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Leaders of the 'slams bid and made' (as of 25 May) ranking are :

11 Peter Aubeck

8 Paul Edwards & Jo Richards, Roy Thearle, Bob Jubb, Mark Witham

7 Chris Lowton, Roger & Wendy Hutchings


Leaders of the nett 'Contracts doubled and defeated' (as of 25 May) are :

7 Peter Aubeck

6 Roy Thearle, Bob Jubb

5 Meg Jackson, Jo Richards, Paul Edwards, Roger & Wendy Hutchings


Welcome to Portchester Bridge Club
For our regular evenings, as we need to be cleared up and have the hall vacated by 10.30pm, please be seated at the club by 6.55pm ready for a 7 o'clock start.


Please note that our table money is £2, and £3 for visitors.






Important Information

The Club Committee considers that a principal objective of the Club is to ensure that all our Members enjoy a pleasant and pleasurable evening.   Consequently, The Best Behaviour at Bridge Code should be followed by all players at all times.   Please see the Information pages for details of the Code.


Visitors are always welcome. We advise them to contact a Committee Member if they are unsure of the location, start time or parking options. As we always play duplicate bridge, visitors need to come as pairs, or to have arranged a partner.


If you require a partner for the evening, please use our circular email, or ring Mark Witham on 01329 665955

Director: Roy Thearle
Scorer: David Boulton
Director: Peter Aubeck
Scorer: David Boulton
Director: Charles Farthing
Scorer: Mark Witham