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Polite Notice.

A number of members sadly have health issues effecting  their immune systems.  Members are politely asked to refrain from playing at the club when suffering from infections. Super clean hands too at all times please to prevent any infection passing via the cards.

Please Arrive 15 minutes before play

At all club sessions please arrive at least 15 minutes before play is due to start, 6:45 for 7 p.m. start, 7 for 7:15 start, 1:15 for 1:30 start. If you are running late please ring the club, 01785 246611, to let the scorer know you are on your way so that they can factor you in when setting up the movement and scoring systems.

Tuesday Standbys

A host system runs on Tuesday evenings whereby if you arrive at the club without a partner not later than 7 p.m. then the "stand by" for that evening will be called in to play with you. 


2017 EBU Master Point Promotions

Two Star Master (15,000MPs)

  • D Skinner

Advanced Master (7,500 MPs)

  • P Laughlin

County Master (2,500 MPs)

  • E Houghton
  • T Maltby
  • J Whiteman

District Master (1,000 MPs)

  • W Chester
  • F Greaves
  • G Foster
  • M Lowe
  • I Scanlan
  • M Wood

Area Master (500 MPs)

  • S Clarke
  • E Greenwood
  • A Hensby
  • S Houghton
  • L Howse

Club Master (200 MPs)

  • R Foster
  • N Grainger
  • E Lochee-Bayne
  • D Merriott
  • A Warren

Local Master (100 MPs)

  • A Ashley
  • J Brown-Bullivant
  • C Davis
  • C Kane
  • H Lakin
  • C Lamb
  • N Purdy
  • J Stevens
  • R Taylor

For 2016 and earlier entries see website.

CLICK here for Local Weather
CLICK here for Local Weather
Recent Competitions
Some Autumn 2017 results

 Ladies' and Men's Pairs - Thursday November 16th

Apologies for the delay.  The results are finally confirmed as:

Ladies' Pairs were won by Anne Seymore & Kath Adams with Pat Andrews & Pam Ewan in second place and Janet Drinkwater & Adrienne Jones third.  5½ tables this year.
After a recount (the tablets had a bad night on the 16th) the Men's Pairs were won by Steve Walton & David Alderson just a whisker ahead of Michael Metcalf & Michael Seavers who were a short head in front of Derrick Balsom & Glyn Pugh.  Michael Metcalf oversaw the recount that sadly displaced him from first place. As with the Ladies' Pairs 5½ tables.

Many thanks to David Drinkwater, the non-playing director for the session in addition to his role as club photographer.

Children in Need Sim Pairs - Tuesday 14th November and Wednesday November 15th

This year the club took part in the Sim Pairs at both the Tuesday evening session and the Wednesday afternoon session thus allowing most club members the chance to enter.  Adrienne has sent off the cheque for a record £325.25 today (21/11/17) after contributions from the lessons added to the £288 collected at the Tuesday and Wednesday actual Sim Pairs sessions.  Anna Gudge, the organiser of the sim pairs, has asked Adrienne to pass on her thanks, "we think they are wonderful, big hugs all round".
Children in Need Sim Pairs - 15th November 2016
Arthur Bloxham Trophy - Played Wednesday November 8th 2017
Arthur Bloxham Trophy - Played Wednesday November 8th 2017

Towards the end of the session, three pairs were in serious contention for winning the trophy. Anthea and Eileen were leading and then into the penultimate round Pat & Carys had a good percentage lead and photographer even tipped off Pat to be available for the photo shoot. Then came the final three boards to see Anthea & Eileen finish third Pat & Carys second and the winners (who in fact had been lying second for much of the afternoon) were Adrienne & Harry on 66.67%.

Club Pairs - Played 19.10.2017

A very good turn out for the club pairs,9½ tables played on October 19th.  Ivor & Robin coming up on the rails at the end in a tight finish retained their title of last year, with Graham & Geoff second and Peter & Dave in third place.  A number of Robin's class took part for the first time, great to see so many new faces.

