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Elsa Wins August Ladder

Elsa Nelson has won the August segment of the Ruff Club Ladder. This was Elsa's first Ladder win and with it comes the £50 bimonthly prize.  The Ladder continues into the next two-month segment and Sean Moruzzi, who has also yet to win the Ladder, has a handy lead in the October race.

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Elsa Wins August Ladder
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SPCA Open Day - June 25th 2016

Thank you to all the players who came and manned the bridge stand at St Pancras Community Association Open Day on Saturday June 25th, This day was intended to showcase the new premises to local people and guive a chance to all the activity groups to recruit new members.  We had several interested people who tried bridge on the day including some likely to join the Friday game and others interested in starting bridge lessons.

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2016 12:25 BST
Goodbye To Camden Street

It was "Goodbye to Camden Street" on the 29th April 2016, our home for 15 1/2 years. Ten tables in play, we had a most successful party duplicate and the final Camden Street winners were Dua Qin & Gill Hutchinson. Angela Madden, after a couple of false starts, finally managed to secure her second win in the Ladder.  Angela's regular partner Alan Lewis will take over the lead in the new ladder segment running until the end of June, but several other players are in close contention.

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2016 12:23 BST
New Premises At Last!

We are now meeting in geeatly improved playing conditions at the new St Pancras Community Centre building in Plender Street.  The new building is on the end of the sports playground opposite the former Camden Street premises but the entrance is round the corner on Plender Street.  Street address is 67 Plender Street, NW1 0LB.  There is little distance between old and new so advice is to park in the usual places. Game time is 7.15 as normal.

We look forward to welcoming old and new players.  Since moving to Plender Street we have welcomed over 80 players different players.

Last updated : 19th Mar 2017 14:07 GMT
April 25th 2014

Party time!  A great turnout to help me celebrate 10 years of running the Ruff Club. Thanks for everyone to coming it was a good do! 

Last updated : 31st Oct 2014 23:31 GMT
Christmas Party - The Academy - Dec. 10th 2013

A lovely occasion; thank you all for coming.  Well done to winners Tim Wilson & Christopher Tolley and Jan Deterding & Chris Watkinson.  Full results below.

Last updated : 21st Nov 2014 23:35 GMT
August 30th 2013

Neil Rosen & Jill Feldman of the Ace of Clubs visited tonight to experience the BriAn scoring system.  A successful trip in two regards as they won the bridge as well.  Sheila Cooper & Len Dreebin scored their third win in the Ladder.  I will be changing the handicap system to make repeat wins more difficult.  Click the results link below for tonight's full standings and the 'Competitions' link opposite for the Ladder standings. 

Last updated : 31st Oct 2014 23:29 GMT
Ladder Continues Into 2013
Ladder Continues Into 2013

The successful Ruff Club Ladder is continuing into 2013.  There is no entry fee and a prize is paid every two months.  Everyone who plays on Fridays at the Ruff is automatically included.

Scores from 2012 have been rolled forward to 2013 in full, but new handicaps have been applied to those won in 2012; this is to make it a little more challenging for those who have already won to win again.  This 'Victory Handicap' has been set at 100pts for your first win and thereafter at 200pts per win. The same Victory Handicap will also be applied to new winners in 2013.

How  Does The Ladder Work?

Every time you score over 50% in the duplicate you will receive Ladder Points. The Points you receive are equivalent to the percentage by which you exceed 50%.  Score 62.3% in the duplicate and you will receive 12.3 Ladder Points.  During the prize period each player will accumulate their Ladder Points.  At the end of each prize period the leader(s) will receive a prize and their Ladder Points will then be handicapped as above. Other players will retain their Ladder Points and carry them forward to the next prize period.  In this way although the better players may win the Ladder faster and even more often, sooner or later slow and steady will win the race and everyone should have their turn at topping the Ladder.

Prize Structure

A prize will be paid every two months. The first award of 2013 will be made on standings at the end of February 2013. Value of the prize will be based on the total attendance during the prize period.

Average attendance during the preceeding two months:

  • <5 tables – prize will be £30
  •  Between 5 and 6½ tables – prize will be £40
  •  7 Tables or more – prize will be £50

Should two or more players be tied for the leading score at the end of the prize period, each will receive half (one-third, etc) of the prize and both (all) will then set back to zero for the next prize period. It may be worth your while playing with different partners occasionally.

The prize will be payable one week after the end of each prize period.

Rememeber you don't have to do anything to be on the ladder – just come and play!

Last updated : 1st Nov 2013 23:04 GMT
Ruff Club Celebrates 10 Years of Friday Duplicate
The Ruff Club held its 10th Anniversary Party on October 15th 2010 and what a great evening it was!  Thank you all for coming - the attendance of 13 tables was a record by some margin.  Well done to winners Simon Scanlan & Michael Friis.
Last updated : 14th May 2011 12:44 BST
St George's Day Party Raises Big Cash

On Friday April 23rd 2010 we had our St George's Day Party & Charity Duplicate. We had a larger than usual nine tables in play with several players new to the Ruff Club. We hope you all enjoyed it - it certainly seemed you did.  Sponsorship and donations raised a fantastic final total of GBP868.20 for the National Osteoporosis Society. 

Oh, and the bridge?  Len Dreebin & Sheila Cooper snuck through on the last round to overtake Colin Elliott & Anne Catchpole.  Carolyn Murphy & Susi Behhrmann had been in contention but a poor last round dashed their hopes.  Thanks everyone for coming and thanks to Jo Ellams of NOS for putting in an appearance.

Ned Paul

Last updated : 14th May 2011 12:46 BST