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21st February

On Monday Afternoon of this week, eight and a half tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Glenys Barton & Roy Blackmore led the North / South side with 62.50. Felicity White & John Chard topped East / West with 58.67.

On Monday Evening, eight and a half tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Alan Webb & Chris Cassin topped the North / South side with 57.14. East / West was won by Terry Leary & Maxine Ross with 59.82.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week, ten tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Jim Bainbridge & Lo Tolbutt scored 58.93 to win the North / South side; Charles & Margaret Aitchison led East / West with 60.71.

Six tables played a Howell movement on Thursday Evening. Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison won with 63.33.

It’s half term week, but next week our programme of three courses of lessons at different levels; one Tuesday evening practice session; and usual Wednesday morning novice/social session continue.

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Wednesday Practice
Wednesday Morning Friendly Practice

Practice for Novices and Social Players Wednesday mornings 10.00-12.00


During friendly practice sessions we play 8 to 10 boards, at a nice slow pace, with time to ask for help, discuss the hands and relax. The sessions last two hours.

You are welcome to use handouts from lessons, notes, or other publications; to ask for help from the teacher or from partner or even the opponents.

We will score the session using the BridgeTabs, but this is just to get practice in scoring.

Sometimes the sessions have a theme, perhaps to reflect a recent lesson or newsletter item.

If you have attended Bridge 1, or otherwise have a basic knowledge of bridge, and preferably, ACOL, you are most welcome to attend.

We start with a brief summary of the session topic by a qualified teacher and then we play a set of boards ALL designed for practice of the topic. The topic will be on the web site prior to the session.

During the teaching term, Wednesday Morning Practice topics often follow the Bridge 2 lessons taking place in the same week.

This is an excellent chance to reinforce your learning, or to revise the material, or just have fun ensuring your understanding of the basics. The pace is gentle and everyone is happy to help.

There is a host, so you do not have to bring a partner. There is a break with coffee, tea and biscuits.

The session is scored so that you see the effect of your play on the score. However, because it is an assisted session there are no EBU Master Points to be had and the results do not contribute to your National Grade. Getting used to using the scoring devices will help to prepare for moving on to competitive pairs sessions.

The session will be run using a simple duplicate movement to help progression to competitive pairs sessions.

Both Club Members and Visitors are welcome at these practice sessions.

The fee can be found by clicking Fees, Queries and Registration.


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