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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Trumpet July 2014


Novice Corner

 Randy has been working hard with his new bridge class and some of them are showing up on Monday evenings to spread their wings.  Also, some of the players from Debby Grand's group are moving into the Tuesday afternoon and Monday evening games.  Terrific!!

Sue Babineaux and I are hoping to begin a new class on Wednesday mornings in the back room during her existing game time, in September.  If you know of anyone who is interested in learning the game of bridge or if they played years ago and want to re-learn this game, point them in our direction!

You know how I am about reading the Bulletin and things you can learn from it.  I want to re-visit something you may have heard and forgotten.  Being prepared and ready with your bid or next bid is usually a good thing.  However, what about when your opponent makes a skip bid?  According to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, you need to pause about 10 seconds, if your right hand opponent should make a skip bid.  Why?  Because, if you were prepared to pass or bid and do so quickly, you are passing information to your partner.  A fast pass imparts as much information as long hesitations can impart.  Neither is a good thing.  Ethically, (and bridge is regarded as an ethical game), you are required to not pass unauthorized information to your partner.  So, let's say you were thinking you looked at your hand..........I plan to pass this when it is my turn.....but the right hand opp preempts 3 are supposed to hesitate about 10 seconds (count to yourself) and then pass.  Let's say you were going to open 1 heart with a minimum hand and the right hand person says 3 still need to wait 10 or so seconds (the bridge police are not timing you) and then pass smoothly.  Don't sit and act disgusted and like you don't know what to do now............believe me it is going to happen to you at some point. Poker face..........count to 10 and pass or bid smoothly.

If you are playing in any game and a  declarer claims the rest of the tricks, but you are not sure the claim is accurate,.....feel free to request the person to play the hand out. You should never feel like you got cheated in some way or that you are uncomfortable questioning the more seasoned player.  The claiming person must ALWAYS state their line of play, not just state they have the rest of the tricks.  Sometimes there is a transportation problem, sometimes there is an outstanding trump and so on.  So, feel free to call the director if a claim is made and you are unsure.   Once the declarer exposes their hand, they cannot pick it back up.

The board recently decided to open up the Monday evening game up to 499 points, regardless of whether the players are life masters or not.  So, come on and play on Monday nights.  The game is light-hearted and friendly.  You are welcome there, as you are in every game!

Whenever you play, did you know that you can request a copy of the hand records from the director?  Several copies are printed up and you can take a copy with you to review the hands.  But you can you can also see the actual hands online at our website.  When you see results, look near the top of the page,  there are 2 tabs near the top of the game page-results/hands. Click on hands and you can see all the boards you played that session!  The dealing machine makes this possible!


 Funding for the publication of this newsletter was provided by Tammy Courtney.

At a team game, when the scores were being compared, one member asked about results on Board 12.  Teammate stated, we passed it out.  The inquirer said Really?.........How did the auction go?  Teammate flatly stated......Pass, pass, pass, pass!

At a tournament, a similar thing happened in a pairs game.  The auction went, pass, pass, pass, double.  The director was summoned to the table and had a simple solution.  He said........"Play it there."


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April 2014 - Trumpet
The Trumpet

The Trumpet

The Shreveport Bridge Association


Editor, Bonita Hays

pril 2014

Spring is here!




The Shreveport Split Regional was a held in Feb/March this year. A big thanks goes to Pat Craig and Claire Covington for co-chairing this event. It is a really big job to be the project managers for undertaking an event such as this, but Pat and Claire covered all the bases and most never knew how much time and effort they each devoted to making the tournament a success. Thanks to all the volunteers who manned the hospitality suite, the partnership desk, and so on. There will always be those who are unhappy about something, but overall the tournament was very successful! The Unit did profit from the event and the money will be used to benefit all of the players of this Unit accordingly.


As a new board member, I have attended three board meetings to date. If you should have any concerns or suggestions for making our house a more pleasant playing environment, share your ideas with a Unit officer or Board Member. Most of you are aware of the parking lot improvement, the repairs made to the back porch area, and the repairs to the front porch area as well. Now we are suffering with a leaky roof and some potential ceiling damage, so just like your home maintenance, we will need to upkeep our bridge home and your input will be considered if you voice or submit them in writing to us. It is your club, after all!