Shelley Results 2017-18
Shelley Results 2017-18

The Shelley - Round 2 - Thursday 9th November

The results from the second round played on 9th November were confirmed by Mike as being (raw, handicap, total when combined with the earlier round): 1. Drinkwater (30, -22, 24), 2. Clarke (47, -25, 23), 3.Eaves (-15, 0, 6),  4. Pugh (-9, 0, -3),  5. Sleightholme (-29, 25, -12), 6. Jones (-4, -7, -17), 7. Davies (42, -55, -37), 8. Metcalf (-17, -8, -76), 9. Ullmer (-45, -5, -102). 

The Shelley - Round 1 on Thursday 12th October 6:45 for 7 p.m.

Nine teams of four took part in the opening round of the Shelley competition played Thursday 12th October.  There were several spectacular slam hands.  The results from the first round were (18.10.17) confirmed as being (raw, handicap, combined): 1.Eaves (21, 0, 21), 2. Drinkwater (38, -22, 16), 3. Clarke (26, -25, 1), 4. Pugh (6, 0, 6), 5. Jones (1, -7, -6), 6. Sleightholme (-33, 25, -8), 7. Davies (31, -55, -24), 8. Metcalf (-43, -8, -51), 9. Ullmer (-47, -5, -52). 

Summer Cup - 14.09.17

Summer Cup - Played 14.09.17

As there were an odd number of complete tables, thus an easy movement, on Thursday 14th the decision was made to play the competition.  A fair few of past and present committee members were there to agree to this on the spot decision.  The results were:

1st Michael Metcalf,  Mike Seavers,  Pat Andrews,  Ivor Clarke
2nd Sylvia Ullmer,  Helen Jones,  Liz Clarke , Geoff Davies
3rd Rose Jessop,  Alan Walters,  Derek Skinner,  John Eaves  

Congratulations all.

SSCBA sim pairs - Tuesday August 15th 2017
SSCBA sim pairs - Tuesday August 15th 2017

9 tables took part in this event at Stafford (Ed thinks more tables than at any of the other clubs taking part).  Many thanks are due to David for ensuring that the event ran smoothly not only by dealing the cards beforehand but also directing and scoring on the night.  Such is the scoring system that when the results are combined with those from other clubs the order of pairs may be changed from that at their local club. This year the winners at each location get a prize in addition to the overall winners, 1st at Stafford were Geoff and Graham, 2nd Deirdre & Michael and 3rd Rachael and Alan.  It was good to see so many of Robin's class taking part and others who are not regular Tuesday evening players.

Mixed Pairs - March 23rd 2017
Mixed Pairs - March 23rd 2017

Mixed Pairs were Thursday 23rd March. The winners were Sylvia & Glyn just ahead of David & Janet with Robin & Ann not far behind in third place.  A good evening with six tables, but for illness would heve been even more as with the recent teams event.

President's Cup

president The President's Cup was played Sunday March 12th.  12 players on each team.captain The Captain's team were the victors by quite a few imps.  Pat and Liz laid on a wonderful tea, many thanks. A very enjoyable stress free afternoon with some interesting hands thrown in.  After Thursday's excitement with the tablets it was back to scoring by hand - movement would have taken a while to set up on the tablets but maybe next year.......... 

EBU Master Points

Congratulations Liz, Adrienne and Harry. In 2016 the top Local Master Point scorers in the club, as recorded by the EBU,were Liz (1150), Adrienne and Harry (1090). The EBU year runs Jan-Dec the SBC year runs Apr-Mar so there will be differences.

SSCBA No Fear Pairs played 23rd February 2017

SSCBA No Fear Pairs was played on Thursday 23rd February at Wolverhampton.  8 of Robin's pupils took part, 2 more had to cancel late on unfortunately.  All SBC players played EW.  A wonderful lunch was laid on as ever and there were 14 tables.  A very enjoyable day.

Teams of 4 - played 23rd February 2017

In the event 7 teams took part, the eighth team was unable to play due to a tree blown down by storm Doris.  The results of the first 3 were very close being:

      Team           Score
1st   Mike Sherriff & Steve Walton, Deirdre Newsome & Michael Seavers   +19
2nd   Rachael Ashmore & Pam Allen, Derek Skinner & John Eaves   +18
3rd   Ivor Clarke & Pat Andrews, Janet & David Drinkwater   +17

Well done everyone.

The Dash - Played on Thursday 2nd February 2017

8 tables took part in this handicapped event, could even have been 9 but for illness.  The results, including handicaps, were:

1st  Beryl & Michael Metcalf
2nd  Geoff Davies & Graham Link
3rd  Helen Jones and Alan Walters.

