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St Andrews Bridge Club
Welcome to St. Andrews Bridge Club

The new season for St. Andrews Bridge Club started on Tuesday 18th September 2018. We meet every Tuesday throughout the winter.

Registration on each meeting commences at 6:20pm, with play beginning promptly at 6:45pm. No new round of boards will start after 10:15pm. The club will aim to finish play and complete scoring with the Bridgemate systems by 10:30pm. 
Visitors and prospective New Members are welcome to join us at the New Golf Club at 3-5 Gibson Place, St. Andrews KY16 9JE. The St. Andrews Bridge Club is SBU affiliated, and Master Points are awarded for all competitions. 
On most Pairs evenings we now operate a "Guaranteed Game" system, where by one of the members will be available for any individual turning up to play without a partner. See Announcement Below. 
Please try to arrive no later than 6:30pm to enable registrations and payment of table money to be processed for a prompt 6:45pm start to the evening's bridge session. 
Guaranteed Game - 11th December 2018

The second round of the Craig Teams will take place on Tuesday 11th December, so no guaranteed game is possible on this date. All 8 teams are complete, and there is no need for any substitutes at this time.  


Publication of Results

When the new Bridgemates are being used, every effort will be made to publish the results of Tuesday Night Bridge by 11pm. Where paper scoring is being used, every effort will be made to publish the results by 9am the next day, Wednesday.

If there will be a delay in the publication, an announcement will be placed on the home page of the web site.

Introduction of Bridgemate II Systems
Introduction of Bridgemate II Systems


The St. Andrews Bridge Club is pleased to acknowledge the funding support provided by the Big Lottery Fund (Awards for All Scotland) and the Royal Burgh of St. Andrews Community Trust for their assistance with the purchase of the Bridgemate II Systems and other equipment necessary to introduce the new scoring system within the club. 

Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to the web site of St. Andrews Bridge Club. Use the buttons on the left-hand side of the screen to move around the different sections of the web site.

Craig Teams - 2
Director: Howard Greenwell
Scorer: StAndrews BridgeClub
Celtic Simultaneous Pairs
Director: Howard Greenwell
Scorer: StAndrews BridgeClub
Craig Teams - 1
Director: Bob McKinnon
Scorer: StAndrews BridgeClub
18th Dec 2018
Pairs (Open)
Director: Les McConachie
Scorer: StAndrews Bridge Club.
8th Jan 2019
Pairs (Open)
Director: Liz Hill
Scorer: StAndrews Bridge Club.
15th Jan 2019
Lees 6 - Cathie Gordon 6
Director: Allan Gordon
Scorer: StAndrews Bridge Club.