Since we had no new life masters to induct this year, we held an Awards party instead. The winners of the Mini-McKinney (most total points won for the year) and Ace of Clubs (points won at club level) Awards were recognized in every bridge level of achievement. Recipients received a certificate or a medallion depending on their particular award. Four of our Unit members have already achieved the rank of Life Master in 2014 and there are numerous other players on the cusp of that achievement, so we will be having a very nice Life Master party honoring your fellow players next year. Tom Reed, Lou King, and Tina Calligas all became Life Masters during our Regional Tournament and Debby Grand became Life Master shortly thereafter.


The Wall of Fame now holds another picture of a beloved bridge player, Charleen Cole. Charleens many achievements were noted at the Awards game and her family was present for that placement. A committee was formed that researched her love and support of the game of Bridge and presented it to the board. A private ballot vote was taken at the March board meeting and her induction was unanimously approved by all that were present.




This n that



The Trumpet

Editor, Bonita Hays

I was extremely proud of my bridge babies in our regional tournament. Some of you were working at the partnership desk and manning the hospitality room. You have become such valuable assets to the Shreveport Bridge Associaton. I have always felt that it is our duty to be involved in the workings of a group when it is your love, your hobby, your sport of choice. Some of us are called to be directors or teachers and some of us help in other ways. But your attendance and support of the games is also very important. If the games have poor or failing attendance, they will have to be cancelled. Most of the club owners do a good job of beefing up their own personal games. But the Unit games are run by your Unit and certified directors are hired. Recently, it seemed that the Monday evening game was losing favor with the players. But now, it seems that Fran Hewitt has taken that game under her wing and is helping to coordinate getting players to attend and helping partner people up. I personally want to thank her for her efforts and I hope that more players will plan to attend and support that game.

Did you know that there are times for a break in tempo or pause and times it is illegal to do so? Hesitating with a singleton or pretending to have a play problem when you dont is not just unethical, its illegal. Read Lynn Bergs article in the March 2014 Bulletin on pg. 47 titled Upgrading Your Game for Newer Players. The page just before that has another excellent article on Underleading Aces. That terminology confuses more beginner players than any other statement when I am teaching lessons. The money you pay to ACBL for membership each year, entitles you to the monthly magazine and its wonderful articles. If you are not looking at your magazine every month, you should be!

Oftentimes in lessons or classes, I tell you to win the trick as cheaply as possible, dont use your king if the 10 will win the trick. There are exceptions to every rule! (oh, but of course!) If you are not pausing to think about the hand when you are declarer and the dummy hits the table, you are playing thoughtless bridge. Leslie Shafer has an excellent example on pg. 45 in the April edition of the Bulletin this month. In order to establish a dummy entry, she had to play a high card from her hand first, to establish an entry to get to some established tricks later. Pausing to consider the order and the play of the hand before you ever play to trick one, will benefit you in the long run. Lynn Berg also has an excellent article on page 47 about revisiting Stayman.

Have you ever looked at the Laws of Duplicate Bridge? I feel like they are written in such complex legal terms that I dont know what I just read, after I read it! But I enjoy reading the section each month called, Ruling the Game. Mike Flader has a question and answer session in each Bulletin and he makes it very understandable for me. By the way, if any of you are interested in becoming a director, there is course material you can study and then you can take a test proctored by a local club director. John Lawrence and Sue Babineaux both became directors this way and neither are life masters yet. Sue is also a club owner and rents her time slot from the Shreveport Bridge Association. Alternatively, a directors course is offered at National Bridge Championships as well. The Unit has rotating directors for the Tuesday afternoon game, Monday evening game and the Sunday games. If you are interested you can speak with an established director or read more about it at

Novice Corner


Did you know?

The dummy takes no part in the play. Dummy may not suggest by word or gesture, but at the conclusion of the hand, he/she may call attention to irregularities. In North America, the dummy may ask partner if he has any or none of the suit lead to prevent a revoke. If dummy looks at any other hand at the table, however, Dummy forfeits the right to protect partner from revoking. (Source: Encyclopedia of Bridge, 7th edition, page 162.)


This n That


Randy has been teaching an Easybridge Class. He will be moving the class to Tuesday evenings and will begin teaching Audrey Grant lessons. If you know of any friends or family who are interested in bridge lessons, please give them his contact information.


