CL Duties



    Bob Warrender or a Commmittee member will arrive with key by 6.40 p.m. or duty Captain will be given a key.

     Heating should come on at 6-30 p.m. and may be controlled using valves on individual radiators. 
    Put out chairs. Duty team to be advised of number required in each room :

      Maximum of 20 x 4 in the main hall  

      Maximum of 6 x4 in any of the small rooms used.

       (Use chairs and trestle tables where already in the small rooms)

If refreshments are served from the hatch in the main hall, the area within about six feet of the hatch and a passage from small room needs to be kept clear.

If one or more matches is not being played, duty team will be informed..     

     Cloths, Bidding Boxes & Personal Score-Cards (from stationery box) for each table to be put out. Teams responsible for collecting and returning own table.

**  A director should be responsible for running the evening :
                 i) take results sheets from stationery box & place on hatch
                ii) give out boards & collect them up at break and end of session
if Bob Warrender or Frank Coltman is not present collect results sheets
                    and give to a Yeovil team member who will get results to Bob Warrender.

     Clear up playing areas, ensuring no cups, glasses etc left out
     Put away chairs in piles of 8 in main hall and neatly stacked in small rooms. Check that the tables are returned by teams and are neatly stacked.
      Key holder will normally :

      Ensure lights are switched off in  all rooms & entrance hall and at control panel behind bar (30 seconds for lights to go off giving time to vacate)

      Ensure doors are closed / locked.

     ROTA :     

DATE                                     TEAM

21 Sept                                    Langport (LB)
12 Oct                                     Nailsea (TG)
23 Nov                                     Wells (GH)
14 Dec                                     Taunton (ML)
11 Jan                                      Taunton (JB)
25 Jan                                      Frome (JP)
22 Feb                                      Yeovil (SD)
12 Apr                                      Wells (AR)      
10 May                                     Yeovil (RW)

If no catering available duty team may need to serve coffee etc