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Hosted sessions: Sunday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday afternoon. No partner required.

Please be considerate to our neighbours. Do not park over driveways.


Use Member Only  to access and check your details.

Please remember that one member of a partnership should be in the club 10 minutes before the start of a session, else it is possible that you will not be able to play.



Session winners 2018

Sunday afternoon       Mary Dowson & Roger Bright            59.80%

Monday evening         Graham Randall & Terry Wise            58.23%

Tuesday evening         Chris Chorley & Mike Wren                64.75%

Wednesday afternoon  Brian Ormsby & Jeanette Richmond   59.74%

Wednesday evening     Chris Chorley & Mike Wren                57.40%

Thursday morning       Kevin Croot & Lyn Cast                      60.49%

Thursday afternoon     Dennis Johnson & Tanya Genthe          61.59%

Friday aftrenoon          Ann Craig & Mike Wren                     60.57%

Saturday evening         Geoff Wootton & Yekky S-L               61.31%

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Competition winners 2018

Mixed Teams       Ann Craig, Mary Poole, Chris Chorley and Mike Wren

Son Francis          Kate Wass and Roy West

Ladies' Pairs         Ann Davison and Sue Taylor

Men's Pairs          Mike Rand and Peter Sullivan

Mixed Pairs         Angela Davenport and Mike McHale

Open Teams         Chris Chorley, Mike Wren, Mike Rand and Peter Sullivan

Individual            Graham Foster

Shapiro Cup        Cedric Harris and Martin Harris

Open Pairs          John Brett and Keith Seabold

Rose Bowl          Pat Clark and Chris Parmenter

Ladies Teams     Mary Poole & Val Card, Petra Bromfield & Sheena Millins

Men's Teams      Andy Mundy & Chris Chorley, Mike Rand & Keith Seabold

Welcome to Southend and Leigh Bridge Club
Our Club
Our Club

Southend and Leigh Bridge Club is a friendly, but competitive club, which is affiliated to the EBU.

It is situated in its own premises in the small town of Leigh-on-sea and is open 7 days per week for a full range of duplicate and rubber bridge sessions from assisted and hosted to highly competitive. We also have an extensive teaching programme for beginners and improvers.

For further information see menu or contact:

Chairman: Lesley Buckley,

Secretary: Beryl Claxton, 

Webmaster: Terry Wise,


Redcliff Hall, 8 Redcliff Drive, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 1AY, Telephone 01702 476692

Hand of the week 1

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My partner bid 2C (strong, not necessarily clubs), 2D relay from me, 2S from partner, 4S from me,

Long deliberation from partner, telepathy from me -PASS, PASS, PASS. Telepathy does not work.

6S from partner, making 7.


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See hand 11 Tuesday 16th April


Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!
Partner Needed?

Partner needed?

contact Petra Bromfield  - click here


2019 70% Club

Jayne Randall & Kate Wass                 75.31%   03/04/19

Ian Barren & Ruth Ewen                     71.78%    13/02/19

Yekky S-L & Paul Cast                       70.45%     11/01/19

Mike Wren & Chris Chorley               70.38%     27/03/19

Maureen Foster & John Armitage       70.28%    16/01/19


♠   ♣

20 May - Ladies' & Men's Pairs (note change of date)

♠   ♣ 

 ♠   50th Anniversary   ♠ 

The committee would like to thank everybody who joined us for our club's anniversary celebrations.

Congratulations to

Yekky Sannie-Lamptey & Paul Cast

for winning the celebratory Duplicate Bridge tournament.

♠   ♣

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50th anniversary
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Wednesday evening sessions

No Fear Bridge

Session guaranteed to finish by 10pm

Session fee £1



Essex County Bridge Association

2nd May 2019
20th May 2019
Men's pairs
7.15 pm
20th May 2019
Ladies' pairs
Friday Afternoon
Director: Colin Darling
Scorer: Lesley Buckley
Thursday afternoon2
Director: Pat Clark
Scorer: Graham Randall
Thursday Morning - assisted
Director: Colin Luckman
Scorer: Colin Luckman