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Contacting the Club

The club now has a mobile phone. The number is 07761 257256. This is switched on only during normal weekly sessions or matches. To contact the secretary John Greenhalgh ring 0118-9791806 (or by email by clicking on the box below).

Welcome to Reading Bridge Club

Reading Bridge Club 2018-2019 Calendar Published


The bridge clubs 2018-2019 Calendar has now been published. To find a full list of events please see the Calendar section of the website. A selection of the events to look forward to are below:


  • Simultaneous Pairs - There are 6 sims weeks to look forward to and with the addition of Tuesday nights to the sims calendar the club has doubles the number of sims events this year. These events are used to support several causes such as Children in Need, EBED and the B&B County.
  • Committee Cup - A teams of 4 qualification event with the County Finals held in April - Reading won the Committee Cup last year!
  • Waller Bowl Heats - Qualification to the Waller Bowl finals at the end of April. Again it was a Reading pair at the top of the standings last year! - It's important to note that you can only try to qualify for the final once at any club. You are still welcome to play in the heats but must inform the director if you have already played.
  • Reading Spirit Teams of 4 - This is the clubs Handicap teams event. Each team is given a handicap based on the players in the team. This handicap is then added to their score to determine the winner. 
  • Bridge Plus Cup - Reading Bridge clubs premier teams of 4 event. Open to members and guests with prizes on the night.
  • Cocktail/Founders Pair - The clubs Pairs and Mixed Pairs competition. The cocktail pairs is awarded to the leading pair with the Founders trophy going to the leading Mixed pair.
  • Tuesday Comes to Thursday - Our favourite Bi-Annual event that sees the club come together to play in a team's event. Organised by Janet Barnes and with prizes on the night make sure you don't miss these this year.
Last updated : 10th Aug 2018 14:35 BST

Reading Lo8 Teams Selected


The Selection committee (ratified by the RBC committee) have selected the teams to represent Reading Bridge club in the 2018-2019 Berks & Buck League of 8 competitions. The teams are as follows:

A Team B Team C Team
Mike Perkins (Capt.) Peter Hawkes (Capt.)  Sam Botfield (Capt.)
Chris Cooper Chris Hall Dale Thomas
Ian Reissmann Chris Kinloch Dianne Brown
James Bond David Barnes Doug Baker
John Howard Janet Barnes George Sankey
John Greenhalgh Jim Chapman John Tattersall
Jonny Richards Joyce Baldock Martin Jordan
Mike Ribbins Leon McArdle Nigel Cooper
Pat Dowdeswell Mick Green Roger Burkerman
Peter Jackson Tony Parkinson Trish Lee
Tim Rees    


Congratulations on being selected and good luck for the season ahead. Your captains will be in touch shortly to arrange your matches for the season.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 14:47 BST

Barnes, Dowdeswell, Greenhalgh and Hawkes Win the Bridge Plus Cup

The Bridge Plus Cup was held on Tuesday 12th June with 5 teams taking part. The result was a close one with David, Pat, John and Peter winning with a score of +24 imps from the team of Chris Cooper, John Howard, Mike Perkins and Tim Rees on +20. 

This was the 6th time David has won the Bridge plus cup moving him into =3rd in the winners list behind T. Rees (8), S.Johnston (7) and tied with M.Perkins. 

Congratulation to the winning team.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 14:31 BST

3rd Place for Reading Bridge Club in the Garden Cities Final

A team of 8 players from Reading Bridge club represented the club in the Gardens Cities Final in Solihull on the 23rd June. The team of Ian Reissmann, Tim Rees, Peter Hawkes, Mike Perkins, Pat Dowdeswell, Mike Ribbins, Jonny Richards & Jim Chapman finished on 76vps behind Deva bridge club and Tunbridge Wells. THe team finished with 4 wins and 3 losses (2 of which were agaisnt the top 2 teams).

Reading Bridge club has a good recent history in the event winning the finals back in 2016 and are please to back that up with another good result this year.

Further congratulation to Jim Chapman and Jonny Richards who were the highest Reading pair on the bulter and 6th highest out of the 32 pairs.

Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 18:00 BST

Hawkes Team Finsh 6th in Pachabo Final


The Hawkes team of Peter Hawkes, Mike Perkins, Tim Rees, Ian Reissmann and Peter Jackson finished 6th in the Pachabo final on the 9th/10th June in Bedford. The Pachabo Cup is the EBU's inter-county team of four Championships where teams qualify by winning their county teams of 4 event.

