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20th February

On Monday Afternoon seven pairs played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Moyra Loughran & Jane Broadbent led North / South with 65.00. Cynthia Martin & Avis Raynor topped East / West with 68.33.

On Monday Evening eight tables played the same movement Wendy Crees & Kala Chauhan led the North / South side with 65.18. Paul Jackson & Graham Logan took second with 56.55; two pairs tied at the top of East / West: Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison and Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan each scored 60.12. This event was also a heat in the Northants county simultaneous pairs; results are still coming in, but at the time of reporting Wendy & Kala are in second place.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week twelve tables played a two-winner Mitchell. Robyn Crichton & Roy Blackmore took the top spot North / South with 61.82; Brian Jacks & Don Prowse were second with 60.68 and Margaret & Charles Aitchison third with 56.82. Narilyn & David North topped East / West with 62.05, Glenys Barton & Nicky Bainbridge took second with 58.41 and Daphne Rourke & Janet Stuchbury were third with 56.14.

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When the bridge is too hard.....
When the bridge is too hard.....

We serve unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits in each session, and we believe you should enjoy them. Mugs and cups are always provided and are washed hygienically in a dishwasher.

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Danetre Bridge Club

Danetre Bridge Club meets on Wednesday Evenings in Daventry - click to visit their web site

Lutterworth Bridge Club

Lutterworth Bridge Club, meets on Wednesday evenings (7pm), at Cotesbach Village Hall. You’ll find quality EBU affiliated bridge played in a good spirit.

What can you do for bridge?
What can you do for bridge?
Rugby Advertiser

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Rugby Village Bridge Club Organisation

Rugby Village Bridge Club Staff provide:

  • Hosts
  • Tournament Directors
  • Scorers
  • Stewards
  • Catering
  • Teaching
  • Practice Session Supporters
  • Administrators.

All our players have to do is:

  1. Turn up, play, enjoy the bridge; and
  2. Make sure your partner and opponents enjoy the bridge.

See you soon.

Dunchurch Village Hall
Dunchurch Village Hall

We are based in the Dunchurch Sportsfield and Village Hall which is three miles from Rugby town centre. Built in 2003, the Hall has several rooms, all with modern kitchen facilities and toilets. There are seventy off street parking places, lit at night. There are accessibility features throughout.

Click here for their web site.

The Club Room Annex
The Club Room Annex

In 2012, the RVBC moved into a virtually dedicated Club Room with a separate entrance. We have room for up to 10 tables. We store our equipment in cupboards in the room. We do not have to take tables up and down and do not have to move or stack chairs. We have our own notice board with news and results. The room includes refurbished kitchenette with fridge and dishwasher. There are clean comfortable toilet facilities, including accessible facilities. 

Bridge Tuition and Practice
Rugby Village Bridge Club Tuition

We are very active in tuition and coaching for all levels of players. 

Teachers and Supervisors  

All our lessons are led by qualified or accredited English Bridge Union Teachers Association (EBUTA) members. Helpers practice sessions are qualified or accredited English Bridge Union Teachers Association (EBUTA) members or else highly experienced players.

Private Lessons  

We can give private lessons, and are happy to plan for one player, or a group of players to their particular requirements.

Regular Lessons  

We generally offer lessons in courses of ten sessions. Lessons generally include colour printed hand outs, glossaries, quizzes and playing of pre dealt boards designed to exercise the lesson topics.

Our two teaching terms start in January and September. See the calendar on the web site, or the home page, for details of what's being offered currently, or planned for the future. It will be selected from:

Bridge 1 Getting Started ♠ 

Bridge 1 assumes no knowledge of any card games. The goal of the course is to give enough knowledge to attend a practice session. This will include:

  • The mechanics of the auction, some simple opening and replying bids.
  • The playing of the cards in declarer, dummy and defence.
  • An introduction to the mechanics and the effect of scoring.

Bridge 2 Building Your Skills 

Bridge 2 assumes the knowledge of Bridge 1. It is also suitable for Rubber Bridge Players who have taken the Duplicate for Rubber Bridge course.

