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Dates for your Diary

12th to 15th April - Away weekend at Crabwall Manor Hotel, Chester, CH1 6NE

Partners for afternoon sessions

Should you require a partner for either Monday or Wednesday afternoon please seek Sam`s assistance by phone, 01785 818682, mobile 07931702776, text or email.

How can you help?

It would be much appreciated if everyone could help in small ways at the start (getting scorecards etc out) and at the end of sessions (loading the dishwasher, checking the windows are closed and the room is tidy) don't leave the director to do everything!

Presently volunteers are requested to act as stand bys on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, please contact Terry if you are willing to do either of these dates.

If you would like to try your hand at scoring or directing please contact Terry Maltby or Michael Metcalf, more volunteers for these duties are always needed.

Please Arrive 15 minutes before play

At all club sessions please arrive at least 15 minutes before play is due to start, 6:45 for 7 p.m. start, 7 for 7:15 start, 1:15 for 1:30 start. If you are running late please ring the club, 01785 246611, to let the scorer know you are on your way so that they can factor you in when setting up the movement and scoring systems.

Tuesday Standbys

A host system runs on Tuesday evenings in the month whereby if you arrive at the club without a partner not later than 7 p.m. then the "stand by" for that evening will be called in to play with you. 


2018 EBU Master Point Promotions

Three Star Premier Master (20,000 MPs incl 10GP)

  • N Cheadle

One Star Master (10,000 MPs)

  • M Seavers

Advanced Master (7,500 MPs)

  • P Tallon

Master (5,000 MPs)

  • I Andrew
  • E Clarke
  • T Maltby
  • P Martin

County Master (2,500 MPs)

  • J Brew
  • T Brew
  • S Holden
  • G Sproston
  • A Whiteman

District Master (1,000 MPs)

  • J Ball
  • J Brassington
  • S Clarke
  • D Howse
  • L Howse
  • W Pitt
  • D Royle
  • G Skene
  • H Thompson
  • P Thompson

Area Master (500 MPs)

  • N Grainger
  • E Lochee-Bayne

Club Master (200 MPs)

  • C Kane
  • F Townsend
  • S Townsend
  • A Wilson

Local Master (100 MPs)

  • S Hardwick

For 2017 and earlier entries see website.  See also the leader board.

Polite Notice.

A number of members sadly have health issues effecting  their immune systems.  Members are politely asked to refrain from playing at the club when suffering from infections. Super clean hands too at all times please to prevent any infection passing via the cards.

Christmas/New Year Opening
Christmas/New Year Opening

All bridge sessions are now running following a show of hands for the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day sessions to go ahead. Lessons restart on Thursday 3rd January.

Christmas events

A number of festive events were held at the club, in particular the club Christmas party on Tuesday 18th December where Janet and her helpers, Pat A, Pat M, Pam and Adrienne, provided an excellent meal. David organised a teams event with Ivor & Liz and Ann & John coming first, Garry & Terry, Mike & Robin second and Alan & Rachael and Sandra & Ernie third.  Picture shows the club party in full swing with players from all sessions present. Other parties have been the Wednesday afternoon party on the 12th, Thursday morning lessons on the 13th and the Friday evening party (picture shows the winning team) on the 14th. The Wednesday players produced a great spread for the occasion and wished Malcolm bon voyage to his new home in Yorkshire. Robin's lesson group on the 13th were a full 5 tables, played a movement with specially selected hands to reflect the lessons covered over the term, pupils laid on some lovely "eats" and a good time was had by all. On the 14th David organised a fun teams event with 9 teams for experienced masters, regular Friday players and new players moving up from the classes to a club session for the first time.

Children in Need Sim Pairs - 9th , 13th and 14th November 2018
Children in Need Sim Pairs - 9th , 13th and 14th November 2018

I sent £361.52 to ECats for Children in Need – with love from Stafford Bridge Club . This is the reply: “And our love to you Adrienne – that’s a marvellous amount isn’t it ! Wow Thank you very much – you will thank your members for turning up and support all so brilliantly won’t you? They are just amazing – give them all a metaphorical hug from us! With warmest best wishes Anna & Mark The ECatsBridge Team” Adrienne Jones (Treasurer)

Geoff Thomas
Geoff Thomas

The late Geoff Thomas made the club a generous donation in his will.  This has been used to purchase a trophy for the winners of the 65 club competition and Adrienne has had the cup engraved with the names of the past winners.

Geoff played primarily at Wolverhampton but also at Stafford on Wednesday afternoons, with Peter Tallon, Audrey Clarke, Sylvia Hilton, Polly Green and Peggie McCombie.  Geoff also played in the SSCBA league and came occasionally to the Stafford American Suppers.

Pat's Birthday - 19th September 2018
Pat's Birthday - 19th September 2018

Pat’s presentation for her 80th birthday celebration.  Wednesday afternoon players enjoyed a very merry afternoon helped by Pat’s generous hospitality of cake and sherry.

