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Welcome to South Shields Bridge Club

Welcome to The South Shields Bridge Club web site.

We are a small friendly club and new members and visitors are always made to feel welcome. If you don't have a partner these, sometimes, can be arranged. Contact our secretary, Ken Goddard on 0191 5363258.

The club meets every Tuesday playing at South Shields Golf Club. Start time is currently 6:45 pm prompt; usually finishing before 10 pm. Please also see updated information.

Results and upcoming events are also shown on our site.

Allen Bage, Chairman.



NEBA Inter-Club Div B result:

Brunton B 19, South Shields 1.


Brumby-Walker Cup result.

                                                      wk1          wk2        av.

1 Jacqui Taylor, Geoff Parker          63.49       66.67      65.08

2  Allen Bage, Eric Morrison           59.52       49.21      54.37

3  Ann Fox, Jane Waggott                46.03       55.56      50.80

4  Dot Booker, Dorothy Morrison    57.94       38.89       48.42

5  Sue Goddard, Ken Goddard         43.65        47.22      45.44

6  Sheila Hill, Kath Meins                40.48       48.15       44.32


Kathryn Tallentire & Allen Bage have won the Gibson Cup.

Jacqui Taylor & Geoff Parker have won the Brumby-Walker Cup.

Jacqui Taylor & Geoff Parker have won the NEBA Gazette Cup.

20th November 2018
Clubs Team Championship
South Shields Bridge Club
Scorer: Geoffrey Parker
Chronicle Cup Qualifier
Scorer: Geoffrey Parker
Scorer: Geoffrey Parker