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In either case please contact Brian Smith


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Welcome to Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club


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Hand of the Week. 16 Apr - on this board 12 pairs made 10 or more tricks in Spades, but Gill and Yvonne held their opponents to 9 tricks to get a top. Well done.

Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club (At Green Park) prides itself on providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


We play duplicate pairs every Monday.  Pre-dealt hands are used with hand records available and Bridgemates at the table for scoring.

Play starts at 7:30, so please arrive by 7:20

Also, we enter one team in the Berks and Bucks County League of 8.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

GUESTS: Guests are most welcome. If you need a partner please contact Brian Smith as we do not operate a Host System. A few days notice is appreciated.

EBU: We are affiliated to the EBU and issue master points.

CAR PARKING: There is ample car parking at Green Park.



League of Eight
I am a bit behind with updating the L of 8.
Our match against Bourne End got postponed
because of the snow.
We played our eight match on
Monday 12th March against Bradshaws A. 
It was a close match but we ended up losing 8 - 12.
Our last match is on Friday 20th April against
Bourne End A. 
There is a chance that we might get relegated but hopefully
we will score enough to stay in Div. 2.
If you are interested in playing in the team, please contact
Mary Baker.

To see the League of 8 results table click here
Director: Mary Baker
Scorer: Bridgemate
Director: David Barker
Scorer: Bridgemate
Steward: Mary Baker
Director: Richard Clark
Scorer: Bridgemate
23rd Apr 2018
Director: Pat Cheval
30th Apr 2018
Director: Brian Smith
7th May 2018
Bank Holiday
Director: Richard Clark
14th May 2018
Director: David Barker
21st May 2018
Director: Viv Suttie