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Do you have any photographs or stories pertaining to our Bridge Club or to bridge in general?  Care to share them with your fellow SDBC members?  Send them to Jay Gould at and he'll make you famous!

Check out what's new at SDBC’s Facebook page. If you are registered on Facebook simply "Like" the page and you will be informed whenever the page is updated.  If you are not registered you can link to the page and see what's new whenever you want (but you will not receive automatic updates.)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday partnership requests

Partnership requests for bridge games on Monday,Wednesday and Friday afternoons should be made by emailing Betsy Contino ( Betsy will inform you about other bridge players who have made a similar request and will provide contact information for you to coordinate the game.  Please inform her when you have a partner, or have changed your mind about playing.

Requests for a partner on other days should be made using the instructions below. 

If a you are in our membership list click on the "Find a Partner" button (5th down on menu). Click "login". Put in your email address and sign in. Check "partner required" for game wanted. Click "confirm". It will appear in blue  on the daily event "calendar" on the bottom right side of webpage (partner?). persons available can click on that find out who needs a partner with their phone number and email and then contact them.           OR Call us at 912-228-4838 or send us an email to  Tell us your name, phone number and/or email address, the session you would like to participate in and the number of masterpoints you have.  Give us as much lead time as possible and we'll do our best to find a suitable match for you.


Welcome.  ACBL-sanctioned duplicate bridge games are played at several locations in the Savannah area.  The most extensive schedule is played at the Savannah Bridge Center and other games are held at the Plantation Club at The Landings on Skidaway Island and the Grand Lakes Lodge in the Southbridge Community. For details, click on Savannah Game Schedule on the left.

Our mission is to provide duplicate bridge for players of all levels to enjoy the game in a fun, friendly and comfortable environment. 


The Savannah Duplicate Bridge Club is based at 8511 Ferguson Ave Suite D in the Five Oaks Shopping Center, Savannah GA 31406, a short distance from the Truman Parkway. The well-lit 3500 square foot facility is used for the majority of the sanctioned duplicate bridge games in the Savannah area. Coffee and light refreshments are always available. This is a no-smoking facility.

Phone number: 912-228-4838. (Click for map and directions).

Send emails to the Bridge Club at

We also have an electronic newsletter.  To be placed on distribution enroll by clicking here or send a request to

This website is maintained by Tom Roush & Perry Trilling, or

Basic Conventions

Monday Bridge Lessons

March 2019 Schedule


If you know the bridge basics and would like more information on basic conventions now is the time.  If you have recently taken beginner lessons, now is the time to add to your bridge knowledge.  Lessons are at the Savannah Bridge Center; 8511 Ferguson Ave, (912) 228-4838 at 7-9pm for $10.00. Each lesson includes time to practice the concepts with an instructor available for questions. Reservations are needed to ensure educational materials for each attendee.  Either call or sign up at the Bridge Center.

MAR 4 Ace Asking Conventions lesson starts with details of Blackwood and Gerber conventions then covers Roman Keycard Blackwood and its 1430 variation.  Students will have sample hands to practice bidding using these conventions for thorough understanding. The lesson will conclude with a discussion of difficulties that could arise while using ace asking conventions. INSTRUCTOR: Roger Neds

MAR 11 Negative Doubles is the most critical aspect of bidding since it is can be used in almost every bridge session.  The negative double is one of the most important innovations in bridge. After a detailed discussion of the convention, the lesson will provide various conclusions a player can draw from the use of the negative double. The lesson will conclude with a series of practice hands so this convention can be used during the student’s next session of bridge.  INSTRUCTOR: Roger Neds

MAR 18 Jacoby 2NT and Splinter Bids After a major suit opening bid, Jacoby 2NT is used as a response to show a hand with good trump support, opening points and a desire to go to game or possibly slam. The lesson will discuss opener’s five possible responses to characterize the hand and move the bidding forward. A Splinter bid has the same good trump support and opening bid points as the Jacoby 2NT but shows a singleton or void in bid suit.  The lesson will cover Splinter bids as a double jump response following the opening bid and what to do on the next bids. INSTRUCTOR: Mike Sueirro

MAR 25 New Minor Forcing is used when opener bids a minor suit, responder bids a major suit and opener rebids 1NT to indicate does not have four card support in responder’s major suit.  If responder holds a 5 card suit, the unbid minor is bid to ask opener for 3 cards in their suit. The lesson will include these concepts and more.  INSTRUCTOR: Mike Sueirro

The instructors Roger Neds and Mike Sueirro are well known SDBC bridge instructors and long-time duplicate bridge players. They have the reputation as outstanding bridge instructors throughout the bridge knowledge spectrum.

