins & Brid Carter

The winners on the Red boards were:
1st N/S - Ann Caulfield & Marian Flood  ~  1st E/W - Lorraine Maxwell & Ciara Finucane

  By all accounts it appears that a great night was had by all  

(There was no game of Bridge in St. Anthony's House, on party night) 


Turkey Draws 2017


Club Turkey Draws 

Two great nights of Bridge were held on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th November

Results were announced at Christmas party  wink

Tuesday's winners were: 1st N/S - Joan Cooke & Marie Harte and 1st E/W - Ann Caulfield & Sheila Boylan

Wednesday's winners were: 1st N/S - Brenda Dromgoole & Peadar Buckley and 1st E/W - Martin Byrne & Jim O'Sullivan

Full results are available under the 'Results Panel'

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SIMULTANEOUS PAIRS - Tuesday 7th November 2017

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The Simultaneous Pairs competition held on Tuesday 7th November, organised by the Irish Bridge Union (IBU), attracted 32 pairs from St. Anthony's Bridge Club and a total of 1311 pairs from 69 clubs throughout the length and breadth of Ireland. 

Final results indicate that Ray Hearty & Phil Lynch secured 13th place, in the overall competition and 1st place at the Club. A great achievement for them both and congratulations from all at SABC.

Other members who fared well in the same competition:

Maureen Matthews & Maura Dempsey, Lorraine Maxwell & Ciara Finucane, Róna Booth & Eileen Hickey, Kathleen Sheridan & Peggy McMahon, and Maria Callinan & Marie Harte 

A full listing of club results has been circulated 

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Individual Competition 2017/18
Individual Competition 2017/18

Pictured above centre: Winner 2016/17: Kay Corley, Paul and winner 2017/18: Linda Gallagher

♠  ♥  ♦  ♣  Individual Competition  ♠  ♥  ♦ 

This competition was run over a series of two nights, on Tuesdays 17th & 24th October

Attracting a total of 44 participants, competing for the Hollybrook trophy

The trophy was presented to the overall winner by last year's winner, Kay Corley


1st Place:  Linda Gallagher (65.91%)

2nd: Maura Dempsey (64.39%)

3rd: Maura Traynor (62.27%)

4th: Sheila Boylan (60.91%)

A full list of placings has been E-mailed to all members (using the E-mail facility) and has been posted on notice board at the club house
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Annual Charity Night - A special date for your diary


The annual charity event took place on Tuesday 10th October at SABC
The President's chosen beneficiary: Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI)


This year's event was enjoyed by members and visitors alike. Kathleen Fitzsimons of Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) attended and gave a brief overview of the workings of DSI

SABC are delighted to announce that a total of €1,450 was raised at this years event

♠      ♥      ♦      ♣ 

I wish to thank all who attended and took part in a fun game of Bridge, (results are available on Results page). I wish to extend a special thank you to the members who prepared home-bake and brought plenty of treats, enjoyed during the refreshment break. To those who contributed gift items for the raffle and of course to those who contributed so generously, by buying so many tickets for the raffle.
To those who, for some reason or other, could not attend on the night but made very generous donations and to let you know that further donations will be gratefully accepted

I also wish to extend my gratitude to our main prize sponsors:
1. Simtech Aviation Training - Flight Simulation Solutions ( for their vouchers to allow two persons x2, to attend at a realistic 737 flight simulation experience.
2. Unilever Plc, (,who market a large portfolio of Home Hygiene and Personal Care Products. Their attactive hampers contained many of their popular products and were much appreciated by the winners.

I'll finish by extending my gratitude to Áine, Betty, Jackie, Joan, Kay, Lorraine, Róna and Oliver, for their much appreciated assistance lending to a very successful night.

Once again thank you to one and all.  

Sincerely yours
Paul - President

If you wish to find out more about Down Syndrome Ireland please click the link below:     ♥  

President's Prize - 25th April 2017

♠   ♣ President's Prize ♣   ♠

On Tuesday evening 25th April a total of 46 participants competed in this event. Following a draw for partners the game commenced, using pre-dealt boards as compiled by Paul.  

The results were announced at the President's Dinner in St. Anne's Golf Club on Monday 8th May.

1st: - Therese Duff & Marian Flood
2nd: - Frances Ryan & Linda Gallagher
3rd: - Kathleen O'Reilly & Peadar Buckley

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all participants for their contribution in making this an exciting event 


McKenna Cup - 4th April 2017

wink Winners announced on Tuesday 18th April surprise

The McKenna Cup competition was held on Tuesday 4th April. A total of 33 pairs competed in this event. The 'Cup' was donated to the club by Michael McKenna, more than 20 years ago. In the past it has only been won by one pair in two consecutive years.