This competition is unique in the way it is scored. The boards that are played in the head to head matches are scored via 2 methods. Firstly the boards are scored in a "point-a-board" form, so if the net scores are positive on the board the team wins 2vps, if the score is the same 1vp and if the net score is negative then 0 vps. Once the boards are scored via PaB then the same boards are scored by with a more traditional IMP scale and converted to VPs. Both sets of VPs are added together to get the result of the match.

Congratulations to the Hawkes team on the great result!


Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 18:00 BST

Reading Bridge Club AGM & New Commitee


The Reading Bridge club AGM was held on the 17th May with many members turning up before the evenings bridge. The minutes of the AGM can be found here for those of you that couldn't make it.

Part of the AGM was the election of the new committee. This year there are a few new faces on the committee, most notable a new President!

Pat Dowdeswell has taken over from David Barnes as the new President of the Reading Bridge club after David's 4 year reign. The Club and Committee would like to thank David for his work as President over the last 4 years!

The only other change to last year's committee is Martina Zwieflhofer has been elected to the committee after Leon McArdle has stepped down after a couple of years.

The clubs committee and roles for 2018-2019 are:

  • Pat Dowdeswell - President
  • Mike Ribbins - Chairman
  • Mel Thomas - Treasurer
  • John Greenhalgh - Secretary
  • Christine Cook
  • Jonny Richards
  • Joyce Baldock
  • Martina Zwieflhofer
  • Sam Botfield
  • Simon Fixer 
Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 18:00 BST

Reading BC Dominate as Jackson & Bond win Waller Bowl

From the 332 pairs who competed in 26 heats of the Club Pairs Championship, 56 pairs qualified to play in the Final with Peter Jackson & James Bond winning the Waller Bowl with a huge score of 65.95%.

With all players qualifying at clubs in the county, the final was held across 2 sessions of 18 boards at Windsor Community Centre.

There was further success as 6 of the top 12 pairs were all from Reading Bridge Club. Runners up were Pat Dowdeswell & Mike Ribbins (60.65%), followed by John Greenhalgh & Jim Chapman (58.08%) in 5th place, and winning the second session overall, Keith Goswell & Elaine Lloyd (57.36%) in 8th with junior pair Dom Cooke & Edmund Lea (57.10%) 9th and Mike Nunn & Rita Evans (55.66%) 12th. 

This is a phonemical performance from all those involved and is great to see Reading BC feature so prominently in county events.

Congratulation to everyone that qualified for the final as well as those mentioned!

Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 18:00 BST

Hawkes Team Wins 2017 - 2018 County Knock-out


Congratulations to Peter Hawkes, John Howard, Mike Perkins, Tim Rees, Ian Reissmann & Peter Jackson on winning the 2017-18 County Teams Knockout Championship. The Hawkes team feature prominently in the honours board with 54 victories between them (Mike 19, Peter & Ian 11, John 6, Tim 5 and Peter 2)  

The team got off to a nervy start with a 3 imp win over the Lynch team in round one before recording two convincing wins in rounds 2 and 3. They then met the Lindon team in the final coming away with a 40 imp win (80-40). 

Peter's team win the Crowhurst Quaich and will be invited to represent the County in the Pachabo Cup (the EBU's inter-counties teams of four competition) on 9th/10th June.

Congratulation to all 6 of you and good luck in the Pachabo. 

Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 18:00 BST

Parkinson, Mackinder, Green & Jeronimidis Win the Reading Spirit Teams of 4


5 teams contested the Reading Spirit Teams of 4 event on the 8th May. The Handicap teams of 4 event is an "all play all" teams event where your team is given a handicap based on the grading of the players in your team. An A team player will receive no handicap, a B team player will receive a handicap of +5, a regular Tuesday player will receive a handicap of +8 and all other players will receive +10. (i.e. if you had 4 B team players in your team you would start on +20 imps).

After playing 6 boards against each team the winners by just 1 imp were the team of Tony Parkinson, Ian Mackinder, Mick Green & Georgio Jeronimidis with a score of +55 (+32 on the night and a handicap of +23). 

The team of Mike Perkins, Ian Reissmann, Peter Jackson & John Greenhalgh were second on +54 (+49 on the night and a handicap of +5).

Congratulations to the winning team! 

Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 17:59 BST

Strength in Depth at Reading bridge Club


What Reading bridge Club has achieved this year in the Berks & Bucks leagues of 8 hasn’t happened for years! Reading bridge club currently has the highest places C team, B Team and A Team in the leagues. This is a huge achievement for RBC and demonstrates the strength of the players at the club and the club itself.


