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Jeff Smith scoring programs
Jeff Smith scoring programs

The popular Jeff Smith scoring programs (PairsScorer, TeamsScorer and others) are no longer owned and licensed by Jeff Smith himself, but are now run and maintained under the auspices of the English Bridge Union (EBU). The programs are marketed under the new name of EBUScore.

In the medium term at least, this will have consequences for clubs and individuals using these programs.

While clubs and individuals will be able to continue working with the programs that are currently installed on their computers, the transfer of ownership is likely to result in maintenance charges having to be paid for any upgrades or updates, e.g. for downloading new versions of the programs which are released from time to time.

A general statement from the EBU can be viewed here. The programs are no longer available to download from Jeff Smiith's website. For clubs not affiliated to the EBU, the programs plus support are now offered for purchase at a price of £50+VAT. This licence needs to be renewed annually, at a cost of £40+VAT. Details here.

Current users of Jeff Smith's programs can continue to get support for JSS software by emailing

Last updated : 23rd Mar 2016 12:00 GMT
MEMPAD - the new Master Points database

The SBU has launched MEMPAD (which stands for Membership and Master Point Administration Database), a major new initiative to facilitate the submission of Master Points and the administration of the Master Point system. This development involves a number of phases, but the following features are already in place:

Members can -

* update their personal contact details

* view their own Master Point status

Club secretaries can -

* view their members' contact details

* update details of their office bearers

* submit local Master Points electronically (if using a standard scoring program)

Club treasurers can -

* reconcile members'  SBU subscriptions with payments made to the SBU

You will need a password to log on to the system - to receive this, please email the Master Point Secretary ( quoting your Master Point number.

Last updated : 26th Jan 2017 17:02 GMT