STAC Results

Here are some overall results for the District 22 and 23 STAC last week.

Monday AM, 27.5 tables:  Mike Welsh and Bob Rothman were 3rd  in A and B with 62.60%.  Ernie Frank and Jeanette Betts were 5th  in A and 4th in B with 62.37%, and Carol King and Beverly Narahara were 6th  in A, 5th  in B and 3rd  in C.

Monday PM, 12 tables:  Jeff Strutzel and Shirley Chang were 1st overall with 67.26%!  Ramani Ravikandan/Jack Stewart and David Scholler/Peter Wong were tied for 4/5 in B and 3/4 in C.

Tuesday AM, 29.5 tables:  Stan Greengard and Howard Schecter were 7th in A and 5th in B with 60.47%.  George Stinson and Setsuko Miyasaka were 4th in C with 56.76%.

Tuesday PM Swiss, 5 tables:  Valerie Gamio, John Jones, Ed Piken and Steve Ramos took 1st  place.  Second were Mary Ann Coyle, Bo Bogema, Steve Mager and Gerri Carlson.

Wednesday AM, 48 tables:  Bob Rothman and Stan Greengard were 4th  in A and 1st  in B with 63.80%  Ed Barad and Luis Gamio were 9th in A with 61.64%, and John Jones and Howard Schecter were 10th  in A with 61.33%.  Carol King and Beverly Narahara were 6th  in C with 54.24%.

Wednesday PM, Game Cancelled

Thursday AM at SBBC:  1st  went to Ken Brewer and Jack Stewart, 2nd  went to Jean Futami and Carnell Wingfield, and 3rd went to Harold Avent and George Wakabayashi.

Friday AM, 33 tables:  Stan Greengard and Bob Rothman were 2nd  in A and 1st  in B with  67.26%, followed in 3rd  by Gerri Carlson and Steve Mager with 63.89%.  

Friday PM, 23.5 tables:  Patti Taylor and Jack Stewart were 2nd  in A and 1st in B and C with 62.16%.  Janice Scholler and Terry Hane were 5th  in A and 4th   in B and C with 59.46%.  Ramani Ravikandan and Lina Ashar were 6th in C with 55/24%.

Saturday Afternoon, 110 tables:  Fran Israel and Arlene Greengard were 9th in A with 62.08%.  Terry Hane and Jack Stewart were 9th in B and 3rd  in C with 59.58%.   

New Classes Starting in 2019

Free Beginning Bridge Class

Thursday March 14 5:30 PM

There is a required book

Don't forget to sign up

For our Wednesday evening and Friday evening games, we need to have advance sign-ups for at least 3 tables or we will cancel the game.  We are going to set a cancellation time of 5:30.  If we don’t have 3 tables by then we will start contacting players who have signed up.  If you have a phone number or text number that you would like us to use to notify you of a cancellation, please put it on the sign-up sheet next to your name.or for online reservations after your partner's name.


ACBL Rank Changes
Club Masters:         Elaine Bock
                                Nora Gecks
Regional Master:          Joyce Hansen
NABC Master                Terry Hane
Life Master:                   Virginia Brewer
Bronze Life Master:      Joanna Wallis
Silver Life Master         Elaine Godin

Well done everyone!

Mentoring Program 2018
Second Session

Mentoring Program Second Session: July - December

Application Forms for the Second Session are available below.

Click on the appropriate application form (a bit slow to load--please be patient), and print (2 pages).

Completed applications will only be accepted in hardcopy format returned to the Club, in the acrylic file holders located next to the game sign-up sheets, no later than June 20.