The Free Friday Bridge Clinic continues on the 2nd Friday of each month from 9 to 11. Players play the hands, have hand records for review after the hand is played, and experienced players are on hand to monitor and help at the tables. These hand records provide insight as to how the bidding might go, the opening lead, and the play of the hand. Everyone seems to enjoy this and it is totally free. Coffee and cookies are usually available too! Everyone is welcome!


We had an open house recently. We had a small response which may give us a few new players. Several are interested in beginning lessons or training in how to play in our duplicate setting. If you have suggestions on how we can attract more players, share your thoughts with us. Many bridge players prefer duplicate once they get the hang of why the game is so much fun. I feel like any publicity we can get, any exposure we can find, will keep folks aware that we are here and they can come and be welcomed! I am always amazed at the number of people who say they read the bridge column daily, but yet they have never come to the bridge house.


Donna Oliver lost a brief battle with cancer. She was a recently retired school teacher, who had just found her love for this game and was excited about learning to play it well. Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time. Jane Manco lost her daughter to cancer and Earlene Boddie lost her husband to cancer during this quarter as well. Keep them in your thoughts as they deal with their losses.


Ruth Isler recently renewed her drivers license and said she will be 102 when she has to renew next time!


From the Presidents desk:


The Board of Directors has authorized the purchase of a dealing machine. Sometime in the next 6-8 weeks we will have pre-dealt boards in all games. I believe this will increase our enjoyment in the game.

Our awards party was a success and Charleen Cole was installed in the Unit 170 Hall of Fame. Her picture is now on the wall. Thanks to Sue Babineaux chairing this event.


This year ACBL is placing an emphasis on Zero Tolerance. We may not always understand the bidding of our opponents, but at no time are we to correct them and give them a lesson at the table. If an opponent asks for help with a bidding problem it is then okay to offer your assistance. Any unsolicited comments about bidding or play of the hand by a partner or opponent is a violation of Zero Tolerance. This policy was designed by ACBL to make the playing environment non-threatening and it should be adhered to at all times.


Randy Kenyon


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July 2013 - Trumpet

The Trumpet


Editor, Bonita Hays, 865-1224              

Summer is here!


The Life Master Party was held, honoring Jerry Bigner and Ardith Thompson for achieving that goal,  was held as planned and was very nicely attended.  Thanks to our previous years honorees for hosting such a lovely event.  Also, the Mini-McKinney Awards and Ace of Club awards were presented to players who amassed the most masterpoints at their particular level during 2012.  With our influx of new players, the Unit looks forward to honoring many more new Life Masters in the year to come! 

The Board has been working on some exciting ideas for the future of our club.  You can stay informed of the meeting results by reading the Board minutes.  Once approved, they will be posted on the internet at  Additionally, this and future issues of our newsletter, The Trumpet will be available online at that site.  Posting the Trumpet on the internet will save money and maybe a tree or two along the way.  Some paper copies will be printed and a few copies will be mailed to our shut-in or those who are temporarily incapacitated from physically joining us at the table!  We can try it this way and if we need to revert to the mailed copies, then so be it!

This is your newsletter.  With that in mind, I am seeking a guest columnist each quarterly publication.  This month, Vernon Hastings has prepared what I hope you will find to be an interesting article.  Thanks Vernon for being the guinea pig!  If you feel that you have something to say, of interest to the members of this Unit, type up an article and submit it to me by email,, to be considered for an upcoming edition of The Trumpet.

Thanks once again to Betty Lawrence for keeping the ladies room supplied with beautiful roses, that also smell nice.

The Unit has been busy with special games of all sorts.  The North American Pairs games have been well attended.  The Unit finals will be held in the fall, so if you qualified, you are eligible to come play in the finals.  Qualifiers from the finals, will be eligible to compete at the District level, which is generally held in Jackson, Ms., in January.  Qualifiers in each strata can move on to the National competition, which will be in Dallas in March 2014.  The STAC games were also well attended and numerous players placed in the District overalls. 

Sunday game change!  The Unit has decided to have the 8 is Enough team game twice a month now, so it will be on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  Come join the fun!


