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21st February

On Monday Afternoon of this week, eight and a half tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Glenys Barton & Roy Blackmore led the North / South side with 62.50. Felicity White & John Chard topped East / West with 58.67.

On Monday Evening, eight and a half tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Alan Webb & Chris Cassin topped the North / South side with 57.14. East / West was won by Terry Leary & Maxine Ross with 59.82.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week, ten tables played a two winner Mitchell movement. Jim Bainbridge & Lo Tolbutt scored 58.93 to win the North / South side; Charles & Margaret Aitchison led East / West with 60.71.

Six tables played a Howell movement on Thursday Evening. Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison won with 63.33.

It’s half term week, but next week our programme of three courses of lessons at different levels; one Tuesday evening practice session; and usual Wednesday morning novice/social session continue.

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Advanced Auctions
Advanced Auctions

The main theme is auctions that open with a bid at the two level or above.

  • First lesson is a stand-alone session on opening and responding to pre-emptive hands at the three, or four, level.
  • Two linked lessons follow: one on opening weak twos; and the second on opening stronger hands having given up the strong two opening. This is Benjaminised ACOL (“Benji”)
  • There are then three sessions themed around finding and bidding slams.
  • The “Is game on?” session focuses on techniques to determine whether you and partner have a game contract or not. This question is always at the heart of any duplicate competition!
  • Our quirky “1NT The Chameleon” is a tour of the use of the 1NT bid in many situations. It’s an excellent test and completion of bidding techniques.
  • We then look at the Multi 2D Opening, why?
  • Finally we look at some alternative bidding systems you may encounter and how to deal with them.

This is a ten week course. There is a break in the half term week. Much of the time is spent playing pre-set hands. There are colour notes to take away. The course is for players who have taken our Bridge 3 course, or have some duplicate experience.