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APRIL 14 & 15

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SWPT Canberra
(10-21 January)

A number of our members recently attended this important bridge event. They included, Lewis Seychell, Colin Manley, John Bentley, Di Woolford, Barry Thorpe, Loueen Grant, Gail McCombie, Imogen Von Muenchhausen and Ian Wright.

Some good results were achieved:

Loueen and Gail were 8th of 52 (seeded 34) in the Penline 500 Swiss Pairs Championship.

Lewis and Colin were 89th of 194 (seeded 127) in the TBIB National Open Swiss Pairs Championship.

The team of Lewis, Colin, John, Di, Barry and Gabrielle Wilson were 78th of 122 (seeded 84) in the main event, the South-West Pacific Open Teams Championship.

Well done to all and the club can be proud of the high turnout and interest in major events from our members.


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