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19th Jan 2015 23:16 GMT
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21st Oct 2014 09:36 BST

Sarum Bridge Club aims to provide competitive but friendly duplicate bridge in pleasant surroundings.  It is affiliated to the English Bridge Union and Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association.

The Club meets each Monday and Wednesday evening in the Reading Room, Stratford Sub Castle, Salisbury.  It is nearly opposite St Lawrence Church.  On the 2nd week of each month the club meets on Thursday instead of Wednesday.  

Social duplicate bridge takes place on Thursday afternoons at 1515hrs.

Hands are duplicated and Master Points awarded.

New Members and Visitors are always welcome.  The club has a stewarding system most evenings (please check ckub programme) so single players are very welcome.

For further information about Sarum Bridge Club contact 

Directors Corner

Unauthorised Information - Making a ruling at the end of the hand

To adjust a score for Unauthorised Information (UI) the Director needs to believe that:

  1. The player was in receipt of unauthorised information from his partner.
  2. The action he took subsequently was suggested by the unauthorised information.  Sometimes in a complicated auction partner hesitates, but it by no means obvious what his problem was, in that there is no USEFUL UI to his partner.  The Director cannot allow opponents to argue that any successful action he takes is automatically taken away from him.  The most common scenarios that would give rise to useful UI after a hesitation are:
  1. If partner hesitates and then passes, there is the implication that he would welcome a bid or double from you.
  2. If partner hesitates and then doubles, he usually would not be unhappy if you removed the double.
  3. If partner hesitates and then signs off, he would not be unhappy if you bid on.
  1. There was no logical alternative to the action taken.  For the class of player, his methods and his possible alternative actions this was so clear cut as to be “no contest”.

If the Director decides to adjust the score for UI then law 12C1 states it should be an assigned adjusted score.  This will be a real contract like 4 H making, not an artificial score like 60/40%.

Club Honours Board


Club Champions

Women's PairsSonia Blandy and Georgina Dalton

Men's Pairs - Dave Hale and Clive Ashton

Mixed PairsGeorgina Dalton and Colin Jones

Teams - Georgina Dalton, Sonia Blandy, Colin Jones & Dave Hale

Random Teams 

Handicap Teams

Handicap Pairs


Any member requiring a partner should advertise their availability by using the "find a partner" option on the left hand menu.   Detailed instructions of how to register and the "Member Registration Code" have been sent to all members by personal email.  This system will supplement and not replace the Club stewarding system.   



Sarum recently entered a team in the Wiltshire Garden Cities event where they came a creditable second to Bath. 

In last Monday's Children in Need Sims Event Brian Johnson and Sue Hands came 10th with a national score of 70.17%



22nd Jan 2015
Social Duplicate
21st Jan 2015
19th Jan 2015
Mixed Pairs
15th Jan 2015
15th Jan 2015
Social Duplicate
Mon 26th Jan 2015
7 pm
Director: Mike Brand
Steward: Paul Wright
Wed 28th Jan 2015
7 pm
Director: Brian Johnson
Steward: Clare Wigmore
Thu 29th Jan 2015
Social Duplicate
Director: Nigel Lewis
Mon 2nd Feb 2015
7 pm
Director: Nigel Lewis
Steward: Maria V-Ascaso
Wed 4th Feb 2015
7 pm
Director: Clive Ashton
Steward: David Hopkins
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