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17th March

On Monday Afternoon seven pairs played a full Howell movement in our short session. Top of the form were Bill & Lyn Stubbins with 64.58 and second were Howard Carless & Janette Palmer with 62.50.


Nine full tables played a single winner movement in our full evening session. A closely fought contest was won by Peter & Vera Iredale with 63.99. Chris Cooper & Wendy Crees took second with 58.63 followed by Geoff Bennett & Jim Bainbridge on 57.44. In fourth position were Judy Douglas & Diana Kinch followed by David Reed & Ishar White and Janet O'Connor & Sue Robards took sixth place.


On Thursday evening of last week three tables played a full Howell movement won by Janet O’Connor and Don Prowse, with David Edwards and Trevor Banyard Smith in second.


The club was very busy that night also hosting two Coventry League matches. The V Team scored their third victory over the Seekers in Division 3 of the Coventry League. In a local derby the Blues took on the Rugby Gambits and came out winners by 10-2 Victory Points. This moves the Village Blues into fifth place in Division 2 of the Coventry League above both the other Rugby based teams. There's a few matches to go though, so the Blues must maintain their form!


On Tuesday afternoon nine full tables were led by Jim and Nicky Bainbridge. Caelia Chandler and Elisabeth Davies were second followed by Mary Kerridge and David Reed. Edwige Quick and Sue Robards were fourth with Audrey Upton and Keith Montford in fifth place.


On Wednesday of last week a record eight full tables played in our very popular social/novice practice session exploring the subtleties of the fourth suit forcing convention.

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Rugby Advertiser

The Rugby Advertiser covers a wide variety of sports and games in its Sports Digest. Click here to go to their web site.

Lutterworth Bridge Club

Lutterworth Bridge Club, meets on Wednesday evenings (7pm), at Cotesbach Village Hall. You’ll find quality EBU affiliated bridge played in a good spirit.

What can you do for bridge?
What can you do for bridge?
Rugby Village Bridge Club Organisation

Rugby Village Bridge Club Staff provide:

  • Hosts
  • Tournament Directors
  • Scorers
  • Stewards
  • Catering
  • Teaching
  • Practice Session Supporters
  • Administrators.

All our players have to do is:

  1. Turn up, play, enjoy the bridge; and
  2. Make sure your partner and opponents enjoy the bridge.

See you soon.

Dunchurch Village Hall
Dunchurch Village Hall

We are based in the Dunchurch Sportsfield and Village Hall which is three miles from Rugby town centre. Built in 2003, the Hall has several rooms, all with modern kitchen facilities and toilets. There are seventy off street parking places, lit at night. There are accessibility features throughout.

The Club Room Annex
The Club Room Annex

In 2012, the RVBC moved into a virtually dedicated Club Room with a separate entrance. We have room for up to 10 tables. We store our equipment in cupboards in the room. We do not have to take tables up and down and do not have to move or stack chairs. We have our own notice board with news and results. The room includes refurbished kitchenette with fridge and dishwasher. There are clean comfortable toilet facilities, including accessible facilities. 

Recent Updates
30th Mar 2015 16:41 BST
R06 Wk5 Scoresheet F.pdf
29th Mar 2015 10:11 BST
R06 Wk5 Scoresheet E.pdf
29th Mar 2015 10:11 BST
R06 Wk5 Scoresheet D.pdf
29th Mar 2015 10:11 BST
R06 Wk5 Scoresheet C.pdf
29th Mar 2015 10:10 BST

Welcome to Rugby Village Bridge Club, an English Bridge Union affiliated duplicate bridge club serving Rugby and surrounding areas. Rugby Village Bridge Club supports duplicate bridge playing at all levels and offers sessions for beginners and improvers as well as more experienced players.

Since April 2010 we have grown to over 160 members offering four competitive sessions and two supervised play sessions every week, and adding two or three lessons per week in the teaching term. We offer a range from nuture for the novice right through to opportunities to play for the club for more ambitious players.

We pride ourselves on the friendly and supportive atmosphere at all our lessons, practice and competitive sessions; the excellence of our coffee, tea and biscuits (no limits here); and our clean, well lit, comfortable venue with 70 off street, well lit parking places.

