STAC Results

Here are some overall results for the District 22 and 23 STAC last week.

Monday AM, 27.5 tables:  Mike Welsh and Bob Rothman were 3rd  in A and B with 62.60%.  Ernie Frank and Jeanette Betts were 5th  in A and 4th in B with 62.37%, and Carol King and Beverly Narahara were 6th  in A, 5th  in B and 3rd  in C.

Monday PM, 12 tables:  Jeff Strutzel and Shirley Chang were 1st overall with 67.26%!  Ramani Ravikandan/Jack Stewart and David Scholler/Peter Wong were tied for 4/5 in B and 3/4 in C.

Tuesday AM, 29.5 tables:  Stan Greengard and Howard Schecter were 7th in A and 5th in B with 60.47%.  George Stinson and Setsuko Miyasaka were 4th in C with 56.76%.

Tuesday PM Swiss, 5 tables:  Valerie Gamio, John Jones, Ed Piken and Steve Ramos took 1st  place.  Second were Mary Ann Coyle, Bo Bogema, Steve Mager and Gerri Carlson.

Wednesday AM, 48 tables:  Bob Rothman and Stan Greengard were 4th  in A and 1st  in B with 63.80%  Ed Barad and Luis Gamio were 9th in A with 61.64%, and John Jones and Howard Schecter were 10th  in A with 61.33%.  Carol King and Beverly Narahara were 6th  in C with 54.24%.

Wednesday PM, Game Cancelled

Thursday AM at SBBC:  1st  went to Ken Brewer and Jack Stewart, 2nd  went to Jean Futami and Carnell Wingfield, and 3rd went to Harold Avent and George Wakabayashi.

Friday AM, 33 tables:  Stan Greengard and Bob Rothman were 2nd  in A and 1st  in B with  67.26%, followed in 3rd  by Gerri Carlson and Steve Mager with 63.89%.  

Friday PM, 23.5 tables:  Patti Taylor and Jack Stewart were 2nd  in A and 1st in B and C with 62.16%.  Janice Scholler and Terry Hane were 5th  in A and 4th   in B and C with 59.46%.  Ramani Ravikandan and Lina Ashar were 6th in C with 55/24%.

Saturday Afternoon, 110 tables:  Fran Israel and Arlene Greengard were 9th in A with 62.08%.  Terry Hane and Jack Stewart were 9th in B and 3rd  in C with 59.58%.   

New Classes Starting in 2019

Free Beginning Bridge Class

Thursday March 14 5:30 PM

There is a required book

Don't forget to sign up

For our Wednesday evening and Friday evening games, we need to have advance sign-ups for at least 3 tables or we will cancel the game.  We are going to set a cancellation time of 5:30.  If we don’t have 3 tables by then we will start contacting players who have signed up.  If you have a phone number or text number that you would like us to use to notify you of a cancellation, please put it on the sign-up sheet next to your name.or for online reservations after your partner's name.


ACBL Rank Changes
Club Masters:         Elaine Bock
                                Nora Gecks
Regional Master:          Joyce Hansen
NABC Master                Terry Hane
Life Master:                   Virginia Brewer
Bronze Life Master:      Joanna Wallis
Silver Life Master         Elaine Godin

Well done everyone!

Thursday 99er Game and Class Schedule