Well done everyone.

SSCBA Winter Sim Pairs 2017, Played 26th January

Pat and Michael, top at Stafford, have finally, now that all the results are in, come top overall out of 62 pairs, congratulations both, see the County site for the combined results. It has been nip and tuck with a pair from Oswestry originally showing as top and, as more results came in, Pat and Michael finally pipped them to the winners spot.  A commentary on the hands was available.  Stafford is indebted to John Withers for dealing the cards while Stafford Duplimate machine being serviced.

Ladies' and Men's Pairs - played November 24th 2016
Ladies' and Men's Pairs - played November 24th 2016
Ladies' Pairs   Men's Pairs
1. Rose & Ann   1.   Ivor & Robin
2. Deirdre & Shirley   =2 Graham & Geoff
3. Clare & Liz   =2 Dave Appleby & Alan Walters
David acted as non-playing director and was also scoring for the two simultaneous events, scoring went without a hitch on both computer and tablets! Congratualtions all, some new partnerships for the Trophy boards. The rankings on the tablets combined both events, when separated out for the two events the percentages changed a little, a bit like unravelling a sim pairs event, the winners of the Ladies' event found this unravelling worked very well for them!
Children in Need Sim Pairs - 15th November 2016
Children in Need Sim Pairs - 15th November 2016

Stafford entered 6½ tables in the Children in Need sim pairs on Tuesday,  November 15th.  The overall results and individual placings. Always interesting to see how the relative positions of club members change when the scores combined with others.  The final total raised by SBC was £182, many thanks to all who contributed to this

Arthur Bloxham Trophy
Arthur Bloxham Trophy

The Arthur Bloxham Trophy was played on Wednesday 9th November.  The winners were Harry & Adrienne, now regular Wednesday players - just making the entry requirement of 20 Wednesday sessions, with Sylvia and Pauline 2nd and Ruth and Helen 3rd.  Congratulations all.

Club Pairs - Played on Thursday October 27th 2016

Despite a number of players sadly having to pull out at the last minute due to illness there were 8 tables on the night. With a convincing win new partnership, Ivor & Robin, were top of the leader board from David D & Janet in second place with another new partnership of Steve and David A in third spot. Congratulations all.

Shelley, teams of 4, for 2016/17


Shelley - Final Result after Round 7

Round 7 was played Thursday 13th April.  Unfortunately a player had to pull out at the very last minute so team 1 missing caused the director to scratch his head a bit!   The results after round 7 played Thursday 13h April including the handicaps were: 1. Ullmer 109,   2. Davies 57,  3. Clarke -46,  4. Metcalf  -94,  5 Drinkwater -123 ,  6. Laughlin -148,  7.   Jones -215,   8. Eaves -219,  9. Sleightholme -238. The handicaps are such that each month the totals will be -131 so anyone with a positive score has done really well!  Many congratulations to 2016/17 winning team Ullmer players,  Sylvia, Rose, Helen, Dave and Peter.

The results after Round 6 - played Thursday 9th March

  The results after round 6 played Thursday 9th March including the handicaps were: 1. Ullmer 83,   2. Davies 60,  3. Clarke -44,  4. Metcalf  -83,  5 Drinkwater -91 ,  6. Laughlin -103,  7.   Jones -163,   8. Eaves -210,  8. Sleightholme -235.

  The results after Round 5 - played Thursday 9th February

The results after Round 5,  including the handicaps, played Thursday 9th February were: 1. Ullmer 90, 2. Davies 46, 3. Clarke -36, 4. Metcalf -56, 5. Laughlin -92, 6. Jones -113, 7. Drinkwater -124 , 8. Sleightholme -181, 9. Eaves -189

Round 4  - Played Thursday 12th January

The results after Round 4, including the handicaps, played Thursday 12th January were: 1. Davies 58, 2. Ullmer 41, 3. Laughlin -40, 4. Drinkwater -54, 5. Clarke -58, 6. Metcalf -62, 7. Jones -74, 8. Eaves -135, 9. Sleightholme -200 . The handicaps are such that each month the totals will be -131.

