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STaC Week

STaC games will be held on 

Wednesday May 8 and Friday May 10.

Come out and earn some Silver masterpoints.

Extra $2 Fee

Good Luck!

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STaC Week
May 1, 2019 17:57 EDT
Welcome to Club Rainbow
District 2 STaC Week
District 2 STaC Week

Silver Points - Only $2 Extra Entry Fee!

Come out and compete!

Wednesday May 8

Friday May 10

Pre-Dealt Boards & Hand Records

We will be using Pre-Dealt Boards for all games. These are randomly-dealt hands - no special guidance has been provided to the computer in how to make up the hands!

Hand Records will be available immediately after the game ends and will also be posted on this website in the Results.

Also posted in the results are travellers showing contracts as recorded by the BridgeMates, and hand-by-hand results for each pair. Please check it out - there is a lot of good stuff there!

Pre-Dealt Boards & Hand Records
Special Events Calendar Below

The "Calendar" below shows upcoming SPECIAL EVENTS.

Unless otherwise noted elsewhere on this HOME PAGE, games will be held every Wednesday and Friday at 12:30.

Friday Afternoon Pairs
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Friday Afternoon Pairs