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DORSET GREEN POINT EVENT 2018  July 22nd (Pairs)
Details and entry form are here.

EAST WALES CONGRESS August 4th and 5th.
Details and entry form are here.

CORNWALL CONGRESS 2018 September 14th - 16th
Details are here.

OXFORD FESTIVAL OF BRIDGE 2018 September 18th-21st
Details are here.

Pairs Competition Event Details
  Barometer Pairs

The Barometer Pairs event is differentiated from other pair games by the method of distributing the boards and by the scoring.

In the usual type of pair event, all or most of the boards are in play every round. The boards are moved from table to table on a predetermined schedule so that eventually all pairs play most of the boards at some time during the session.

In a Barometer event the boards don’t move from table to table after each round. All pairs play the same boards at the same time throughout the event. Each set of boards goes out of play after one round.

As a result, all scores for a given set of boards are available as soon as the round is over. The scores will be posted immediately after each round, so each pair knows where it stands at all times. Any given pair’s fortunes will rise and fall as the game goes on—hence the name Barometer.

  Pairs League

This competition is open to all pairs, but it is a particularly important competition for those pairs who would like to be considered for selection to play in one of our county teams.

The competition will consist of five Team Imped pairs evening sessions. As the hands will have been played at previous international  events, there will be a reliable par score for each hand against which each pair's result will be Imped as if they were playing a team of four game. This will be a test of pairs playing in a teams’ environment and will be of use to the county selectors.

Pairs will be allocated  to divisions, taking into account last year’s performance. The size of the divisions and the criteria for promotion/relegation will be decided when the number of entries is known. Each pair will play each other pair in their division after which matches will be allocated on a Swiss basis.

By entering, pairs are making a binding commitment that if one or both are unable to play in any session, they will make every endeavour to work with the event organiser to find a substitute player or pair of broadly similar standard to play in their place.

Further details about the event will be published early on the county website. 


  Charity Simultaneous Pairs for the Michael Coda Cup

Played at the Clubs

This simultaneous pairs event is open to all affiliated and non-affiliated clubs within the SCBA’s geographical area. All entry fees and donations, less the costs of running the event, will be donated to this year’s nominated charity, 

The event is scored over the entire field.

  Ladies' and Men's Pairs

Played at Woolavington

Ladies Pairs & Men's Pairs events are played simultaneously.

  Pairs Events

The director will try to play between 36 to 45 boards at each one day pairs event, depending on the number of entrants and movements available.   

  Championship Pairs & Plate

Played at Woolavington

Green Points are awarded in the final of our principal pairs event.

All entrants will play in the 24-26 board qualifier, with the leading 14 pairs playing an all play all final over 26 boards. The non-qualifiers will play in the Championship Pairs Plate event.