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Club Championship Games

Please join us for our quarterly Club Championship Games on:

Wednesday September 26


Friday September 29

These games will feature extra Masterpoints awards and are open to all players with fewer than 2,500 masterpointst. 

No Extra Cost for these games!

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Club Championship Games
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Bridgemate is a small (6x3 inches) box placed on each Bridge table and is a wireless scoring terminal that North (or South) enters the contract and tricks made for each board played. After checking by East (or West), the result is then sent to a computer. At the beginning of an event, players identify themselves by Number, thus saving computer entry of names. As the event progresses the scores are transmitted to a computer which updates all scores.


Advantages over using travellers


  • On each board the BridgeMate displays the results you made as well as results others previously achieved on the board - just like a traveller.
  • The BridgeMate data can be downloaded so that contracts bid and the results of those contracts are shown in the “Results” (“Travellers” and “Scorecards”) area of this website.
  • The BridgeMate table unit knows the movement being used and prompts the players with their names, pair numbers, orientation and boards due to be played - thus reducing the risk of mis-pairings etc.
  • Having the names showing on the BridgeMates allows players to more easily introduce themselves to each other.
  • North enters Tricks made - not the score - again cutting down on errors.
  • The Director does not key in travellers or names – lots of errors avoided!
  • The BridgeMate table unit requires E/W to confirm the details of the result - thus eliminating many errors.
  • No more “When will the results come out?”.   Results of game are shown on the BridgeMate terminal immediately after the last board at your table is played, at the same time those results appear at the main computer.
  • Fewer queries regarding errors.

Protocols for BridgeMates


  • North has custody, and therefore responsibility, for the unit at the table, which only he may delegate (although he never gives up responsibility!).
  • North enters the Section and Table number.
  • North enters his ACBL # and then ensures that South, East, and West have an opportunity to enter theirs.
  • North accepts (presses “OK”) if the names are correct. Otherwise North “Cancels”, and puts the cursor by the ACBL # that needs to be edited.
  • North accepts (presses “OK”) that the correct boards are available.
  • North accepts that the first board is in play.
  • As soon as practical after the bidding is over, North enters the contract (If north is on lead, the lead is made first, if North is dummy, the contract is entered after the dummy is placed on the table – this allows players to do their thinking with cards in view rather than all waiting for North to enter the contract, and it also avoids the delay after the play is completed with the inevitable “What was the contract again?” while everyone sits around waiting for the bookkeeping to be completed so that the next board can be presented).
  • As soon as play is concluded and the result agreed upon, North enters the result (ie -1, =, or 5) and presents the unit to E/W to accept.
  • North presents the next board to be played while E/W accepts the result in a timely manner so that no one is waiting for North to do his own bookkeeping.
  • If E/W do not agree with the result and/or contract, they are to press “Cancel” in a timely manner and return the unit to North explaining the disagreement.
  • If a board is played out of order, and results for a board that should have been played are revealed, the best result N/S can achieve on the board for which previous scores are known is Avg-. This is the same penalty that would apply if scores had been entered on an incorrect traveller and scores were revealed for a board not yet played.
  • If E/W accept a score or contract that later needs adjustment (now here comes the good part :) the BridgeMate becomes a  profit centre), a Loonie must be paid by each of North, who incorrectly entered the score/contract and the E/W person who accepted the score/contract, to the Director prior to an adjustment being made.
  • After the score has been accepted, North puts the unit flat on the table where all 4 players can quickly review previous scores. Please don’t read the results aloud – players at other tables may be listening. North is responsible for ensuring that no player monopolizes this quick review so that others are denied the ability to see the previous results.