Round 3 -  Played Thursday 8th December

The results after Round 3  played Thursday 8th December including the handicaps were: 1. Laughlin 74,  2.  Davies 36,   3. Ullmer 1,  4. Metcalf  -18,  5. Drinkwater -48,  6. Clarke -91,   7. Eaves -99,  8. Jones -100  9. Sleightholme -148, . The handicaps are such that each month the totals will be -131 so anyone with a positive score has done really well!

The results after round 2 played Thursday 10th November

including the handicaps were: 1. Laughlin 57, 2. Drinkwater 13, 3. Davies 9, 4. Metcalf -15, 5. Clarke -19, 6. Ullmer -22, 7. Eaves -82, 8. Sleightholme -93, 9. Jones -110.

The results after round 1 played Thursday 13th October 2016

including the handicaps were:  1. Davies 35 (89 imps, -54 handicap), =2. Ullmer  17 (7, +10),  =2 Laughlin 17 (52,  -35) , 4. Metcalf  7 (17, -10),   5. Clarke  -9 (26, -35),  6. Drinkwater -19 (13, -32),  7. Sleightholme  -46 (-71, +25),   8. Eaves  -65(-60 -5),  9. Jones -68 (-73, +5). 

Summer Cup

There had been some questioning of the decision to stage the Summer Cup on an ad hoc basis when suitable numbers were present on a Thursday evening in recent years. After discussion at a recent committee meeting, it was decided to continue with the ad hoc basis. The Summer Cup was eventually played on Thursday 8th September there being exactly seven tables. Teams were selected by lot. The winners were David & Janet playing with Geoff & Graham, second David A & Margaret playing with Glyn & Derrick and third Anne & John Seymour playing with Liz & Michael S. A most enjoyable evening and congratulations to the winners.

County Sim Pairs - Monday 15th August 2016

Six clubs, Basford, Chasetown, Newcastle, Oswestry, Stafford and Wolverhampton took part in the S&SCBA sim pairs on Monday 15th August, making a total of 37 tables. The winners were Penny Grocott & Albert Pankhurst playing at Basford, second Paul Leese & Harold Godwin playing at Newcastle and third Nat White & Mary Bound playing at Oswestry Congratulations to you all. Best placed Stafford members were Geoff Davies & John Seymour, playing at Newcastle, coming 4th overall. Best placed of those that played at Stafford were Malcolm Roberts & Janet Woodward coming 8th.

March 2016 Competitions

Mixed Pairs

The mixed pairs were played on Thursday 24th March with 11 pairs including a visiting pair.  The results were first Michael and Deirdre, second Robin and Ann and third Pat and Ivor. The visitors actually had the second highest score but, as visitors, were not placed in the event.

President's Cup

Presidents CupThe annual match between the President's team and the Captain's team was played Sunday 20th March. Despite some nasty 'flu about there were 16 players in each team. The winners were Captain's team, Mike Sherriff, Pam Allen, Michael Metcalf, David Alderson, Janet Woodward Shirley Elphick, Rachael & Alan Ashmore, Leila Paull, Tony Ashley, Helen & Phil Thompson, Sheila & Jim Palmer, Sandra & Ernie Houghton.  A most enjoyable tea to complete the afternoon was organised by Pat.
Teams of 4 - Played Thursday 25th February

The results were:

1. David & Janet and Ivor & Pat
2. Paul & Linda and Glyn & Derrick
3. Peter & Dave and David & Margaret

January 2016 Competitions

County Sim Pairs

The County Sim Pairs were played on Tuesday 26th January at 6 clubs including Stafford, a total of 37½ tables, 6½ from Stafford.  The winners were Ruth Timmins & Ron Stevenson playing at Eccleshall. Runners up were Geoff Davies & Paul Cutler playing at Stafford.  Second placed in Stafford were Adrienne & Harry, they came 9th overall after the scoring was completed and verified.

Dash Trophy - Played Thursday 21st January

Handicapped pairs competition. First Micheal Seavers & Pat Martin, second Ivor & Liz, third Rachael & Pam Allen, fourth Rose & Ann and fifth Dave & Peter. Sixteen pairs took part this year. Apologies to all for the delay in  publishing the result, a slight technical hitch!  Many congratulations to Michael and Pat, they are not a regular partnership.  Pat on great form, she went on to win EW on Friday too with a player she has never partnered before!