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Prompt Start

Please remember to be at the club by 6.45 pm so that the number of tables/movement for scoring is known in good time in order to start play at 7 p.m.

General Information
Best Behaviour At Bridge (BB@B)

Partnerships are reminded of a few best behaviour points that the committee would like to re-inforce:

As agreed at the AGM, established pairs are asked to bring their convention cards to the table each week.  Occasional or new partnerships do not need to do this, although it would be helpful if they could complete the back of the personal score card.  During the auction, if the opposition asks the meaning of a bid a clear and full explanation should be provided.

Some players feel excluded if the Bridgemate results are not shared properly with the whole table.  Accordingly we ask that, as soon as the score is accepted and before the percentage score is displayed, the person confirming the result (usually East) turns the Bridgemate round in the middle of the table so that the other three players can all see the detailed results elsewhere. 

Discussion about the bidding or the play should be kept to a minimum, with care being taken to ensure that nothing can be overheard by players at neighbouring tables.  Detailed discussions should be kept until the end of the evening so that the next hand is not delayed.

Under no circumstances should partner be criticised or blamed.  

Please remind other club members of these principles, if they are forgotten in the heat of the moment.

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