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10th Feb 2019 08:34 GMT
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The Hub is now registered with the Bridge H.Q. "C.B.L.T." and is a fully paid up member of this organization. You know it makes sense.

                                   The Master of The Hub. angel

Phuket Bridge Consortium


The Hub of Bridge        Wednesday Cherngtalay,  Bangtao,  laguna
         ♥       Start Time 12:45                      ♥   

After a lot of pain and bother, at last The Hub is back on your doorstep, and twice as ugly.  Forget what has happened in the past, we have but a few weeks to go on to glory.  We actually started on the sixth of Feburary, to a small but dedicated 16 players and okay it cost you a bit more, but now your drinks and eats come free, within a parameter.  Hopefull if I can remember how to do it, I'll enter the results down for you, which as you know go towards winning "The Masters Cup" and small prizes for individual Handicap games.  

As you know, I like to include different types of matches, such as Individual, Duplicate and Computer dealt hand, one which will be coming up on Wednesday 20th  February. that will be the rather late "Valentines Day" simulated deal.  Printing factors came into that, concern over your hand copies and details given out at the end of play.  

I would also like to run a one-off individual movement, bit of fun, and also a team game, which is a bit more serious.   Get four of you together and let me have your names before you all go home.      

your friendly Director, Derek - The Master of the Hub.




The Hub of Bridge
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I apopgise for the late start, and my near demise. Plus the departure of two very usful and helpful friends of The Hub, Anne and Jimmy Donald, their work in the background and running of this clubs is greatly missed. I also note that a number of you are arriving later than usual, Phuket loosing its dazzle?   But upwards and onwards, in the next few weeks left to us, lets us make it happy and rewarding.

Only six meeting this time but good ones
Director: The Master
Scorer: Derek Priest
only three & half getting low
Director: The Master
Scorer: Derek Priest
Director: The Master
Scorer: Derek Priest