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19th July

On Sunday two teams of four played in the Stratford Bridge Club Shakespeare Teams. This long established event was once won by a team including Omar Sharif. While the event is always played in a really friendly and pleasant atmosphere, the field is always strong with some of the best players in the region turning out. So Malcolm and Max with Nicky and Jim are thrilled to have won it this year. [Picture] Ed and Ishar White with Peter and Vera Iredale also played but clearly concentrated on enjoying the company!

On Monday Afternoon Bill & Lyn Stubbins led the North / South side of a six and a half table two winner Mitchell movement with 65,83. Angela Hobbs & Pat Stubbings took second with 55.83. East / West was led by Pat & Ron Fisher with 57.86 only just ahead of Gordon McLachlan & Bob Reeve with 57.14.

An influx of visitors joined regular players on Monday Evening. John Drake & Lo Tolbutt led the North / South side of eight tables with 60.71. Alan Webb and Chris Cassin took second with 54.17. Robert Spencer & Graham Lightfoot led East / West with 63.39. Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan were second with 56.85.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week eight and a half tables played a two winner Mitchell. Frank & Isobel Ross led North / South with 61.60. Jim Bainbridge & Lo Tolbutt took second with 60.20. Charles & Margaret Aitchinson were the East / West top with 56.55. The battle for second place was won by Brian Mawby & David Reed with 52.68.

With 61.11, Brian Mawby & David Reed led the nine pair evening on Thursday of last week. Val Jones & David Edwards took second place with 57.94. Once their performance was handicapped, Carol Davies and Geoff Davies went into the lead on the champagne handicap rankings, but there’s plenty more events to play.

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Mentored Pivot Teams
Mentored Pivot Teams

This is a chance to play randomly dealt hands with or against an experienced player and then take several minutes to discuss the hand, how it was played and how it might have been played. The same hand is played at other tables, and you will have a chance to understand the differences.

Play is between teams of four players, each led by an experienced player. For each of the three rounds you will swap partners, so you play one round with a mentor, and two against.

Hands will be scored both on a radio linked table scorer and on personal score cards. At the end of each round you return to your team to compare the results you have with your team mates. This provides a chance to understand team scoring, checking it against the computer.

The session is suitable for players of some experience and the fee is at the advanced lesson rate.

There are up to 12 places at each session and we need to know the number of  players to make sure we have full teams for the session. So please let us know if you would like to attend.