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21st May

On Monday Afternoon eleven and a half tables played a Web Mitchell movement. Louise Lambley & Jill Cooke led North / South with 63.75; East / West was topped by Robyn Crichton  & Godfrey Winn with 61.79. Congratulations to Godfrey in particular; he's quite new to competition.

Chris Thornthorn & Margaret Aitchison led an eight  table arrow-switch share-and-relay Mitchell movement on Monday Evening with 65.08. Kala Chauhan & Wilma Kiernan took second place with 63.10.

It's early days in our Founders Championship pairs, but third place was enough to secure top of the ladder for Max Kynoch & Geoff Bennett, but Brian Mawby & David Reed are not far behind.

On Tuesday Afternoon eleven tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. David  & Marilyn North led North / South with 62.95; East / West was topped by David Reed & Brian Mawby with 59.32.

Bidding those only too rare hands with more than 15 High Card Points was the topic on Wednesday Morning. Three tables practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

Working out which of your opponents is going to be dangerous on lead, and ways to keep them off the lead was the topic on Thursday Morning. Two tables practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

On Thursday Afternoon six and a half tables played a Hesitation Mitchell movement. Terry Leary & Maxine Ross led with 61.90; Bill & Lyn Stubbins were second with 59.17.

Danetre 25 Year Celebration
Danetre 25 Year Celebration
When the bridge is too hard.....
When the bridge is too hard.....

We serve unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits in each session, and we believe you should enjoy them. Mugs and cups are always provided and are washed hygienically in a dishwasher.

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Lutterworth Bridge Club

Lutterworth Bridge Club, meets on Wednesday evenings (7pm), at Cotesbach Village Hall. You’ll find quality EBU affiliated bridge played in a good spirit.

  Rugby Village Bridge Constitution
Rugby Village Bridge Constitution

Rugby Village Bridge Club is owned and managed by Nicky Bainbridge. Nicky has provided all the funds, all the effort and all the know how, to found the club and grow its membership, range and depth of activities, fund equipment and venues, carry out all administration and accounting,  and organise its day to day events.

The benefits to members and visitors is that they do not have to get involved in any of the above, just enjoy the bridge.

All financial risks and liabilities are carried solely by Nicky Bainbridge and not by Club members.

The principle goal of the club is to provide access to duplicate bridge at all levels in a comfortable setting, a friendly environment and in the confidence that there will be fair play. 

Nicky, and anyone else acting as Tournament Director, teacher, or otherwise leading a session has the right and authority to refuse admission, expel, refuse membership or suspend membership of any player behaving in such a manner as to compromise the club's principle goal.