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New format for Tuesday Bridge


Tuesday Bridge will be run as a supervised event and Bridgemates may be used. Competitors may still direct questions, regarding their bidding, to the supervisor.

Supervised bridge will run from 1.00pm to 2.50pm, then after a short break, there will be a 75-90min lesson. Lessons will be aimed at the beginner to intermediate bridge player, but of course all are welcome to attend.

Partners are NOT required, and cost is $5pp as per a normal bridge session.

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New format for Tuesday Bridge
12th Apr 2019 11:47 ESTA
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2019 Congress Photos
11th Apr 2019 14:14 ESTA
1st Feb 2019 11:39 EADT
Christmas Dinner Photos

Imogen, Helen and Julia


Marita, Mel and Heather


Carol and Gary


Colin, Lorraine and Joe


Jenny, Peter and David


Vicki, Anne and Jean


David and Jean


Bob, Helen and John


Colin and Margaret


Dianne, Jon and Heather


Margaret and Shirley


Colin (Rookie of the year), and lew


Autumn Teams Winners: Lew, Colin, Margaret and Helen


Friday Eclectic winners: Helen and Jean


Teams Championship winners: John, Di, Colin and Lew



Pairs Championship (Hcp) winners: Heather and Di


Pairs Championship (Hcp) runners up: John and Sarina