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2018 Bridge Workshops

Workshops are held once a month on a Friday in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor between 9.30 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. (Note change of time for 2018)

Initial Workshop Dates for 2018 are :

July - Friday 20th
August- Friday 17th
September - Friday 7th



Do you need a Partner?

Please contact our partnership coordinator, Sue Condos, at with your details and contact information.

New Members - 2018
Welcome to New Members:

Chris Blyth
James Hearne
Judith Giddings
Shirley Anderson
Janice Watkins
Susan Stephens
Gail Nash



Masterpoints and Club Ranking
RACV Club 3442 Masterpoint report

Individual and Club lists of ABF Masterpoint totals are available from: .  Enter your ABF number, or go to the "By Home Club " tab and scroll down to 3-442 RACV Bridge Club.  Click to select then "Get Masterpoints".

Members' Masterpoints gained at the Club go to the ABF quarterly.  Printed lists for viewing by Club members showing their ABF masterpoints and ranking will be available quarterly once all points have been confirmed and accepted by the ABF.  These lists can be viewed on the display board outside the Club room each quarter.

The Patricia Snowden Memorial Cup
The Patricia Snowden Memorial Cup

I never met Pat Snowden.  When I started playing at RACV Bridge Club in 2011 Pat was in hospital, and passed away soon thereafter.

But I have seen her legacy.  I have met many of her family, and I have become friends with Gerald, her husband of 55 years.  

Pat was a bridge player.   She played at the VBA and was one of the originals who started the RACV Bridge group that commenced playing at the RACV Club in 1993/94.   Her early partners were Marie Driscoll & Yvonne Jelbart.    

Pat dragged Gerald away from his business whorl to play bridge and to become her permanent bridge partner in mid 1998.  With foresight, Gerald arranged our affiliation with the ABF and set up the RACV Bridge Club as a full part of the wider Bridge community in Australia.

The conversations and competition of our Club are part of Pat’s legacy. 

We remember and celebrate each year with the Patricia Snowden Memorial Cup, the perpetual trophy for Best Player at the RACV Bridge Club.


(Bob Jacobs)

The Sam Ball Memorial Award
The Sam Ball Memorial Award

“I have not been completely idle this year. I have been awarded by the Australian Bridge Federation a Certificate naming me a Graduate Master. To achieve this distinction I have amassed two(2) masterpoints at my Bridge Club. It is admittedly, the bottom rung of a tiered series of awards, like those Hindu Monuments , comprising 19 other higher levels. I can reach Bridge Nirvana by further diligence and study. My calculation is that I will become a Gold Grand Master by the year 7009.”

(Sam Ball, 2009)

Sam joined the RACV Bridge Club in 2005-2006 as a social Bridge player. He had a natural love of cards and joined the Monday RACV Bridge group, moving on soon to the Wednesday group. Bridge each week was a highlight for Sam - he was naturally a competitive person, but recognised that Bridge was a card game. He  enjoyed not just the game of Bridge, but the company of other players. in particular his principal  partner, Harry Chittleborough.

Sam joined the Club Committee as Treasurer, and introduced the inaugural Club newsletter. The newsletter shared information about the Bridge Club members;  Bridge jokes; tips from Jenny Lord and Blaine Howe, the then Directors; the hand of the month; and news of past and upcoming events. Sam, always  keen to play with words, had another opportunity to pursue his interest.


On the morning of 9 December 2009 Sam arrived at the RACV Club for the Christmas Bridge game and lunch, but did not get any further than the car park. I know he would have preferred not to have missed his game of Bridge and lunch.   Sam’s family will always be indebted to those at the RAVC Club who did so much to help him on that day and for the friendship he had with those in the RACV Bridge Club.

(Marita MacMahon Ball, 2016)

Rules for Award :

The Sam Ball Memorial Bridge Club Award will be made to a Member of the RACV Bridge Club who shows excellence in attitude to the Bridge Club and its Members.  The recipient  is  selected in consultation with the Bridge Club President and/or Committee, RACV Club Bridge Representative and the Director of the Bridge Club.
The recipient must :
·       Be  a member of the RACV Club and the RACV  Bridge Club
·       Be a regular player at the Club
·       Respect all players at the Club
·       Understand and implements good bridge etiquette at the table and enjoy friendly competition
·       Be involved in the Bridge Club  and its events  
·       Is dedicated to assisting the Bridge Club and the education of its members, on a voluntary basis