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6th October

Brian Thorp and John McDermott won this years’ Summer Pairs Handicap Competition. Handicapped on previous season’s performance, they put in a steady and constant performance on our Monday Evening Pairs Session. The competition is designed to encourage our improving players to join in with our friendly but challenging senior sessions. Well done both. Chris Cooper, in the middle, presented the trophy.

On Monday Afternoon Pat & Ron Fisher led nine pairs with 65.28 and Cynthia Martin & Avis Raynor came second with 61.11.

A busy ten table Monday Evening session, playing a simple Mitchell movement, was led by a close scoring pack: sharing first place were Geoff Bennett & Helen Foster and Chris Cassin & Alan Webb both pairs scoring 60.42; within one percent were Maxwell Kynoch & Malcolm Melrose with 59.52; inn fourth were Adrian Williams & Don Prowse with 56.55; and David Reed & Brian Mawby scored 55.36; welcome back to the table Brian!

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week ten tables were led by Caelia Chandler & Celia Tunnicliffe with 67.22; close behind were Jim Bainbridge & Lo Tolbutt scoring 66.67; Peter Neville & Alan Page scored 60.56; Smita Basu & Roy Blackmore scored 56.39 and Don Prowse & Keith Montford took 53.89.

On Friday Evening our monthly teams of four event was led by Peter & Vera Iredale with Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan taking +76 IMPs; Pam Southern & Ken Fernie with Mary Kerridge & Jeff Stafford took second place with +38 IMPs; and +30 IMPs got third place for Richard & Rhona Holland with Don Prowse & Caelia Chandler.

In League bridge we had a disappointing loss to Northampton B in the Northants League, but the Blues opened their Coventry League campaign with a victory over Peugot.

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Advanced Bridge
Advanced Bridge

Advanced Bridge

Advanced Bridge is intended for the bridge player with some experience using an ACOL based bidding system.

Advanced Bridge sessions are generally offered during the three teaching terms starting in January, April and September.

Our material evolves to meet players' requests and ever changing bridge playing strategies. However we offer three different sets of ten sessions.

The "Jump" series cover auctions starting with Level 2 or above openings bids. Amongst others topics include: pre-empts, weak twos, strong hands in a weak two environment, the Multi 2 Diamonds.

The "Competitive" series covers competitives auctions. Amongst others, topics include: competiting against pre-empts and weak twos, unassuming cue bids, various doubles, competing against one no trump openings, escapes from one no trump doubled.

The "Playing" series covers advanced declarer and defence play. 

Sessions are generally in the form of a short discussion of the topic followed by the play hands with discussion.