Below is a brief review of each team’s season:


Reading C

The C team finished 5th in Division 2, boasting 5 wins and 4 losses totalling 92 vps having been promoted last season. Their biggest win came against Stoke Mandaville A, a crushing 19-1 victory. This was a great effort from the team of, Sam Botfield (Capt.) & Martyn Jordan, Doug Baker & John Tattersall, Peter Bamford & Steve Tearle, Nigel Cooper & Roger Burkeman, Trish Lee & George Sankey, Carey Sayer & Dianne Sayer as well as appearances from Dianne Browne & Dale Thomas and Lean McArdle & Chris Hall. A special mention to Peter and Steve who topped the C team cross imps. 


Reading B

The B team finished 4th in a very competitive Division 1. Although they only managed 3 wins and a draw from their 9 matches they amassed 84vp at just under 10vp per match. There was a notable early season victory (17-3) against 3rd placed Burnham A, a team the A team failed to beat. Congratulations to the team of, Mike O'Neill (Capt.) & Michael Green, David & Janet Barnes, Tony Parkinson & Joyce Baldock, Peter Hawkes & Chris Kinloch and Chris Hall & Leon McArdle with key contributions from Keith Goswell, George Jeronimidis and Jim Chapman.


Reading A

As previously reported the A team won the Division 1 title for the 3rd year in a row with a score of 143 vps. A Key 13-7 win against 2nd placed New Amersham A helped Reading A to in by 2vps. Congratulation to the team of,  Mike Perkins (Capt.) & Ian Reissmann, John Howard & Tim Rees, Pat Dowdeswell & Mike Ribbins, Jonny Richards & Chris Cooper and John Greenhalgh & James Bond. Jim Chapman and Peter Hawkes also appeared in the team and helped the team to qualify for the Garden Cities final.


Congratulation to all those involved and good luck for the start of the next season in September.


Last updated : 6th Aug 2018 17:59 BST

Success for Reading at the Committee Cup

The Committee Cup was held of the 8th April at Windsor Community Centre with 2 Reading teams taking part. 88 teams competed in Heats at 13 Clubs throughout Berks & Bucks with 21 teams qualifying for the Final.

Pat Dowdeswell, Mike Ribbins, John Greenhalgh & James Chapman were victorious on the day winning 15 of their 20 matches and finishing 24imp clear of the field.

Mike O'Neill, Georgio Jeronimidis, Leon McArdle and Chris Hall finished 8th winning 10 matches.

Congratulations to both teams.

Last updated : 11th Apr 2018 16:22 BST

Winter Competition Winners - September 2017 to February 2018

The winners of the the seconds half of the 2017 cup competitions are below: 


Tuesday Competitions

Brown Cup 

1. Mike Perkins   56.66%

2. Roger Donato  55.07%

3. Peter Jackson  54.76%


Laycock Cup (Handicap)

1. Georgio Jeronimidis    52.60%

2. Roger Donato              51.10%

3. Roger Burkerman        50.32%


Thursday Competitions

Boucher Cup 

1. Peter Bamford    61.02%

2. Pam Hanson     58.93%

3. Sam Botfiled      58.86%


Bilbey Cup (Handicap)

1. Andy Fothergill       54.81%

2. Gill Smith                  53.07%

3. David Salmon           52.44%


If you want to see how you did in these competitions then head over to the Competition Archive Section of the website.

Jonny Richards Ocotber 2017

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2018 11:13 GMT

Tollemache Finals

Berks and Buck finished 3rd in the Tollemache Finals, the EBUs Premier Teams of Eight competition, this weekend, 8vps behind the winners Kent. Berks and Buck picked up some big victories along the way beating both Lancashire and Dorset by over 100imps. Congratulation to both John Howard and Ian Reisseman.

Chris Cooper was also playing in the event for Oxfordshire. Although Oxfordshire finished 6th, Chris and his partner (Alan Wilson) were 4th in the x-imps with an impressive 0.66 per board from there 98 boards.

For full results and cross imps please click Here

Last updated : 12th Feb 2018 12:41 GMT

Double sucsess for RBC at the County Pairs

The final of the County Pairs Championship and Plate took place on the 4th February where several members of Reading Bridge Club took part. 

Mike Perkins & Peter Jackson (Left picture) won the 45 board Championship Final with 57.78% from David Green & David Calcutt.

Also Joyce Baldock & Jim Chapman (Right picture) won the 44 board Plate final with 58%, 2% clear of 2nd place Eva Wallen & Evelyn Crossley.

Congratulations to both and good luck to Mike & Peter who, as a result, qualified for the Corwen (The National Pairs Final) in June!


(L-R: Peter Jackson & Mike Perkins)

Last updated : 7th Feb 2018 21:44 GMT

RBC Tuesday Comes to Thursday 2nd Feb 2018

15 teams took part in the biannual Tuesday comes to Thursday event. 