Presentation of the McKenna Cup and related prizes, took place at 7.15pm yes

Winners are as follows:

1st: Linda Gallagher & Hugh Murphy - Recipients of the Cup - 68.91%

2nd: Sheila Boylan & Kitty Kirwan - 63.94%

3rd: Maura Dempsey & Maureen Matthews - 61.86%

4th: Louise Byrne & Ann Kelly - 61.54%

5th: Kay Corley & Betty Carew - 59.78%

Well done to all 66 who took part in this event and sincere congratulations to the winners

A full list of placings has been circulated by E-mail and the results are also available on the 'website'

Paddy English Trophy - Dublin Novice Bridge Derby - Saturday 1st April 2017
Paddy English Trophy - Dublin Novice Bridge Derby - Saturday 1st April 2017

1st place Dublin Novice Bridge Derby

Pictured above: Vera Comiskey, Anne Ryan, Marie Harte & Frances Ryan - recipients of the Paddy English Trophy


Dublin North Region (DNR) presented on Saturday 1st April 2017, at Malahide, the great Dublin Novice Bridge Derby.

Competing for the Paddy English Trophy, Northsiders V Southsiders, a total of 16 teams took part in this event. The first and second placed teams were made up, to the greater part, of Novice players from St. Anthony's Bridge Club (SABC), Clontarf, making the Northsiders very clear winners.

Dublin Novice Bridge Derby - Runners up
Dublin Novice Bridge Derby - Runners up

2nd Place - runners up

Pictured above: Andrew Smith, Maura Beggy, Christine Madden & Phil McIntyre

Joyce Memorial Trophy - 21st March 2017
Joyce Memorial Trophy - 21st March 2017

1st Place: Eileen Hickey & Róna Booth

Winners of the Ena & Frank Joyce Memorial Trophy were announced on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

The competition held on Tuesday 21st March attracted a total of 21 pairs. All competing for the trophy that was first presented back in 1996. Over its 22 years the trophy has been presented to two pairs who have won it on three separate occasions, Moya Collins & Veronica Vale: 1996, 2007 & 2010 and to Austin Moran & Peter Cahill: 1998, 2008 & 2013. Only one pair successfully won it on two consecutive years, Margaret O'Dea & Kay Byrnes: 1999 and 2000.

Following this years event the results are as follows:     

1st: Eileen Hickey & Róna Booth - recipients of Joyce trophy

2nd: Marcella O'Donohoe & Marian Flood
3rd: Emily Rogers & Máirín MacDevitt
4th: Maura Dempsey & Maureen Matthews
5th: Nora Downey & Ann Kelly

   Thank you to all participants for making the game an enjoyable one and congratulations to the winners  

SABC Novice Cup - 15th March 2017
SABC Novice Cup - 15th March 2017

Presentation of  Novice Cup to - Martin Byrne & James Kenny

SABC Novice Cup competition was held on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

This competition attracted a total of 11 pairs. The presentation of prizes took place on Wednesday 22nd March.

The winners are relatively new to the club and the members take great pleasure in congratulating them on their great achievement.

The results are as follows:

1st: Martin Byrne & James Kenny - Novice Cup recipients

2nd: Gladys Greene & Susan Moran

3rd: Breda Logan & Catherine Crummey

Thank you to all competitors for your participation and sincere congratulations to the winners.

Bankers Bridge Club - Novice Pairs - 8th March 2017
Bankers Bridge Club - Novice Pairs - 8th March 2017

3rd place Bankers Bridge Club Congress 8th March

Pictured: Gráinne Dunne (Chairperson Congress Committee), Frances Ryan (SABC), Paul Hanratty and Marie Harte (SABC) 

Bankers Bridge Club congress, Novice Pairs competition, with 27 pairs, had representatives from SABC competing. This competition was sponsored by Thomas MacCormack Bridge and was held on Wednesday evening 8th March 2017.

Two pairs from SABC secured third and fourth places in this competition. 
Third place awarded to: Frances Ryan & Marie Harte (62.41%)
Fourth place awarded to: Jim O'Sullivan & Gladys Greene (61.36%)

Congratulations on their great success.

SIMULTANEOUS PAIRS - Tuesday 7th February

♠        ♦    ♣ 

The CBAI 'Simultaneous Pairs' competition attracted 30 pairs from SABC and over 1,500 pairs countrywide, on Tuesday 7th February

Presentation of prizes including the Daisy MacDevitt Salver* took place on Tuesday 7th March at SABC

* First presented in 1997

 smiley   ♠            ♣   smiley 

The following is a list of the club positions from 1st to 6th place

1st (50th CBAI position): Ciara Finucane & Lorraine Maxwell 

2nd (60th CBAI position): Marcella O'Donoghue & Marian Flood

3rd (62nd CBAI position): Mary O'Carroll & Mary Hynes

4th (133rd CBAI position): Colette Lombard & Sile Moore

5th (167th CBAI position): Ann Kelly & Louise Byrne

6th (208th CBAI position): Mary O'Donoghue & Al O'Donoghue

Well done to all who competed and congratulations to our leading pairs.