Last updated : 28th Dec 2014 11:53 GMT
Competitive Auctions - Advanced Class

Our Advanced Classes are a chance to discuss an aspect of playing bridge at a detailed level with a class leader who is both a senior player and a fully qualified and highly experienced teacher. This is a rare opportunity in bridge.

Defence to Weak Twos and to Three Level Pre-empts: 10th March 10.00.

The Multi Two Diamond - What is it? How do we deal with it? 17th March 10.00

Last updated : 9th Mar 2015 07:58 GMT
Fundamentals of ACOL (Bridge 2)

Thursday Morning starting 29th January: Playing No Trumps Contracts.

You are welcome to come to a single lesson if you are interested in the particular topic. The topics are listed in the calendar available as the second button down on the left.

Last updated : 27th Jan 2015 09:50 GMT
Monday Afternoon Pairs

A new short session of duplicate pairs on Monday Afternoons, between 2pm and 4pm will start on Monday 26th January. Master Points, input to the NGS, coffee, tea, biscuits, a fully qualified director and a host will all be included!

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2014 22:18 GMT
Christmas Swiss Pairs
Christmas Swiss Pairs

Well done to all sixty competitors. We raised £200 for the Myton Hospice from the raffle, donations and surplus on the event. See you next year.

Last updated : 15th Dec 2014 13:34 GMT
Thursday Evenings and Champagne Handicap are back!
Thursday Evenings and Champagne Handicap are back!

Our Thursday Evening session is back and extended to the fourth Thursday in the month. Until the end of May next year there will be a second evening session later in the week. If the first Friday of the month falls into the week it will be First Friday Teams, otherwise it will be Thursday evening pairs and Champagne Handicap,

Last updated : 22nd Jan 2015 10:04 GMT
Teams Leagues

The Northants teams of eight league runs from May to February and our team in Division 3 South has already played half its matches. At the time of writing our team are in the lead.

The Coventry Teams of Four League runs from September to May. We entered a team into Division 3 last year, and achieved promotion to Division 2! Good luck to the Village Blues. There are two other Rugby teams in Division 2, so there are lots of local Derbies to play.

A second Rugby Village Team, the V Team, has entered the league and will be playing in Division 3.

Many thanks to Christine Cooper, recovering from her operation, making a great job of running all three teams.

The Village Pioneers have re-entered the Rugby and District League, now down to two divisions. I know all the team, and the club, are very grateful to Daphne Rourke for running the team.

Follow the progress of our teams via our web site or the notice board at the club. If you might like to play speak to Nicky or Christine.

We will be hosting most of the home matches for these teams at the club, and can host other matches if it suits. We provide our comfortable premises, a fully qualified tournament director, per-dealt boards and refreshments (biscuits etc). The cost is one ticket per home team player (e.g. four tickets for a teams of four match). Contact Nicky to for further information, or to book.

Last updated : 29th Oct 2014 23:02 GMT
When the bridge is too hard.....
When the bridge is too hard.....

We serve unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits in each session, and we believe you should enjoy them. Mugs and cups are always provided and are washed hygienically in a dishwasher.

Last updated : 6th Aug 2014 09:24 BST
Blue Points available in Rugby

For the first time EBU Blue Points, which can be used to obtain higher Master Point rankings, will be available to RVBC members. The new Founders Championship Pairs will be based on results from the second and fourth Monday evenings of the month.

Last updated : 21st Jan 2014 23:28 GMT
Training for TDs and Scorers

How to manage a duplicate bridge room

This training will consider what you need to know/agree before the session; how to layout a room; addressing the players at the beginning of a session; handling calls; managing the environment etc 

How to choose a movement

This training will describe Mitchell, Howell and teams movements; and the factors to consider when choosing a movement for a particular session.

Using the Computer to Score

This training will cover the use of a computer, with Scorebridge, to choose a movement, activate radio controlled bridge scorers, activate rolling results, follow progress of play, deal with very common problems, produce a result in various forms and distribute it to players, a web site, the EBU etc.


Please contact us using the "Information" button on the left above.

Last updated : 12th Jul 2013 15:50 BST
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RVBC Pairs Ladder - Round 6 FINAL POSITION

Round 6 (the seventh including the pilot Round 0) has completed!

