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Now that 'Summer' is here the Winter pairs competitions have been completed. Winners of the scrath competition were Chris and Clive. Clive also won the handicap event playing with Lesley. 

Summer events start from April 9th.







Welcome to Ringwood Bridge Club

      Charity Event

This event be held at Grassmoor Community Centre on Wednesday 25th July : 6.30pm for Tea/Coffee with a 7.00 start. The first prize will be £50 for the scratch competition and £50 for the handicap competition with a minimum of £50 going to our nominated charity of the Ashgate Hospice. The entry fee is £6.00 including one raffle ticket although others may be bought on the day. Any surplus from the event will go to the Hospice, hopefully in excess of the minimum £50. We will play at least 24 boards and the results will go to the EBU as usual. Please let us know your interest in the event as this will give us time to allocate the correct handicap although you are very welcome to arrive unannounced. The event is OPEN to Members, non Members and Guests. If your email address is known to us you will receive an invitation that way and can reply directly. Otherwise you can add your name to the notice displayed in the Club or telephone Lyndon on 01773 862660 or 07802 933366.

New Session Arrangements

On Mondays we will be holding lessons in the morning alongside a No Fear Duplicate session from 10am until noon. The duplicate session will be 10-12 boards with coaching and advice available. A new programme of lessons will be starting shortly - if you will like to attend, or know anyone who does, please contact Dave Ridley on 01246 434789 or

Monday afternoons will continue to be normal club duplicate sessions.

Our Tuesday evenings will be a duplicate sessions aimed at Improvers with play at a slightly slower pace of play than Mondays. All are welcome and a partner will always be found.

Congratulations to Chris and Clive who won the York Mount Group Trophy at the recent Harrogate Congress.


Club Telephone Number 07504 749948. Call TD on the night to advise late delays etc..

Improvers Duplicate Sessions

Improvers duplicate sessions now take place  every Tuesday evening. Sessions are open to members and none members alike ,so if you know of anyone who plays socially and would like to try duplicate in a friendly atmosphere get them to come along. A partner is always available. Just turn up. Also an ideal opportunity to test out ideas from lessons, changes to bidding systems and other ways of playing contracts.

Ringwood Bridge Club is an EBU affiliated club operating in Grassmoor, Chesterfield. We are complemented by Chesterfield Bridge Club and the U3A. Together we seek to provide and promote bridge in Chesterfield.

Session times and links to other clubs in the area may be found in the left panels on this page.

Members are requested to be in their places AT LEAST 10 minutes before the scheduled start of play.

Membership is £5 per year. Table Money is £3.50 for Members and £4.50 for Visitors.


Partner Finding

 If you are a visitor to the club or you know that your Regular Partner is unavailable please call or email Chris Challinor who will try and  arrange a partner for you.  Please do not turn up "on spec" as a Host may not be available. Contact Chris 01623 230752 or Chris will also try to find you a Regular Partner if you are currently unattached.

Learn Bridge

I will be available on Monday Mornings at 10-00 incase anyone wants a 121 session. Beginners lessons will restart in September. If you know anyone who might enjoy playing, encourage them to give it a try. 










Chairman's Remarks


After careful consideration the Committee have come to the decision that, unfortunately, we will  discontinue Wednesday night sessions after our next AGM.  Numbers have shown no sign of improving for some time now with the exception of one or two special events. Our plan is therefore to hold occasional special sessions on Wednesdays rather than regular club sessions. There may also be an opportunity to change the session to a Wednesday afternoon if there is sufficient interest. 

Should there be a significant change in numbers before the AGM we can review the decision at that point.  

We are grateful for those members, old and new, who have continued to support Wednesday evening sessions and trust that everyone will continue to enjoy their bridge on a Monday afternoon and/or Tuesday evening.

We are looking into the possibility of playing Wednesday afternoons instead of evenings. If you are interested please let one of the committee know. 

Teams of 8 next season.

We need to establish how many Joint teams we can run before the end of June. Lists will be posted at Ringwood and Chesterfield to identify Pairs and Individuals who are prepared to play both home and Away. We will still welcome members who would like to play in Home matches only but need 10 members prepared to play home and away for each team e run. If you havn't tried teams ask those who have to discover how enjoyable they are. We will if asked organise some club sessions to be played on a team basis later in the Summer.



Tuesday 3rd October saw the second annual competition for the President's Trophy. Congratulations to  Phil Thomas and Steve Mulligan who were convincing winners of the trophy. Although numbers were slightly disappointing it was good to see several pairs from other clubs which always adds interest to the competition.

Thanks to Lyndon for running the event and to Susan and  Francine for helping out with the organisation.


THE inaugural competition for the Marjorie Mound Trophy was played on Tuesday 3rd May at Walton Golf Club. This competition, both greatly anticipated and attended, saw 15 1/2 tables competing throughout the day in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The eventual winners were Lyndon & Susan Davies who were presented with the trophy together with a pair of cut glass wine glasses. A reward which Marjorie would heartily have approved of.

Master Point Promotions

Recent Promotions


Club Master - Eugene Massey

Local Master - Jackie Makinson

Many congratulations!!


Last season's positions may be found here..

Division 1

Division 4

Division 5


Future Events




Mon 23rd July 2018
Summer Pairs
Director: Ian
Mon 23rd July 2018
No Fear Duplicate
Dealer: Lyndon
Tue 24th July 2018
Dealer: Lyndon
Improvers Duplicate
Summer Pairs
Summer Pairs