Friday events in the silly season - July 2018

The director wanted to get to grips with scoring a teams event on the tablets - did not go according to plan but was quite enjoyed none the less. More scoring practice needed!  Players popped out at odd intervals to see if the eclipse was visible, would you believe that clouds obscured it from start to finish!

Two weeks earlier Friday night players said goodbye to Gordon, a very popular member, who has moved away after several years as a regular Friday player.



Dinner and Prize Giving 2018
Dinner and Prize Giving 2018

The Dinner and Prize Giving 2018 was held on 6th April 2018 at The Chase Golf Club.  A very successful event attended by many club members. Michael hosted the dinner for the first time as Chairman.  David and his camera were there of course and you can click here for the pictures. Anne Smith kindly presented the prizes.  Presentations were made to President Ivor and to David Alderson, David is moving away and leaving the club after 50 years!

The booking for 2019 has already been made for the same venue on 12th May 2019!

Away Weekend 13th - 16th April 2018
Away Weekend 13th - 16th April 2018

Away Weekend 13th - 16th April 2018

26 attended the away weekend at the Samlesbury Hotel in Preston and were joined by a local for the evenings.  Aside from the most enjoyable bridge sessions players took advantage of visiting many local attractions, some just walking distance from the hotel.  Click here for photos.  David has already investigated going back to the same area next year, maybe even to the same hotel. 

County News - Feb/Mar 2018

Shrewsbury Open Swiss Pairs  - Sunday 4th March

Another very enjoyable blue pointed event at Radbrook Community Centre, SY3 6DZ with a superb afternoon tea.  For pictures and results click here.

Championship Pairs (Previously known as the Bearn) - Sunday 18th March.

This event at Wolverhampton, previously known as the Bearn, was badly affected by the weather, snow and ice mid-March would you believe! The winners are eligible to play in the national competition, The Corwen Trophy on 2nd and 3rd June, and well placed pairs to play in the Edgar Foster cups in September.  Two SBC members took part despite the weather.

No Fear Pairs

9 Stafford players, 8 from Robin's lessons, took part in the No Fear Pairs on Thursday 22nd February with Ann and Rose winning EW.

County News - Autumn 2017

Andrew Robson - Thursday November 23rd

Andrew Robson Thursday 23rd November

Andrew gave one of his master classes on Thursday November 23rd at The Stone House Hotel, an afternoon and an evening session.
  • Afternoon session  Suit establishment in trump contract, take out double, showing your share.  
  • Evening  session    After INT opener, bidding big hands, cheat seat.  

Many Stafford players attended the two sell out events with an interval between for a wonderful meal at Kath's house.  It is hoped that Andrew will be back in the area in 2019.

County AGM  -  Sunday 3rd September

No one came forward to replace Linda Curtis as County Chairman at the AGM but Pamela Booth-Jones has since been nominated.  Jane Sheehan will be joining the committee as Treasurer and Jeff Jones will continue to take over from Judy Mitchell as competitions secretary.  The rest of the committee remain as before.  A number of topics were discussed and left for the committee to debate.


Adrienne completed the EBU TD Assessment at Eccleshall recently, she reports that she heard (24/11/17) that she has passed the Assessment and she is now an Authorised Tournament Director.  Congratulations Adrienne.

The Duplimate (dealing machine)

We are indebted to David Drinkwater for taking the Duplimate machine to Oxford for repair on 10.10.17.  It would help the machine if old, sticky packs of cards could be replaced with new.  If, on the last round of a session, you could leave hands from packs that are getting sticky face up in the boards then those cards can be replaced next time that set of boards is dealt. Rule 1 - Never touch the cards with sticky hands!

Message From the Chairman - 11/9/17

At last week’s meeting of the Club Committee, the following decisions and rulings were made:

  • In future, when the field for a duplicate session contains at least seven complete tables, there will always be two winning pairs who will receive vouchers for a free session.    If the movement is a Mitchell, the vouchers will go to the top-placed pair EW and the top-placed pair NS.    If the movement is a Howell, the vouchers will go to the first and second placed pairs.
  • Players participating in a duplicate session are requested NOT to move any side tables or chairs in the bridge room.    The layout of the room has been deliberately planned to ease the movement of players between rounds, especially those with less mobility, and to minimise health and safety risks.  At each bridge table there should be two, and only two, side tables, diagonally placed, with armless chairs EW and chairs with arms NS.

The Summer Cup teams competition will take place on a (Thursday) evening in September if and when the players present make up an exact odd number of complete tables.  This will be an ad hoc decision.   Teams of four will be formed after the decision has been made.

Michael Metcalf

New Responsibilities

Most members will know that John Whiteman is the house manager dealing with a wide variety of tasks.  While John still in overall charge a couple of new committee recruits have taken on some of his responsibilities.  Terry Maltby is now to look after the heaters and lights.  Steve Lister is to repair/dispose/replace any faulty chairs and look after trophies & honours boards.  If you have any concerns regarding heaters, lights or chairs please approach Terry or Steve.