The next round will commence in the week starting May 4th.

This quiet competition is played in 16 board rounds taking about two hours. Rounds typically last six weeks (depending on how many pairs enter).

The players who have played in most of the rounds enjoy the quiet, there's no moving and usually it's played when the Club Room is not very full, and the chance to get to know the other pairs and the way that they play. It's good if you prefer to play in the day and like a shorter session.

Let Nicky know if you would like to play one sixteen board set against another pair each week for six weeks, generally on Wednesday afternoons but can be rearranged if required.

There's more detail in the competition description available in the menu on the left.

Northants Inter Club League

We are the champions! 

The Club played its final match in Division 3 South of this league on Wednesday 4th February. We visited Wellingborough and came away with a 16-4 victory confirming us as Division Champions and ensuring promotion to Division 2. Very well done to all who have played in this compeition - especially those of us who made some long away journeys, and Christine who organised it all!!!

Coventry League Division 2

This week's victory over the Rugby Gambits has taken the Blues back up to fifth place!

Click here to see the table.


Coventry League Division 3

The V Team have scored three victories in this league and are the last RVBC team in any of the knock out cups having beaten two first division teams in the Handicap competition!




Founders Championship Pairs

Click here for the latest position in our premier blue pointed competition.

An overview of our schedule

(1) Core sessions that happen every week unless it's around Christmas and New Year

(2) Sessions that happen in eleven week blocks (including a break for half term) from Sept, Jan or May, check elsewhere for details

(3) First Friday of the month

(4) Ecery Thursday evening except the Thursday before First Friday Teams evening

(5) Pairs Ladder requires pre-entry and is run on published schedules; matches require boooking

(6) Not on Bank Holidays

(7) Second and Fourth Monday Evening Pairs are sessions in the Blue Pointed Founders Championship Pairs

   Monday Practice (1)(6) 10.00-12.00 Themed Practice etc
   Lesson/Coaching (2)(6) 14.00-16.00
   Monday Evening (1)(6)(7) 19.00-22.15 Pairs
   Lesson/Coaching (2) 10.00-12.00
   Tuesday Afternoon (1) 13.30-16.15 Pairs
   Wednesday Practice (1) 10.00-12.00 Themed Practice
   Pairs Ladder (5) 14.-16.00
   First Friday Teams (1)(3) 19.00-22.15 Teams of Four
31st March 2015
Competetive Auctions - An Advanced Course
DSVH Club Room 10.00
Session 10 of 10 When and how to compete with a strong IC or INT opening.
Director: Graham Clarke
1st April 2015
Wednesday Practice
DSVH Club Room 10.00
Practising Opening Strong Unbalanced Hands (Following Bridge 2 Session 8)HBSet22
Director: Nicky and Jim
 Click for more information
1st April 2015
Pioneers Match
DVSH Club Room 13.30
Director: Nicky Bainbridge
2nd April 2015
Bridge 2 Fundamentals of ACOL
Dunchurch SVH Club Room 10.00
Session 10 Defence Card Play -keeping declarer's tricks to a minimum!
Director: Graham Clarke
3rd April 2015
6th April 2015
7th April 2015
Tuesday Afternoon
DSVH Club Room 13.30
Members and Visitors Welcome. There is a host so you don't need to bring a partner.
Director: Graham Clarke
 Click for more information
8th April 2015
Wednesday Practice
DSVH Club Room 10.00
Practising Competing with INT Opening (Following Bridge 2 Session 9)HBSet16
Director: Nicky and Jim
 Click for more information
31st March 2015
Tuesday Afternoon
Director: Graham Clarke
31st March 2015
Competetive Auctions - An Advanced Course
Director: Graham Clarke
30th March 2015
Mentored Pivot Teams
Director: Nicky Bainbridge
30th March 2015
Monday Afternoon
Director: Nicky Bainbridge
30th March 2015
Monday Evening
Director: Nicky Bainbridge
26th March 2015
Lime Tree Village
Director: Graham Clarke
26th March 2015
Thursday Pairs and Champagne Handicap
Director: Jim Bainbridge
26th March 2015
Coventry League div 2 Blues v Phoenix
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