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7th July

On Monday afternoon three tables were led jointly by Pat & Ron Fisher and John Chard & Felicity White both pairs scoring 58.33.

On Monday Evening fifteen pairs were led by Chris Cooper & Wendy Crees scoring a magnificent 71.30. Second were Janet O’Connor and Sue Robards with 59.92. Third place was shared by Adrian Williams & Don Prowse and Geoff Bennett & Helen Foster both pairs scoring 57.14. Alan Webb & Chris Cassin took fifth place with 55.95.

Six teams of four took part in our First Friday teams last week. A close contest was won by a totally scratch team of Don Prowse & Chris Greenaway with Jenny Ferguson & Moyra Lochran scoring 34 IMPs. In second were Chris & Pauline Rowles with Chris Cooper & Dennis Angove scoring 29 IMPs. In contention all the way, but finishing third with 22 IMPs were Craig Element & Malcolm Melrose with Diana Kinch & Judy Douglas.

On Tuesday Afternoon eight tables were led by Mary Kerridge and David Reed with 67.06. Janet O’Connor & Pauline Batchelor were second with 61.90 and snapping at their heels with 61.11 were John Chard and Paula Pugh. Nicky & Jim Bainbridge were fourth with 58.33 followed by Daphne Rourke & Janet Stuchbury with 54.76.

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