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Rugby Village Bridge Club

26th April

On Monday Afternoon six full tables played a two winner movement. Pam Ashford & Graham Clarke took the honours on the North / South side with 62.50, followed by Judy Douglas & Diana Kinch with 60.83. Charles & Margaret Aitchison led East / West with 70.00 and 65.83 saw Cynthia Martin & Avis Raynor into second place.

On Monday Evening eight tables played the latest round in the Founders Championship Pairs. After a weak start Max Kynoch & Malcolm Melrose moved steadily up the table to take first with 65.18. With 63.69, Michael Ward & Jim Bainbridge were second and Janet O’Connor & Don Prowse took third with 61.61. Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison took fourth with 60.42.

Tuesday Afternoon of last week saw a joint first on the North / South side. 61.11 was scored by both John Crompton & Don Prowse and Caelia Chandler & David Reed. Carole Broadhurst & Maxine Ross were clear winners of East / West with 59.52, Gerald & Pat Newth taking second with 54.76.

Thursday Evening saw a record turnout of seven tables. Janet O’Connor & Don Prowse led with 60.42, Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison taking second with 57.29. Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan shared third with Jim & Nicky Bainbridge both pairs scoring 56.60.

Cynthia Martin has got her hands pretty securely on the first bottle of champagne in contention, but the second could go to any of four. Three more events in May to play!

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Mentored Pivot Teams
Mentored Pivot Teams

This is a chance to play randomly dealt hands with or against an experienced player and then take several minutes to discuss the hand, how it was played and how it might have been played. The same hand is played at other tables, and you will have a chance to understand the differences.

Play is between teams of four players, each led by an experienced player. For each of the three rounds you will swap partners, so you play one round with a mentor, and two against.

Hands will be scored both on a radio linked table scorer and on personal score cards. At the end of each round you return to your team to compare the results you have with your team mates. This provides a chance to understand team scoring, checking it against the computer.

The session is suitable for players of some experience and the fee is at the advanced lesson rate.

There are up to 12 places at each session and we need to know the number of  players to make sure we have full teams for the session. So please let us know if you would like to attend.