We have had several members that have undergone surgery recently.  Frances Bailey had a quadruple bypass surgery and is recovering at home.  Jerry Thomas had a hip replacement surgery and is recovering very well and has in fact, now returned to the bridge table.  Roy Jambor had a cervical fusion and was back at the bridge table in less than a week!  Sad notes include that Irv Dahlberg passed away.  Irv played bridge some in the past and his wife Ruth is better known to many of you.  Bettie Kings husband passed away as well after a lengthy illness.  Patsy Fitzgeralds brother passed away as well.  And Pat Colberts grandson passed away unexpectedly.  Suzy Ryan, as most of you are aware, has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  She went to Heritage Manor West  for rehabilitation for a fracture of her spine.  Remembering your fellow bridge friends with cards is a good way to let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers.

When I am compiling the newsletter, I try very hard to remember to include as much information as possible that the members would like to know.  If there is something particular that you would like to see included in a newsletter, feel free to send me an email with the information. I would never omit anyone intentionally.

I have been noticing that more and more of our novices/intermediates are beginning to play in the open games.  Some of our seasoned players are taking a novice under their wings and some of the newer players are jumping in with their novice/intermediate partners.  This is exciting to me and I hope that our seasoned players will be encouraging and helpful in their transition to playing with the big guns. 

We had a trial bridge clinic recently, where hands were prepared and novice/intermediate players were invited to attend.  The players were able to bid/play a hand and then lay it out and discuss the bidding/play/defense and then look at a hand record with the recommended bidding and recommended opening lead.  This was offered as a free event and was well attended.  I prepared the boards and brought refreshments (Kay Paine also brought cookies).  Pat Craig and Randy Kenyon attended as board representatives and stayed to fill in and play, offering helpful advice to the players. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, so we will plan to offer this clinic once a month on Friday mornings.  If you are an intermediate or novice and did not receive the email about this event, please forward your email information to, so Vernon Hastings can put your address on the email list. Any of the experienced players are welcome and encouraged to join in and help out.  Along with others, I will tweak the framework for this monthly event.  If you have friends who are interested in moving into the duplicate arena, this might be a good way to get their feet wet in a gentle environment!  The goal is to be inclusive, not exclusive!  Everyone is welcome and best of all, it is FREE!

Guest Column by Vernon Hastings      

Like every novice, I approached the Bridge House with great trepidation. I had heard all of the stories about the dragons waiting inside. I found that like most urban legends, there was a little truth and much untruth. I found an overriding spirit of welcome in the players I met there.

  Like any endeavor, there are certain rules and nuances to the game not obvious to the beginner. That featureless mask that players assume as the cards are opened is not evidence of disdain but a required neutral countenance. The party bridge veteran is not immediately aware that a tug of the ear, a raised eyebrow or a stifled cough may be a forbidden cue to a partner. Against the rules. The usual small talk after the hand so much a part of party bridge is also discouraged, remember,the game is being played under a time limit.

   Finding your way from table to table can be bewildering for the newbie. The innocent looking card in the center of the table is your lodestone. The problem arises when the more experienced players glance at the card, quickly disappear leaving the novice to their own devices. Finally, when everyone else is seated the novice makes their way to the last open seat red faced and embarrassed

   Nothing makes a novice cringe more than the shout "Director!!" especially if it comes from your table. Have no fear, the role of the Director is not to cast blame or find fault but to assure that the game is played on an even field, that all players are playing the hand correctly. The Director lends information on the rules more than punishment to the game. Feel free to call for the Director when in doubt. The Directors welcome the opportunity to assure their game is fair to all.

 I play on Tuesday. The late Vy Word offered a friendly, low pressure game for novices that thrives today. I have been playing for about two years and have seen our group develop in skill, knowledge and execution. Early on, a percentage in the low forties might qualify for some points, a score in the fifties was rare. Now, the top scores often reach the sixty percent level requiring a low score in the fifties to garner any points. Good work novices!!

    No discussion of novices would be complete without many roses tossed to Bonita Hays and her untiring efforts to attract, introduce  and instruct new players. Bonita extends a friendly welcome and sage advice to all who come to her classes. Many thanks, Bonita!!

    Operating quietly under the radar, is Debbie Grand. Debbie has been hosting a multi table game in her home for years. Debbie teaches as well as hosting the game. Debbie's game has been quite the incubator, sending many new players to the Bridge House as  a rite of passage. They arrive as able contenders. Take a bow, Debbie!!.

    Finally, my last suggest to the new player, "Ask Questions!!

     Let the game begin.


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