Beginning Bridge Lessons Winter Schedule

The Winter 2019 series of Beginning Bridge Classes is starting soon. The schedule of classes is below. The first four weeks of classes are free. All remaining classes are $10 each, or $35 if students pay for all four weeks in a series at the first class of the series. No particular knowledge is required to begin these classes. Partners are not required. All you need is a desire to learn this fabulous game. Reservations are not required, but if you contact the club by email ( or call (912-228-4838) to let us know you’re coming, it will be appreciated.

Saturday Morning Classes, 10:00 a.m. – Noon

BB2 Competitive Bidding

2/2 Preemptive Bids

2/9 Overcalls

2/16 Takeout Doubles

2/23 The Competitive Auction

BB3 Popular Conventions

3/2 Stayman Convention

3/9 No Class, Club Tournament

3/16 Jacoby Transfers (Class will be held despite St. Pat’s celebrations)

3/23 Strong Two Club opening bids

3/30 Slam Bidding Conventions

Monday Evening Classes, 7:00 – 9:00

BB5 Defense

2/4 Defensive Signals

2/11 Opening Leads

2/18 Third Hand/Second Hand Play

2/25 Interfering With Declarer, Developing Defensive Tricks

8 Is Enough

Next "8 is Enough" is Saturday, Mar 16, 2019-- get your teams together now. Each player with over 1000 master points is an “A” player (3 ).  Each player whose master point total falls between 300 and 1000 is a “B” player (2).  Each player whose master point total is less than 300 points is a “C” player (1).  If a player has a question about his/her master point total, the Club Manager or any game director can look it up.

Start putting your team together and enjoy this great new approach to team bridge! For assistance in finding our completing a team contact Tom Roush, our Club manager.



Saturday, Feb 23 -- sub sandwiches

Tuesday, Feb 26 -- "Sharks & Minnows" #2


Mon, Mar 4 -- Thur, Mar 7 -- Charity  (Salvation Army)

Savannah Spring Sectional Fri, March 8 - Sun, March 10 (click here for flyer)

Mon, Mar 11 -- ACBL-wide Senior Pairs

Tues, Mar 12 -- "Sharks & Minnows" #1

Fri, Mar 15 - Sun, Mar 17 -- Charity (Salvation Army)

Sat, Mar 16 -- "Eight is Enough" Swiss Teams

Tue, Mar 26 -- "Sharks & Minnows" #2

Fri, Mar 29 -- 5th Friday Swiss Teams -- L1903202A

Sat, Mar 30 -- 5th Saturday B A M

Intermediate Bridge Lessons

Lessons are on Friday's from 10:00 - 11:30am and for $15.  Please call or sign up for the lessons at the bridge center to ensure we have materials for every student. 

February 22 - Language of Bridge
INSTRUCTOR: Marla Chaikin

March 1 - Balancing and Lebensohl over weak two bids


February 24, 2019
Open Pairs
1 PM
Director: Tom
February 25, 2019
Stratified Open & 499er Pairs -- Unit Game -- L1902202A
1 PM
Director: Roger
February 26, 2019
"Sharks & Minnows" #2
1 PM
Director: Jim or Tom
February 26, 2019
Open Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Tom
February 27, 2019
Stratified Open Pairs
1:00 PM
Director: Tom
February 27, 2019
499er Pairs
Director: Roger
February 28, 2019
Novice Pairs
9 AM
Director: Veronica
Stratified Open Pairs -- Sub Sandwiches
Stratified Open & 499er Pairs
Thursday Novice
Thursday Afternoon 499er
Landings Wed Morning Pair
Wednesday Evening "499"er
Open Pairs -- ACBL-wide Charity
99er Pairs
Open Pairs
Stratified Open & 499er Pairs
Southbridge 499ers
Open Pairs