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SSCBA Sim Pairs - 15th August 

Partners for afternoon sessions

Should you require a partener for either Monday or Wednesday afternoon please seek Sam`s assistance by phone, 07931702776, text or email.

How can you help?

It would be much appreciated if everyone could help in small ways at the start (getting scorecards etc out) and end of sessions (loading the dishwasher), don't leave the director to do everything!

If you would like to try your hand at scoring or directing please contact Terry Maltby or Michael Metcalf, more volunteers for these duties are always needed.

Please Arrive 15 minutes before play

At all club sessions please arrive at least 15 minutes before play is due to start, 6:45 for 7 p.m. start, 7 for 7:15 start, 1:15 for 1:30 start. If you are running late please ring the club, 01785 246611, to let the scorer know you are on your way so that they can factor you in when setting up the movement and scoring systems.

Tuesday Standbys

A host system runs on Tuesday evenings whereby if you arrive at the club without a partner not later than 7 p.m. then the "stand by" for that evening will be called in to play with you. 


2018 EBU Master Point Promotions

Advanced Master (7,500 MPs)

  • P Tallon

Master (5,000 MPs)

  • I Andrew
  • E Clarke
  • P Martin

County Master (2,500 MPs)

  • S Holden
  • G Sproston
  • A Whiteman

District Master (1,000 MPs)

  • J Brassington
  • S Clarke
  • W Pitt
  • G Skene

Club Master (200 MPs)

  • C Kane
  • F Townsend
  • S Townsend
  • A Wilson

For 2017 and earlier entries see website.  See also the leader board.

Polite Notice.

A number of members sadly have health issues effecting  their immune systems.  Members are politely asked to refrain from playing at the club when suffering from infections. Super clean hands too at all times please to prevent any infection passing via the cards.

Treasurer's Report 2009/10
Treasurer's Report 2009/10

Treasurer’s Report                                     2009/2010

Over the year we have made a deficit of £394.04 as compared to a surplus of £520.13 in 2008/9, a difference of £914.17.  This change is almost entirely accounted for by the reduction in bank interest down from £1,120.34 to £235.87, a difference of  £884.47.

The bad weather in January caused a number of sessions (about 7) to be cancelled and the Monday sessions were not running from June until end of October (June, July, August, September, October) primarily because no director was regularly available during this period.  The total number of sessions was down by 18 over the year as compared with the previous year that is from 235 to 217.  Attendance over the year was down by 189 but seen in the context of the reduced number of sessions that would be expected.  Average attendances were about the same as the previous year, Tuesday and Friday evening figures slightly distorted with the pupils included

Membership was slightly up during 2009/10 at 119 on the number in the previous year of 116.  This present year (2010/11) membership is only 97 so far, a drop of 18.5%.  There are two or three members who have not yet been to the club since April 1st who may yet renew their membership.  Have members friends they would like to introduce?  Sadly we lost a number of familiar faces over the year and the young prefer computer games!  Doug has been running lessons over the winter but so far the pupils have expressed little or no interest to join the club.

Ongoing problem with the electricity but the monthly direct debit has been reduced from £211 to £150 as from March 2010 so hopefully things will improve.  (£61 x 12 =£732). A number of investigations have been carried out to see why the bill is so high.  Poor roof insulation may be a contributing factor and the occasion when one or more radiators are left on another.  Investigations are being made to see if an automatic timing system could be introduced.  There is an area of confusion regarding the meter readings that may also be contributing to the high cost.

Issues for the coming year:

  • Insurance premium looks high and that should be investigated before the renewal date in the autumn.
  • Could the club get a better return on their investments?
  • During 2010/11 pay to play will cost about £115 per month as compared with average master points cost of under £17 per month in 2009/10.  That is to say P2P will bring an approximate additional cost to the club of £100 per month. A side issue is the “perks” that the various sessions offer the players, now that all sessions qualify for master points and club funds for Christmas parties should all sessions now qualify for “winners vouchers” where sufficient tables are playing? 
  • Ongoing issue of the electricity charges.  Reduce the usage (insulation, timer switches) and ensure meter readings taken correctly.

Our primary concern going into 2010/2011 is to increase the membership, at least back to 2009/10 levels, and to promote the evening sessions to encourage higher attendance.  The Wednesday afternoon sessions continue as popular as ever with an average of 6½ tables per session over the year. Could the evening sessions, where the overall average is about 4½ tables per session, be made as attractive as the Wednesday afternoon sessions?

Accounts and graphs showing attendance are on the club notice board.