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4th February

On Monday Afternoon a new record of seven and a half tables played a two winner movement. The short session, only two hours, saw Alan & Pat Ware head the North / South side with 65.28 followed by Bill & Lyn Stubbins with 60.42. East / West was led by Pat & Ron Fisher with 62.50 but the married couple theme was interrupted by second placed Sheila Judd & Pauline Batchelor with 57.14.

On Monday Evening seven full tables played a Hesitation Mitchell producing a single winner. The new partnership of Mary Kerridge & Jane Reed were runaway winners with 66.67. Peter & Vera Iredale were second with 57.29 and 56.94 saw Brian Mawby & David Reed take third.

Last week’s Tuesday Afternoon full three-hour session was a two winner, ten table Mitchell movement. Brian Mawby & David Reed led the North / South side with 63.89 followed by John Cockburn & Elisabeth Davies. Janet O’Connor & Pauline Batchelor led East / West with a strong 67.22 followed by Carole Broadhurst & Maxine Ross with 61.67.

Four full tables played a three quarter Howell movement on Thursday Evening. Christine Greenaway and Jane Reed led with 64.58 followed by 60.42. Of those who have played enough rounds for a qualifying score in the Individual Champagne Handicap, Chris Cooper is in the lead followed by Don Prowse and then Daphne Rourke.

Every Wednesday morning from 10.00 to 12.00 we have a novice/social themed practice session.

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