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Welcome to the new home for results and activities of the London Reform Club Bridge players

Welcome to Reform Club Bridge

Bridge playing members and their guests are very welcome to join a game in the card room on any or all of Monday and Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoon and evenings, partners are not needed except for duplicate.

The Monday and Thursday evening rubber and duplicate groups have sandwiches, ordered before 6.45pm, while the Tuesday group generally break for dinner.

Congratulations to winners of our Christmas Duplicate Pascall Ricketts and Ian Galletti.

At this session, plays were able to compare their scores with the experts who competed for their countries in Wroclaw, Poland at the 2016 World Championships.

Here are the hands and travellers. If you look at the result travellers from our game you will find a suggested auction for hands 3,7,8 & 11.

October Dinner Duplicate
October Dinner Duplicate

Congratulations to this month's winner's Michael Kaye and Ivor McLoughlin. A worthy win for the pair, and noticeably the only ones to defeat 3NT on Board 8. Well done Ivor for your smart unlocking play!

We have a new feature. Each month the Director will select four hands based on a contemporary theme. This month we are improving our Defense. Hands 3,8,10 and 17 had a lesson for our defensive game. The STAR Defender Hand Commentary is available to print, or click on your scorecard for Boards 3,8, 10 and 17 for a tip to defend simply and cleanly to win matchpoints.


Hands to Count on - Duplicate hands 7th December 2015
Hands to Count on - Duplicate hands 7th December 2015


WHere are some links to some of the methods and terms mentioned for you to explore at your leisure.

Weak NT Blackwood Squeeze Roman Keycard Blackwood (5 Aces) Mini-Splinter
Losers 2NT Overcall Transfer 0-8 or nothing to say Controls (Cuebids)




Christmas Individual Bridge
Monday Group Duplicate
Director: John Eger
Monday Group Duplicate
Director: Jonathan Lillycrop