CL Teams / Captains


 1st Div (9 teams)

Taunton(RS)               Roger Sweet               01823-423866

Nailsea(TG)                 Tom Gibbard              01275-463012

Langport(LB)              Les Botting                 01458250860

Yeovil(RW)                Ray Walder                 01935-426683

Yeovil(SD)                  Shirley Durrant           01935-432015

Wells(GH)                   Gina Howard              01761-221931

Taunton(ML)              Michael Leach              07789-065498

Taunton(JB)                Julian Brown               07766-302608  (note change)

Frome(JP)                    John Perry                 01373-467508


2nd Div (8 teams)

Langport(AA)             Alan Atkinson             01749-813873    

Wells(AR) {was(SL)}  Andy Ridgers              01749-672338     

Langport(LH)             Lou Hobhouse             01458-259683

Winscombe(CB)         Chris Bryant                01934-260400

Sherborne(PD)            Pip Duncan                 01963-250873

Langport(PN)              Pat Nelson                01935-850780

Wedmore(RJ)              Bob Jepps                  01934-713459

Street(AD){was(DE)} Alan Dean                    01458-270057  


3rd Div (8 teams)

Wells(KF){was(PQ)} Katrina Foote               07968-403895    

Cossington(DA)          David Auld                 01278-722529

Castle Cary(BS)          Belinda Simson           01458-223470

Kingston Seymour(PE) Patricia Ewing             07951-853859

Yeovil(RP)                  Rachel Pantling           01460-240312

Coxley(NS)                 Tasha Smith                01749-674729

Street(PB) {was(SP)} Phil Batt                      01934-743474

Nailsea(AE)                Alan Evans                  01275-852519


4th Div (7 teams)

Wilton(CS)                  Carmen Slade             07443-595601

Cossington(BC){was (BP)}Belinda Cox           01278-684277

Cross(JP)                     Jane Pitcher               01278-765819

Cheddar(RW)             Richard Whittaker        07557-347871    

Wells(RH)                   Richard Holmes           01963-548361

Frome(RN)                  Ray Nicholson             01373-673021  

Street(SP)                    Steve Pedrick             01934-712852  

Kingston Seymour(GD) Graham Daniel     01275-856786  (note late entry)

Leagues based on last year’s positions with two teams promoted from 2nd to 1st and two relegated from 1st to 2nd, one team relegated from 2nd to 3rd and one withdrawn from 2nd.

Five new teams in 4th division and one returning team in 3rd.