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2018 Bridge Workshops

Workshops are held once a month on a Friday in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor between 9.30 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. (Note change of time for 2018)

Initial Workshop Dates for 2018 are :

July - Friday 20th
August- Friday 17th
September - Friday 7th



Do you need a Partner?

Please contact our partnership coordinator, Sue Condos, at with your details and contact information.

New Members - 2018
Welcome to New Members:

William Dix
Angus Paine
Gabrielle Costello
Margaret Yuill
Peter Yuill
Richard Uglow



Welcome to RACV Bridge Club
IMPORTANT - Players please note . . .

BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED for Monday  and Wednesday morning Duplicate sessions from 1 MAY 2018.  Click on the 'Bookings' button to the Left of screen - choose the Session, and enter the pair names.  Bookings for each session open 1 week before.  If there are any queries or if a session is fully booked (30 pairs), Members should contact RACV Member Relations 03 9944 8876 or email to .

The partnership service is unchanged: please contact .

The Club Calendar is complete for the first half of 2018.  Members should check all scheduled sessions.

Beginners' Bridge Lessons are held on Wednesday afternoon 2.00 p.m. - 4.00p.m. in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor.

Supervised Duplicate Lessons are held on Monday afternoon 1.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor

Welcome to the RACV Bridge Club

RACV Club Members and their Guests are always welcome to join us in the wonderful game of contract bridge.

The RACV Bridge Club provides the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded Members through the game of contract bridge.  The Club is affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation (Club 3442) so to conduct masterpoint competitions, and to provide Members with access to the wider Australian community of competition bridge players.   

The Club offers Bridge workshops and classes for all levels of players, with supervised Bridge competition (Monday mornings), and duplicate Bridge on Wednesday mornings.   There is regular inter-Club competition.  

The Bridge Club meets at the RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne, and operates as an RACV Club Member Interest Group, within the Rules and by-laws of the RACV.   Click here for further information from the RACV Club website.

MCC - RACV Challenge, March 2018
MCC - RACV Challenge, March 2018

The annual home and away challenge series between the RACV and MCC Bridge Clubs has started well for the RACV with victory in the first match.
These matches are played with five teams of four each playing 5 five board matches at IMP scoring.  The Bridge and the company is always excellent.
Here Gerald Snowden is graciously reclaiming the Cup from Margaret Hardie.   Ours till August!

For all matters, including queries, partners, please contact the Bridge Club at 

16th July 2018
Supervised Duplicate
9.30 for 10am till 1pm
16th July 2018
Supervised Duplicate Lesson
Club Room Level 2
1.30pm till 4pm
18th July 2018
Duplicate Bridge
Club Room Level 2
9.30a for 10a start, till 1.15pm
Monday Morning - Blue
Monday Morning - Pink
Duplicate Bridge