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Upcoming competitions and congresses
Upcoming competitions and congresses

Headfort Bridge Club hosts the Headfort Trophy in Headfort Golf Club on Sunday 25th February 2018 @7h30p.m. Entries to Helen on 046 9433282 or 087 7970237

The Star & Crescent Club will host their Open Trophy on Sunday 4th March 2018 in the West Court Hotel Drogheda @ 5p.m. sharp. Table money €15 inludes refreshments. Entries to Peter 086 8049531

Regional Novice Championship will be held in Virginia on Friday 4th May @ 7p.m.

For further information on these, please check the CBAI's competitions section and the Club notice board.

Bridge trivia ...
  • An early version of the game was played in England as far back as the 16th Century.
  • Mrs Anthony Fly, of Little Rock, Arkansas, filed a petition for divorce, on the grounds that her husband refused to make up a four at bridge.
  • However, it could be a mistake to play with your husband or wife, as shown by Myrtle Bennett. In 1929, Myrtle shot and killed her husband over his bidding and play of a hand. Mrs Bennett was later acquitted!
  • The odds against four players each holding all thirteen cards in a suit are 2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301, 559,999 to one - or the same as Posh and Becks being out of the newspapers. Such a deal was first claimed in March 1892! Maybe winning the lottery isn't so difficult after all.
  • Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot played Bridge. Interestingly Christie made a mistake in “Cards on the Table”, where the murder was committed during a bridge game, because she forgot to include “50 for the insult” (for making a doubled/redoubled contract) in the scores.
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