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3rd Sep 2018 11:57 BST
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The Hub is now registered with the Bridge H.Q. "C.B.L.T." and is a fully paid up member of this organization. You know it makes sense.

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The Hub of Bridge        Wednesday Cherngtalay,  Bangtao,  laguna
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Okay, my good friends, finished with my birthday, said hallo to a few and good bye to many and wondering if I will be up for it, come the new season. There is little or no bridge for me, at least now.  Friday club, which is a bridge too far for me, manages to carry on with two to two and half tables. Didier has a struggle on a Monday best he can hope for is two and a half to three tables.  Same old faces - same old game, not a lot of excitement there.  Therefore, we just have to sit tight and look forward to all the Snow-Birds dropping from the sky around December and then perhaps we can get a good game going with five or six table.

I have tried putting news and various other bits about the game in our local rag, which only seems to report the sale of houses and the like, plus all the dreadful happening which unfortunately go on down here.  It's of little interest to those that live here, we've heard it all before, therefore for holiday makers, with only perhaps a couple of weeks stay, where they no doubt would love to have a chance to play their favorite card game whilst they were here, if the local paper won't print it, they have no chance, unless it's passed on by word of mouth.  

Whatever, my good friends, have no fear, health permitting, we shall be standing by for your arrival and look forward to it immensely.  Be good.

your friendly Director, Derek - The Master of the Hub.




The Hub of Bridge
Club News

The club news is promising, in that we started on the 8th of November, with three full tables.  Our long distant travelors, Oyvind and Peter managed the long journey, and back, without too much trouble and played their cards in the same frame of mind. I had a problem getting the scores printed and sending them out to our members.  My computer, like me, is rather weak and wobbly.  But fortunatel.y, with the help of my Son, Sunny (computer wizard), we managed somehow.  He is now getting various boards and parts to build me a new one. 

I have received a number of emails, to say.......I'm coming, therefore I am looking forward to having five or six tables in the new year.  For now, keep well and keep on playing.  The Master.

End of season Goodbye
Director: The Master
Scorer: Derek Priest
going going Gooooo
Director: The Master
Scorer: Derek Priest
Another lot of goodbyes
Director: The Master
Scorer: Derek Priest