Selection committee meeting 15/8/17

Present: C.Juneman, S.Coda, S.Upton, M.Smith, C.Macpherson

1.   County Captain

Eric has stated that he is not keen to continue.

The Captain’s role is primarily to be in charge on the day so he/she must be able to delegate for Western League (WL) matches when he/she is not playing.  

The view was expressed that the County Captain should be advertised and known to players – not the case in previous seasons.

Colin Juneman is happy to take on the role in spite of being unable to play in many WL matches.  

2.  Policy

The reasons behind selection were discussed and it was agreed that selection for the A division should primarily be aimed towards winning.  Selection for the B team would also be directed towards winning but also to build up a squad with each pair hopefully getting at least 2 matches and with promotion possible towards the end of the season. C team selection would be aimed more at giving future B team members experience.  

3.  Tollemache

It was agreed that having qualified last year, the same team should be re-selected with Ralph & Steve to be approached to stand in as reserves.

4.    W.L Team selection

In the event of a withdrawal teams may be rearranged to accommodate the reserve pair

East Wales: (A) 4/8/8  Saturday 16th September

A: Eric Cummings & Ceri Pierce; Alan & Jette Bailey;

B: Richard Feetenby & Sally Stuttard; Jackie Baker & Betty Smithson;                       Gordon McBride & Gillian Toogood; Barbara Biggin & Anne Skinner

C: Grant Weston & Steve Fletcher; Alan Atkinson & Mike Martin;                       Sue Gudgeon & Malcolm Scard; John Staite & Katrina Foote;

Reserve: Glyn Meredith & Wendy Miller

Wilts: (A) 8/8/8   Sunday 15th October

A: Roger Sweet & Sheila Coda; Eric Cummings & Ceri Pierce;                                                               David & Gina Howard; Peter Gurman & Stewart Upton

B: Tom Gibbard & John Cockram; Sheena Lanham & Andy Ridgers;                Caroline Macpherson & Simon Brooke; Alan & Diane Dean.

C: John Perry & Marianne Lewin; Nigel Maggs & Jenny McDermott;                Michael Leach & Sue Hornsby; Brian Crosby & Bob Jepps;

Reserve: Richard Feetenby & Julian Brown

Hereford (H) 4/4/4   Sat 2nd Dec

            A: Colin Flood & Sheila Coda;  Frank Coltman & Colin Simcox;

            B: Mike Smith & Wendy Miller; Rob & Lou Hobhouse;

            C: Joan Pooley & Nigel Hamblyn;  Patsy Ashford & Chris Bryant;

Reserve: Glyn Meredith & Les Botting

5.  Food

This has been left up to individual Counties to agree.  E.Wales will provide a sandwich tea. It was agreed that we should explore the possibility of Kathy catering for home matches so long as the opposing team were agreeable to paying £5 a head.

Check dates of home matches with Kathy.                                                Action CM

6.  Performance Analysis

It was agreed to continue the Butler analysis so long as this came with a “health warning” and did not necessarily drive future selection. Eric has agreed to continue to produce this. The Captain will try to give some sort of feedback after matches including an analysis of a few selected boards.

Mike was thanked for his excellent hospitality & the date of next meeting was fixed for 5th Dec.