Congratulations to the prize winners:

1. Nathan Galpin, Jack Lawrence, Sam Botfiled & Martyn Jordan +66 IMPs

2. Mike Ribbins, Chris Hall, John & Annette Chamberlain +50 IMPs

3. David Barnes, Jim Chapman, Linsey Joyce & Ann Ellis +43 IMPs


Ascenders Prize - Roger Donato, Dianne Brown, Nick Highsm & John Coomber

Spot Prize (-26 imps) - Ann Francis, Andy Fothergill, Chris Fox-Green & Ann Brown - 23 IMPs


Also a BIG thank you to Janet Barnes for Organising this event!

Last updated : 7th Feb 2018 21:44 GMT

Founders Trophy Winners


Congratulation to Joyce Baldock and Jim Chapman who won the Founders Trophy, Reading Bridge Club's annual mixed pairs competition, this year. 

Joyce and Jim were the highest placed Mixed pair on Tuesday night with 50.93%, just 2 matchpoints ahead of the next mixed pari of Janet & David Barnes.

This is the 4th time Joyce has won the Founder's Trophy and the first time for Jim.

Jonny Richards Nov 2017

Last updated : 29th Nov 2017 18:57 GMT

Reading Bridge Club Annual Competitions 2016-17

The Club's Annual Tuesday Competitions for 2016-17 were completed on Tuesday (21st November). Roget Donato has continued his excellent run in 2017 winning both of the annual competitions (to go with the Brown & Laycock won in the first half of the 2017 biannuals):


Presidents Cup

1. Roger Donato - 54.17%

2. Mike Perkins - 53.83%

3. Mike Ribbins - 52.73%


Francis Cup

Mike O'Neill & Roger Donato - 55.98%

Mike Perkins & Peter Jackson - 54.70%

Jim Chapman & Jonny Richards - 54.17%


Jonny Richards Nov 17


Last updated : 24th Nov 2017 13:05 GMT

6 Monthly Competitions March 2017 to August 2017

The winners of the the first half of the 2017 are below: 


Tuesday Competitions

Brown Cup 

1. Roger Donato   58.35%

2. Tony Parkinson  54.46%

3. Mike O'Neill       53.90%


Laycock Cup (Handicap)

1. Roger Donato          54.64%

2. Mike O'Neill               54.27%

3. Georgio Jeronimidi    52.98%


Thursday Competitions

Boucher Cup 

1. Pam Hanson     60.38%

2. Sam Botfiled      60.33%

3. Peter Bamford   60.04%


Bilbey Cup (Handicap)

1. Mike Nunn                55.16%

2. Monique Illingworth   53.51%

3. Jackie Paxford           53.35%


Jonny Richards Ocotber 2017

Last updated : 28th Oct 2017 14:05 GMT

BBCBA County Competitions


Links to the BBCBA County events are now automatically shown in the Reading BC Calendar entries in the Right Hand Column. You can click on the "More Info" button in these entries to take you to the appropriate.details on the BBCBA web site.

Tony Parkinson

Last updated : 14th Nov 2014 21:36 GMT
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British Summer Pairs Sims
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British Summer Pairs Sims
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EBED Autumn Simultaneous Pairs
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EBED Autumn Simultaneous Pairs
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Berks & Bucks County Simultaneous Pairs
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Berks & Bucks County Simultaneous Pairs
7th Oct 2018
Swiss Pairs for the Denys Jenkins Cup
(Berks & Bucks)
Windsor 1:30
Director: Steve Foster
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11th Oct 2018
Tuesday Comes to Thursday
Speak to Janet Barnes if interested in playing
11th Nov 2018
Butler Scored Pairs for the Jarret Cup
(Berks & Bucks)
Windsor 1:30
Director: Gary Conrad
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13th Nov 2018
Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs
15th Nov 2018
Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs
25th Nov 2018
Friendly Pairs for the Tony Boothroyd Plate
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SBBC 1:30
Director: Steve Foster
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2nd Dec 2018
Mixed Swiss Teams for the Carole Mueller Trophy
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Windsor 1:30
Director: Steve Foster
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11th Dec 2018
Committee Cup Qualifying
Teams of 4 Qualifying. Final to be held on 7 April 2019
15th Jan 2019
British Winter Simultaneous Pairs
17th Jan 2019
British Winter Simultaneous Pairs
12th Feb 2019
Waller Bowl Qualifying Heat 1
Qualification for the Waller Bowl Final to be held 28 April. Players may only try to Qualify Once!
14th Feb 2019
Waller Bowl Qualifying Heat 2
Qualification for the Waller Bowl Final to be held 28 April. Players may only try to Qualify Once!