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23rd Jul 2014 09:40 BST
Penarth Bridge Club
Penarth Bridge Club

Penarth Bridge Club was founded in 1972 to play duplicate contract bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The story of our first 30 years, which was recorded by Hope Hall for our Birthday Celebration, is included under General Information. After 40 years, the club still retains its original intent of offering good bridge in a friendly and fair environment.

The club is a member of the East Wales Bridge Association (EWBA) and the Welsh Bridge Union (WBU). All sessions are directed according to the rules of the WBU, with master points awarded for all scored events. The club uses the ScoreBridge scoring program in combination with the Bridgepad electronic scoring system , which provides instant results  at the end of each session.

New members and visitors are always welcome. Whatever your experience you will likely find players of a comparable standard at Penarth.

We look forward to welcoming everyone at the Friendly Club by the pier! 

Summer League - Ends 5th August
Results up to date (22nd July)
Name Played   Ave % Position
Shirley 10   57.12   Gold
Ann W. 10   57   Silver
Francine 10   56.99   Bronze
Carol C. 10   55.71   Aluminium
Beryl 10   54.37   Iron
Pam S. 10   54.23   Lead
Sheila K 10   54.1
Jean J. 10   54.12
Sarah 10   53.75
Audrey 10   53.88
Peter 10   53.66
Hazel 10   53.41
David J. 10   52.82
Pat V. 10   52.46
Phillip 10 52.23
Judy 10   51.43
Patsy  7   51.42
Alan 10   50.37
Joan A. 10   49.34
Pat W. 3   49.25
Bob 6   48.7
Jim E. 10   47.76
Bunty 6   47.22
Leslie 7   46.17
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25th July 2014
Club Night
29th July 2014
Club Night
1st August 2014
British Sims
22nd July 2014
Club Night
Scorer: Penarth Bridge Club
18th July 2014
Club Night
Scorer: Penarth Bridge Club
15th July 2014
Club Night
Scorer: Penarth Bridge Club
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