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19th August


On Monday Evening Clare & Marion Dixon led nineteen pairs in a single winner Mitchell movement with 61.22. Second place was shared by Alan Webb & Chris Cassin and Geoff Bennett & Jim Bainbridge both scoring 60.42%. Third were Brian Mawby & David Reed on 58.04; fourth Graham Clarke & Smita Basu with 55.10 and in sixth, Chris Cooper & Sue Robards with 54.76.


It’s still all to play for in the Summer Handicap Pairs. Several of the pairs in contention have improved their average score. Geoff and Carol Davies are still in the lead, but Val Richards and Zena Hutchinson have moved back into a convincing second place; Alan Webb and Chris Cassin have moved up from 5th to 3rd and Pam Southern and Ken Fernie retain their fourth position.


On Tuesday of last week seventeen pairs were led by Brian Mawby & David Reed on a decisive 66.27. David Sanderson & John Crompton came second with 60.19. In third place were Elisabeth Davies & Ron Woolgar with 59.72 followed by Val Richards & Laura Von Tucher with 56.48. Pauline Batchelor & Janet O'Connor were fifth with 54.37 followed by Nicky & Jim Bainbridge.


On Wednesday morning fourteen players practised using transfers for game tries. On Monday morning ten players played random hands, with a dedicated mentor at each table, to discuss how they went, how they might have gone and how they did go at other tables and the effect on the score.


A pairs ladder match was played, and the round is expected to complete next week.


RBVC travelled to Wellingborough and brought home a 19-1 victory in the Northants Teams of Eight League. This moves us into second place in Division 3 South.


The line-up for the Coventry Teams of Four League has been published confirming that RVBC has been promoted, alongside Rugby A, to Division 2 joining the Gamits, relegated from Division 1. Lots of home derbies to come!

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Membership Facts
Some Membership Facts

County of Primary Allegance

When a member joins the EBU he or she has the right to nominate which County they wish to owe their Primary Allegiance to. Primary Allegiance is only relevant when a player wishes to play in one of the following:

  •       The Inter-County League
  •        The County Pairs Championship (ie the event which serves as qualification to the EBU Corwen)
  •         The County Teams Championship (ie the event which serves as qualification to the EBU Pachabo)
  •         The Tollemache

A player may switch his or her County of Primary Allegiance once during the season providing they have not played in any of the above during the current season.

Any player may become an Associate Member of as many Counties as they wish. In order to play in most County events a player must be at least an Associate Member of that County. Counties charge an annual fee which they collect directly.

History of EBU MembershipThe English Bridge Union has changed its membership structure to widen access to its services.  Until 31st March 2010 members joined the EBU individually at a fixed annual cost.  Clubs and Leagues could also be affiliated to the EBU at a similar fixed annual cost.  Many players belonged to bridge clubs, but not to the EBU.  Players were also given country membership allocated by the EBU and included in the member’s subscription.       

The popular master point scheme, available to EBU members, measuring lifetime achievement at participating duplicate sessions was financed by the purchase of master point certificates by the clubs.  The clubs then completed and issued these certificates to successful players according to the rules of the scheme.

Introduction of Universal Membership

Under the new “Universal Membership” scheme, EBU affiliated clubs take on the administration of EBU membership.  The Clubs pay an affiliation fee, collect details of their members and forward them to the EBU.  The EBU builds its membership lists from those sent by the affiliated clubs, and therefore the default position is that members of an affiliated club will automatically become members of the EBU and their local county contract bridge association.   

The clubs will collect details of players and their results at each qualifying bridge session they run, and send them to the EBU.  The EBU will collect a fee for each player at club sessions from the club.  This fee will be included in your table money.  It covers your EBU membership and any master points you earn.

Master points are now credited to each EBU member automatically from the results sent to the EBU by the Club.  These results will also be used to drive the National Grading Scheme now under development.  This scheme will take into account both your results and the grade of your opponents to award you a grade.  This will reflect your performance over a limited recent period and give you the chance to advance even if you continually get beaten by players who outrank you.  It will operate more like a golf handicap (I think – I don’t play golf!).

All EBU competitions and most County competitions are solely open to EBU members.  EBU members receive the English Bridge magazine, an EBU diary and various other benefits.

Your choices

Any individual can join the EBU directly, at a fee of £23.00.  Alternatively, you can join any EBU affiliated club and your EBU membership will resume automatically.  It costs £5.00 to join for this year. 

If you do not wish to become a member of the EBU but would like to join Rugby Village Bridge Club, just let us know.  We will create an anonymous identity for you.  Your results will still be sent to the EBU, and we will still pay the fee when you play, but the EBU won’t keep a record of your name and address details and won’t contact you directly.

When you join the EBU, you take on affiliation to a county.  Rugby Bridge Club is affiliated to Warwickshire, and Rugby Village Bridge Club is affiliated to Northamptonshire.  This means that our members can take part in Northamptonshire competitions, or indeed represent Northamptonshire in national competitions, and there is no further fee to pay.

If you join the EBU directly, you are not automatically affiliated to a county.  You can choose to also affiliate to Warwickshire for £6.00 annually, or any other county although the fee may be different.

You can, of course, join or play at more than one bridge club and your results in events in all EBU affiliated clubs will be consolidated for master point purposes by the EBU.  You will have to select one county of affiliation though, and it must be a county to which at least one of the clubs you belong to is affiliated.

Many players in Rugby are members of, or visit, Lutterworth Bridge Club.  Lutterworth is EBU affiliated and is affiliated to Leicestershire County.  If this is the only EBU affiliated club you join, your affiliation will be to Leicestershire.   

If you also join a Warwickshire affiliated club, you can choose whether to be affiliated to Warwickshire or to Leicestershire.

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