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PSBC 70% CLUB !!!


10/3/17  Rick Hendrick & Jack Barr 71.83%

7/21/17  Jerry Meek & Jeff Porter  71.25%

6/2/17    Charles Wallace & David Goetz   71.66%

3/24/17  Tony Glynne & Jim Elliot   77.56%

3/10/17  Joel & Linda Wener  71.30%

2/15/17  Shirley Pearlman & Bobby Robinson  72.98%

2/7/17  Rosalie & Isadore Sharp  70.29%

2/6/17  Helen & Marinus Nyholt   74.12%

2/6/17  Shirley Pearlman & William Treble   70.41

01/20/17 Maurice De La Salle & Barry Litchinsky  70.35%

01/16/17  Rosalie & Isadore Sharp   79.63%   !!!


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PSBC 70% CLUB !!!
Oct 10, 2017 12:51 PDT
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New Educational Web Site

Bob McConnell has a new website for educational purposes!  Please click on the link to learn everything you ever wanted to know about duplicate bridge!

No longer at the table ...

I was just informed yesterday that we lost yet another card from our deck of players this week.  Long time MHDBC player and Mission Hills resident Elaine Kennedy passed away this week.  Elaine was a great person and she will be missed by so many.  RIP Elaine.

Today we lost another card from our deck ... Sad to report Bob Fosse passed away today.  Bob will be missed by all of the bridge community.  RIP Bob.

PSBC members are mourning the loss of Gil Paisley.  Gil passed away suddenly after suffering a massive heart attack.  Gil will be missed by all, RIP Gil.

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