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Contacting the Club

The telephone number of the club is 0118-9573077. This is answered only during club sessions or  matches. At other times please contact the secretary John Greenhalgh on 0118-9791806 (or by email by clicking on the box below).

Club Administration

Any queries about the club should be directed in the first instance to the Secretary John Greenhalgh.

You can send him an email by clicking on this item.

If you notice any errors on this website or have ideas for improvements then please email Tony Parkinson by clicking on this item.
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Competition Entries

For external competitions where the entry is made by the Club you can now submit your entry via the web site. If you click on this item then an email will be generated which will be sent to the Competitions Secretary.

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Director Training Successes
The Club is delighted to welcome 6 new fully qualified Tournament Directors to its ranks. Congratulations to James Bond, Ken Carver, Chris Cook, Pat Dowdeswell, Leon McArdle and Gill Smith for passing the EBU Club Tournament Director Assessment course – and a special well done to James, Pat, Leon and Gill for all passing with a distinction, an outstanding achievement!

Competition archive & current positions


I have now brought the web details up to date.


The completed results for all the competitions up to and including the 2013 Tuesday Annual competitions concluded in November 2013 are contained in the web page "Results Archive".  The positions in the currently running non-handicap competitions can be found in the "Competitions" web page. These are automatically updated whenever an additional set of results is uploaded. The positions in the currently running handicap competitions can be found in the "RBC Handicap Competitions" web page. These require a manual update and consequently may not always be up to date. However the date up to which they apply should be stated on each table. The list of competition winners has also been updated. This can also be found in the "Competitions" web page,


Tony Parkinson Jan 2014

Annual Tuesday Competitions 2012-3

Both Tuesday Annual Competitions were completed on 19th November. The Individual Competition for the Presidents Cup was won by Mike Perkins with 57.88%, from Tim Rees with 57.03% and Peter Hawkes with 55.47%. Not surprisingly the Pairs Competition for the Francis Cup was won by Mike and Tim in tandem with 61.70%, from Mike (again), this time in partnership with John Howard, scoring 58.76%, with Gunsel Akyol and Peter Banks with 58.20% third. Well done to all of them and the rest of us need to try harder next year.


The latest 6 monthly competitions were completed at the end of August. The Tuesday results were as follows: In the Brown Cup, Mike Perkins won with 60.01% ahead of Dale Thomas with 56.82% and Mike Ribbins with 56.81% - that's probably one overtrick in 6 months behind!!! In the Laycock Cup Handicap competition the positions were essentially reversed and the winner was Dale Thomas with an adjusted average of 55.11%, from Mike O'Neill with 53.70% and Mike Perkins with 51.58%.

The Thursday results showed that in the Boucher Cup, the winner was Rob Sassoon with 63.06%, ahead of Pam Hanson with 62.14% and Leon McArdle with 61.91%. In the Bilbey Cup Handicap competition John Bowen won with an adjusted average of 55.01% from Andy Fothergill with 54.97% and Vince Hull with 53.53%. In the Thursday competitions Ken Jones would have featured but is ineligible due to his Tuesday Handicap and results obtained in the Individual Competition held on 29th August are excluded.


This event was held last Tuesday. The result shown in the main Results section is before the handicaps were applied, since Master Points can only be awarded on a non-handicap basis. After the Handicaps were applied there were no changes in the team order (I believe the second year running where this has been the case). The scores after handicap were:

1. Perkins/Hawkes/Bond/Greenhalgh          59 + 4 = 63

2. Ribbins/Barnes/Maxwell/Sirkis              25 + 24 = 49

3. Donato/Watson/Dawson/Dawson           -4 + 32 = 28

4. Parker/Brown/Thomas/Spielmann         -27 + 28 =  1

5. Mullen/Plank/Carver/Carver                -52 + 32 =  -20

Thursday Competition Winners

Apologies for the late announcement of the Thursday Competition winners for the period September 2012 to Februray 2013 but there were a couple of issues regarding semi-duplicated names that need ed to be sorted before the results could be confirmed.

However for the Boucher Cup it's congratulations to Dave Mullen with a 1% margin from Pam Hanson with Jackie Paxford a further 1/2% away in 3rd place. In the Bilbey Handicap Cup David Salmon was a clear 3% ahead of Mel Thomas who had about 1/2% margin from Rita Harrigan. Well done to you all.


To Sam Botfield and Peter Parsons who have won the Thursday event at the British Spring  SIM pairs with a massive score of over 73%. Great victory guys.

Gold Cup Win for John Howard

Winning the Gold Cup, the major British Teams trophy on the Bridge calendar is pretty much the high point of ambition for all Bridge players. This year John Howard joins this elite group. I'm sure he would be the first to admit to the assistance of his regular partner Andy Bowles and four other teammates, but it is nevertheless a great achievement and on behalf of all in the club I offer him our very warmest congratulations.

John becomes I think the 5th member of Reading Bridge Club to win the Gold Cup, following Eric Crowhurst and Alan Wardman in 1971 and David Mossop and Tim Rees who won in 2000 (and then retained the trophy the following year). Now there's a new challenge for John!

Tony Parkinson, President RBC

County Competitions

Links to the BBCBA County Calendar and to the details for the next County Events are in the left hand column. Clicking on the appropriate item will take you to the relevant page of the County Web Site.

Tony Parkinson


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A different sort of Handicap Competition

Reading Bridge Clubs Handicap Competitions have always had very precise rules about the Handicap Calculation, how it is applied, and the eligibility of members to qualify in the final reckoning. It is not surprising therefore that a generalised system such as Bridgewebs does not currently provide a methodology which enables the the Reading Handicap competitions to be calculated automatically. The latest version however goes some way towards providing methods that begin to mirror some of the traits of the Reading system. I have suggested to Bridgewebs that they make further enhancements to their allowable handicap methodologies to cater for the Reading systems.

In the meantime however I have defined a new handicap competition, based on the Laycock Cup which can be calculated automatically by Bridgewebs. It can be observed on the "Competitions" Page under the "Handicap Competition" title. Note that there is no intention currently that this should replace the Laycock Cup, which will continue to be calculated by our own proprietary software.

The essential features of the new competition are as follows:

1. The competition runs over the same period and the same events as the Laycock Cup. It has the same eligibility rules (i.e. 8 appearances in the period with 3 different partners to qualify).

2. The Individual Handicaps for the period are the same as for the Laycock Cup (the exception being that for members with no handicap Bridgewebs ascribes an arbitrary handicap of 5).

3. The score adjustment works somewhat differently to the Laycock Cup. In this case the adjustment is applied to ones score on each appearance. The adjustment is calculated as the average of the handicaps of you and your partner, so a highly ranked pair are adjusted more severely than a lower ranked pair. Ones overall average score is then the average of the adjusted scores for each appearance and the ranking list is then generated by placing eligible members in order of their average adjusted score.

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