Playing with 'pre-dealt' boards and competing against other CBAI registered members, from various clubs, over a wide geographic area, meant that you and your partner could play from the comfort of your own club.

♠       ♣  Results Team Competition  ♠         ♣ 

Twelve teams participated in the Teams Competition on Wednesday 27th January
Placings for the first three teams are as follows:

1st Place Team 5: Joan Hynes, Oliver Hynes, Phil McIntyre and Christine Madden, with a total of 72 points
2nd / 3rd Places were awarded to joint runners up Team 1 and Team 6 both scoring 67 points each
Team 1: Emily Rogers, Máirín MacDevitt, Linda Murphy and Deirdre Byrne
Team 6: Ciarán Long, Patricia Long, Marie Harte and Ray Hearty              
Congratulations and well done to all our worthy winners
Full results to follow by E-mail to all club members.
♠          ♣

The annual teams competition took place on Wednesday 25th January 2017. Each pair drew for the other half of its team.
For those who have not previously participated in such an event, here are a few points to note:-
1. Half of your team plays half of the opposing team so the N/S pair on your team plays the E/W pair of the opposing team and vice versa. You will be playing the same boards. After both pairs in the team have played each board, their raw scores are added and converted to International Match Points (IMPs). You then move to the next team and play them in the same way.
2. In your normal/usual pairs competition, you can see from the traveller sheets the results achieved by other players. In a team competition you can compare the results immediately. In your usual pairs game, a top is a top no matter how better it is than the next score. In a teams competition, the difference in the scores is significant as they are converted to IMPs. The tournament director is responsible for calculating these points.
3. The important objectives are to bid and make your contracts.
Teams competition can be even more enjoyable than the usual pairs competition, they are a great experience and are recommended. surprise
McLoughlin Trophy competition 2017
McLoughlin Trophy competition 2017

Pictured left to right: Ciara Finucane (SABC), Mary Conlon (President DNR) and Lorraine Maxwell (SABC)  

Congratulations to all who took part in the McLoughlin Trophy competition.
The overall winners were Ciara Finucane and Lorraine Maxwell, from St. Anthony's Bridge Club (SABC), Clontarf.
With a very close runner up pair Carmel Cullen and Ray Hearty, also from SABC. Heartiest of congratulations to you all on your great success.

This pairs competition, confined to Intermediate B and Novice players, took place in Malahide Regional Bridge Club on Saturday 14th January.
A total of 30 pairs representing clubs in the region took part.

Congratulations and well done
Congratulations and well done

Pictured left to right: Mary Conlon (President DNR), Róna Booth and Linda Gallagher

♠   ♥   ♦   ♣  Regional Pairs  ♠   ♥   ♦  

The members at SABC wish to congratulate their fellow club members Róna Booth & Linda Gallagher who won the Regional Pairs Intermediate A (Dublin North Region) title on Saturday 3rd December, in Malahide. The next stage of the event, the National Pairs final, is to take place in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway in March 2017. The club wish them continued success in their endeavours to become national champions.

♠   ♥   ♦   ♣  Club Turkey Draw  ♠   ♥   ♦  

Two great nights of Bridge were played in November on Tuesday 29th (16 tables) and Wednesday 30th (11 tables). With a draw for partners on each night some very surprising results were produced. surprise

Best of luck in fighting over the Turkey, it will be interesting to hear who gets the 'crown' and who gets the 'pope's nose'

♠  ♥  ♦  ♣  Simultaneous Pairs ♠      ♣

The Simultaneous Pairs competition held on Tuesday 8th November, organised by the Irish Bridge Union (IBU), attracted 26 pairs from St. Anthony's Bridge Club. The overall results have now been published. Congratulations and well done to all participants. It is worth noting however that three pairs were ranked in the top sixty and they are as follows:
29th - Róna Booth & Peadar Buckley- 69.11%
41st - Kathleen Sheridan & Peggy McMahon- 63.04%
54th - Louise Byrne & Ann Kelly- 63.01%
A full listing of rankings of all club participants has been E-mailed to all members.

♠  ♥  ♦  ♣  Individual Competition  ♠  ♥  ♦ 

This competition was run over a series of two nights, on Tuesdays 18th & 25th October.

Congratulations to all participants who played their hearts out (spades, diamonds and clubs included) to declare
1st Place: Kay Corley, a clear winner
Runnners up: 2nd Place: Róna Booth & 3rd Place: Marcella O'Donoghue
A full list of placings has been E-mailed to all members and is also available at the club house

Annual Charity Night - A memorable date in 2016


 'Annual Charity Night'

The annual charity night held on Tuesday 4th October 2016 raised a total of:


This amount is to be donated to the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA)

smiley The event was very successful and was well supported and enjoyed by members and visitors alike smiley
The President and committee wish to express their gratitude to all for a very enthusiastic support for the President's chosen charity