CL Rules



All entries for a club are made by the secretary or club league representative who will be informed by Bob Warrender of the fees which must be paid to the SCBA treasurer (£45 per team if 9 in each division, £40 if 8, £35 if 7)

The name, initials and phone number of each team captain and names of core members of each team must be sent to Bob Warrender.

  1. Those playing for club teams must be bona fide members of the Club which they represent but an individual may apply to captain a ‘Barbarians’ team with members of more than one club if too few players of one club are willing to form a club team.      

A ‘Barbarians’ team would be placed in the lowest division of the SCBA Leagues so members do not have to be EBU members and do not have to play at an EBU affiliated club.

No player may represent more than one club or represent a club if they are a member of a ‘Barbarians’ team.

  A club must nominate a core of 4 to 8 players for each of the club’s teams. These team members are expected to play most matches and cannot play for another team.

 Clubs should also have a pool of ‘infrequent players’ who may play for any of that club’s teams if core team members are not available.

 ‘Infrequent players’ may play for any team of the same club for a maximum of three matches. 

Teams must make every effort to play matches on the designated night.

Reasons and consequences if this is not possible:

a) A Captain may not be able to field a team due to illness or holiday commitments of two or more team members (NOT because strongest players are not available) and has informed the opposing captain and Bob Warrender with at least a week’s notice if a holiday commitment or 24 hours if due to illness.

b) All or some of a team fail to arrive due to an accident, breakdown or illness en-route.

c) All or some of a team fail to arrive with no acceptable reason as in a) or b).

For a) and b) the captain of the team prepared to play on the designated night may refuse to play the match privately or captains may agree to play the match privately as soon as possible and with the team prepared to play on the designated night dictating where the match should be played.

For c) the match cannot be played privately, the offending team scores zero VPs for the match.

If a captain refuses to play a match the team which was unable to play receives the smallest of:

 (i) 8 VPs            (ii) their end of programme average VPs

      (iii) 20 minus opponents average VPs (excluding defaulted matches and penalties).

          The opposing team for a), b) or c) receives the greatest of:

  (i) 12 VPs             (ii) their end of programme average VPs 

       (iii) 20 minus opponents average VPs (excluding defaulted matches and penalties). 

            Players in teams in all bar the lowest division must be EBU members

     2. New teams are usually assigned to the lowest division.

          In principle two teams are promoted and two relegated, but this may be affected by:

  • an increase or decrease in the total number of teams the following season.
  • the option of a captain of a less experienced team to remain in a lower division.

     3.Teams play one match of 24 boards against each team in their division.

The total IMP difference is converted to VPs using the scale on Results Sheets.   
Twelve boards are played against one pair of opponents, boards are IMPed during a break, then a further twelve boards played against opponents other pair.             

      4. Permitted conventions are at EBU licence level 4 in 'A' & ‘B’ divisions, level 2 in 'C' & ‘D’

     5. Matches are played at Woolavington Village Hall (7.15 pm start) on dates given in the fixture list.


     If the team has completed less than 50 % of its matches, all VPs for matches involving that team will be discounted. (Winning teams will still get their EBU points.)

     If the team has completed at least 50% of its matches, all VPs to be retained and any team      which has not played a match against the team which withdrew will be awarded VPs as in 1 above.