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Celebrating our 30th Anniversary

The Sapphire Coast Bridge Club celebrated 30yrs at a club lunch on Sunday, 14 October.


It was wonderful to reminisce on days gone by at the anniversary lunch. Di Woolford, Bruce McPhail and Colin Manley spoke about the club’s evolution from modest beginnings to a thriving Bridge Club.


Unfortunately, one of our life members, Jon Harrod, was unable to attend to ill health. We look forward to seeing him back soon at the bridge table. On a brighter note, it was great to have Shirley Dixon attend, life member and hard worker at the club in our earlier days.


A couple of photos from the lunch below, for more photos click here.




Rule Interpretations and Guidance

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Some changes to the laws of duplicate Bridge


A look at the most important changes to the Laws

Partnership agreements: When a player has given wrong information about a partnership agreement and becomes aware of it during the auction {Law20F4 (a)}, he is no longer obliged to rectify it immediately, but may wait till the auction is completed.


The concept of a ‘comparable call’ has been introduced in a brand new Law (23). The old Law 23 Awareness of Potential Damage has moved to Law 72C.

If a player replaces his illegal call with a comparable call, then the consequences will be less severe than in the old laws. The benefit of this is that in most cases partner is no longer silenced for the entire auction, and hence removes the need to select a unilateral (gambling) final action. When an Illegal Call is made (Insufficient bid, pass or bid or double out of rotation) and it is required to be rectified, the illegal call, if  replaced by a comparable call allows the auction to proceed without rectification.


NS are playing Standard American.

  1. North is Dealer however South passes. West does not accept South’s Pass. North opens 1♥ and East passes. South could pass. Being the same call there is no further rectification.
  2. South might bid 1NT showing 6-9 hcp. Hands with 6-9 hcp are a Subset of a hand with which South would pass as dealer so 1NT satisfies the comparable call test.
  3. North is Dealer however South passes. West does not accept South’s Pass. North opens 1♥ and East passes. Perhaps South bids 1♠ showing 6+ points and 4 spades. This is not a comparable call as the open ended HCP range is more than that of a hand on which South would pass as dealer. North must now pass at his next turn.
  4. Perhaps South bids 2♥ as a minimum raise. He would have passed as dealer with such a hand so North may call unrestricted.

Claims or concessions: When a player makes a claim or concession, that player is now required to face his hand.