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Rugby Village Bridge Club

21st July

On Monday Afternoon four tables played a full Howell movement.  Pat & Ron Fisher led with 63.10. Lyn and Bill Stubbins were second with 61.90.

On Monday evening there was a record turn-out of twelve tables. Max Kynoch & Malcom Melrose led the field with 61.17. Debbie Welch and Patti Jarvis came second with 60.80. Adrian Williams and Don Prowse were third with 58.71 followed by Alan Webb & Chris Cassin with 58.33. John McDermott and Brian Thorpe were fifth with 56.06.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week eight tables were led by John Chard & Alan Page with 65.08. Frank Grace & Isobel Ross were second with 62.70, and third were Janet O’Connor and Pauline Batchelor with 57.14. Cecilia Walker and Chris Cooper were fourth with 55.56.

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Wednesday Practice
Friendly Practice

Practice for Novices and Social Players Wednesday mornings 10.00-12.00

  • Brief Summary of the Topic of the Session from a qualified teacher.
  • Play a set of boards ALL designed for Practice of the Topic.
  • Topic will be on the web site prior to the session.
  • During the teaching term, Wednesday Practice topics will follow the Bridge 2 curriculum.
  • This is an excellent chance to reinforce your learning, or to revise the material, or just have fun ensuring your understanding of the basics.
  • Use notes, books, ask for help.
  • There is a host, so you do not have to bring a partner.
  • There is a break with coffee, tea and biscuits.
  • The session is scored so that you see the effect of your play on the score. However, because it is an assisted session there are no EBU Master Points to be had and the results do not contribute to your National Grade. The sessions are recorded with the EBU and do attract magazine points.
  • Both Club Members and Visitors are welcome at these practice sessions.
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