Each lesson begins with a recap often covering the material from Bridge 1 as a reminder and to set the scene.The goal of the course is to give the client enough knowledge to use the Acol bidding system for the most commonly occurring auctions. This will include:

  • Declarer Play in Trump and No Trump contracts.
  • The Stayman convention, bidding weak and strong two suited hands, overcalling 1 No Trump openings.
  • Vulnerability, Doubling, using double for take out, redoubling.
  • Understanding the principles of authorised and unauthorised information, alerting, announcing and asking questions.

Bridge 3 Taking ACOL further

Bridge 3 assumes the knowledge of Bridge 2. Each lesson begins with a recap often covering the relevant material from Bridge 2 as a reminder and to set the scene. The goal of the course is to give the client more tools from the Acol bidding system. This will include:

  • Further Declarer Play skills in Trump and No Trump contracts.
  • Opening leads, signals and discard systems for defensive play.
  • Transfers
  • Opening Stronger Hands
  • Slam bidding tools

Advanced Bridge - Card Play

This course covers card play techiniques, both defence and declarer.

Advanced Bridge - Auctions

This course covers weak two openings, and the methods for bidding stronger hands in Benjamised Acol; Roman Key Card Blackwood and Cue Bidding, Gerber, Quantitative and Splinter Bidding; techniques for finding game contracts; the Multi 2 Diamond; and dealing with opponents using non-ACOL systems.

Advanced Bridge - Competitive Auctions

This course covers Overcalls; Doubles, Protective Position; Judging the potential of your pairs hands when opponents have opened; Two Suited Overcalls; Responding to opponents overcalls; bidding against pre-empts and weak twos; responding to opponents double of your 1NT.

Practice Sessions

During these sessions players can use notes or books and ask for help. Pre dealt hands on a chosen topic are played at these sessions, scores are collected and displayed to demonstrate the effect of bidding and play. Because the normal rules of competition are not followed EBU master points are not awarded.

Please see our web site calendar to check when Practice Sessions are running. 

The Wednesday morning practice session topics will usually follow the topics on any current Bridge 2 course, so that attendees can follow up their learning. Outside term times, Wednesday practice topics are generally selected to suit novice duplicate players.

There is always a host for practice sessions so you do not have to come with a partner. Non members are welcome.

Come and Learn the King of Card Games


Bridge 1 Getting Started consists of 10 two hour sessions, starting on Monday 19th September at 10.00.

No previous knowledge of bridge, or even card games, is required.

The lessons are designed to take you at a gentle pace through the things you need to know to participate in a game of duplicate bridge. You will learn about:

  • Following suit; play in no trumps and with trumps
  • Declarer and defence play introduction
  • Evaluating a hand using high card points
  • The bridge auction: using bidding boxes, meaning of bids
  • Opening 1NT, responses with balanced or unbalanced hands
  • Opening 1 of a suit; limit responses
  • Change of suit reply; limit re-bids
  • Non-vulnerable scoring; part score and game bonuses

You get a folder and will build up a volume of colour hand outs and quizzes.

By the end of the course you will know enough to join our Wednesday morning novice/social practice session. Play weekly in that session until you feel ready to take some more lessons in our "Fundamentals of ACOL (Bridge 2)" course.

Players are welcome to attend the first session FREE heart without obligation. Please see our fees section for costs, and the calendar section for lesson schedule. 
Rugby Village Bridge Club Tuition

We are very active in tuition for all levels of players. 


Teachers and Supervisors

All our lessons are given by qualified or accredited English Bridge Union Teachers Association (EBUTA) members. Practice session helpers are qualified or accredited English Bridge Union Teachers Association (EBUTA) members or else highly experienced players. Bidding systems are selected for the ability and experience of the player. We do not teach five card major based bidding.



All our lessons are planned either to unique requirements for private tuition clients, or as part of our courses of lessons, or as individual advanced bridge seminars. Lessons generally include colour printed hand outs, glossaries, quizzes and playing of pre dealt boards designed to exercise the lesson topics.

Our three teaching terms a year start in January, May and September. During each term we run three ten week structured courses and a series of ten advanced bridge lessons which can be taken either as a course, or else as selected sessions.