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Zero Tolerance at PBC

We strive to have a "Play Nice" atmosphere at our bridge club. Players are encouraged to respect their partners and opponents at all times. Comments on bidding or play of the hand can wait until after the game. If you feel that any player is not acting according to the policy, call the director.

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Anne Heffernan 


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Welcome to Peterborough Bridge Club Inc

Welcome to the Peterborough Bridge Club Inc web site.  We are an ACBL sanctioned bridge club which meets Monday to Friday and occasional Saturdays at 184 Marina Blvd in the Northcrest Plaza in Peterborough.  Lessons are offered at our club for beginner, intermediate, and seasoned players. Play and Learn sessions are available for newcomers to bridge. There are mentoring games,  pro-am Swiss games and newcomer games for players with 0-49 points. Regular open pair games and Swiss team games are available for more seasoned players. Check out our calendar for game times.

Click here to send an email to the PBC Club Manager:

Peterborough Bridge Club 705-745-2331

For information click Bridge Useful Links.

PBC - Unit 246 - District 2 - Kibitzer - ACBL 166. 

Managerís Corner
Managerís Corner


Monday Afternoon Newcomers Game is now a 49ers game so anyone with under 50 MP can play.  This game is a perfect place to get comfortable playing duplicate for newer players and a great place to play for anyone looking for a stress free game. 

Mentoring Game, held the second Wednesday evening (6:30pm) of each month, is no longer restricted by master points.  Any mentoring partnership is welcome to play. The number of boards is usually around 18 boards and extra time is added to each round to discuss the boards that have been played.  Contact Sharon Berry for further information.

COMING SOON - games in which you can win free plays.  Stayed tuned for information regarding dates.

SCORE CORRECTIONS:   In the past couple of weeks I've had 3 or 4 people contact me with incorrectly scored boards. To make any changes you will have to contact the pair you were playing against and get them to corroborate the score. I think Monday of the following week will be the last date on which a change can be made unless the month ends before then and the monthly report has been submitted. The best way to avoid this is to carefully check the score when validating.

Contact PBC Web Site Administrators

Please feel free to send interesting web site addresses or bridge information which could be added to the web site. If you are having any difficulty with any aspect of the PBC web site, please send an email and we will try to solve your problems.

February Birthdays
February  Birthdays


Donna MacIntosh, Nancy Murphy, Rick Tudhope

Executive Meeting February 20
15th February 2019
Open Pairs Stac
1;00 pm
18th February 2019
Open Pairs - Newcomers
1:00 pm
18th February 2019
Open Pairs Evening
19th February 2019
0-750 Bridge
1:00 pm
Director: Dwight Goden
Open Pairs Stac
Director: Jo-Ann Lang
Mentoring Game
0-750 Bridge CC
Director: Dwight Goden