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Social Games
Social Games Information
Social Games Information

Social games are played Monday through Friday each week.  The club offers various types of social games, Rubber bridge, Chicago bridge, and Marathon bridge.  Check the calender tab for a specific game and time.  Enjoy your game!


*Special Note:  Our social  bridge games fill quickly during the winter months so plan to get to the game at least 30 minutes before start time.  Players must be turned away if the tables have filled.




Monday Afternoon   12:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Leader: Bruce Ketcham 

Phone: 975-0722

$1.00 per member – partner required

Social bridge – Chicago bridge scoring


Tuesday Afternoon   12:30  pm  4:00 pm

Leader: Trudy Morone  

Phone:  975-4518

$1.00 per member – no partner required

Social bridge – Chicago scoring


Wednesday Evening   6:15  pm  9:00 pm

Leader:  Dave & Betty Synder

Phone:   303 530-3465

$1.00 per member – partner required

Social bridge – rubber bridge scoring


Thursday Afternoon   12:30  pm 4:00 pm

Leader:  Larry Poinier  

Phone: 584-9342

$1.00 per member – no partner required

Social bridge – rubber bridge scoring


Thursday Evening   6:15  pm – 9:30 pm

Leader:  Rotating Leader    (OCT to MAY)

$1.00 per member – partner required

Chicago Bridge




First Friday Luncheon Marathon (Oct – May)

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

$10 season fee plus $$ for catered lunch each session

Partner required – rubber bridge scoring


Second Friday Marathon    (Oct – Apr)

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

$10 season fee

Partner required    rubber bridge scoring


Third Friday Marathon   (Oct – Apr)

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

$10 season fee

Partner required - Chicago bridge scoring


Fourth Friday Marathon   (Jan – Dec)

12:15pm – 4:30pm

$10 season fee

Partner required - Chicago bridge scoring



Scoring Methods (Rubber & Chicago)

The social bridge club offers two methods of scoring for our social games as explained:

Rubber Bridge scoring: 

When one side has scored two games, it wins the rubber. A game means 100 points in tricks bid for (and won). It's quite possible to bid and make game on a single deal: For example, 3 NT scores 100 points, and successful contracts of 4H , 4S, 5C , and 5D  also count at least 100 points. Alternatively, you can earn game in a series of deals whose final contracts end at a lower bidding level; these are called part-scores or partials. For example, you might bid and make 2C on one hand (40 points), and on the next hand you might bid and make 2H (60 points). The two added together equal 100 points, enough for game.

A side that has scored one game becomes vulnerable, so if both sides have a game both are vulnerable, once a team is vulnerable and makes game the bonus points (above the line) for game increase from 300 to 500. A side that hasn't scored a game yet is not vulnerable. When defenders defeat, or set, a contract, they earn greater points whenever the other side is vulnerable. Score for the winning side is also increased when the final contract is doubled or redoubled. Note: Extra tricks (overtricks) made at any contract do not count toward game.

Chicago Scoring:

Chicago Bridge is a form of Rubber Bridge played at many clubs. Long rubbers are avoided. 

Vulnerability is not determined by previous scores but by the following schedule:

First deal: neither side vulnerable.

Second and third deals: dealer’s side vulnerable, the other side not vulnerable. 

Fourth deal: both sides vulnerable.

Each hand is scored duplicate style (2H making 3 is 140, 4H vulnerable is 620, etc.).

The game premium (300 or 500 points) is determined by the vulnerability on that deal of the side that completes the game. If the bid is not sufficient to complete a game,  the team receives a premium of 50 points once the bid is made (example 2C bid and made = 90)