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The following is information and news of interest to the members. See "Results and Events" for details of Club events.

We are sorry to report a number of recent deaths:

Roger Leland, a former member and stalwart of the club, died on 26 January 2016, having been ill for some time.  
Roger Bowles died following a fall at home on 27 December 2015.  Roger will be a huge loss to bridge generally - being a Grand Master and one of the top 100 players in the country according to the latest National Grading System.  While highly competitive, with a tremendous capacity for thinking through the deepest of bridge puzzles, he was always a gentleman at, and away from, the bridge table.  Mike Amos wrote "I think Roger was the nicest man I’ve ever played bridge with (and that over more than fifty years).   One common feature of bridge players is that they think they are much better than they really are.  Roger was truly modest.  He didn’t bully weaker players, but was generous in his time and pleased to help those who asked him for advice.  He was a great team-mate.  I’ve missed playing with him since his move back to Worcestershire and am deeply saddened that I will not see him again to talk of hands, squeezes and advanced plays."

Our former president Geoff Roberts passed away on 22 December 2015. Geoff was a loyal member of Shrewsbury Contract Bridge Club for around 40 years and a strong supporter of the club throughout that period.    

Condolences to the families and friends of all concerned.

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At the Midland Counties Congress in Solihull on 9 January Lawrence Haynes, and his partner Marcus Eassom, came third overall in the Swiss Pairs - out of 96 strong pairs.  They also won the Cooke Porter Cup – Stratification B.   Congratulations to Lawrence and Marcus for a fine performance.

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Shrewsbury Contract Bridge Club Committee

Members and Responsibilities:

Keith Shuttleworth:  Chairman;  TD Rota;   Club Captain

Judy Mitchell Secretary:  Chief Scorer.

Tony Leech:  Treasurer 

Helen Lees:  Membership Secretary

Dominic Wilson

Mike McCartney

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